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Behind the scenes we’re busy working on a brand new online auction for ALL classics.

If you have a classic you’d like us to find a lovely new home for, please drop us a line to or call us on 0208 5967794

In the meantime, make yourself comfy, take a look around; chat in our forums, read some stories or peruse our Classifieds and invest in some new treasures for your she-shed or man-cave.

Have you got a vehicle, cherished registration or memorabilia to sell? Complete our entry form and we’ll be in touch to discuss

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Our many, many, many years of experience show us that certain things absolutely work. Transparency, integrity, trust and simplicity. When all those ingredients come together with right cars, record prices are often broken.

Under-pinning that is a truly fabulous marketing team that will put your car in front of the right people at the right time. That means people who are actively looking to buy, not just looking. It means people in the right demographic and buyers who are serious collectors too. The team know how to make it happen. 


If another bidder has used our auto bid system and set their maximum above your bid, the auto-bid will spot it and bid above your bid.

See the comments about LAST MINUTE BIDDING and “sniping”. The auction ends when there have been no bids for two minutes.

A good question. First things first, please ensure you read them. It is a condition of contract that you agree you have read and understood them. If you have any questions, please call us. They can be found HERE

In placing your highest bid, you are legally committing to buy the vehicle. Our sellers provide very comprehensive photos and description of all parts of the lot (good and bad), plus we offer the opportunity to ask any further questions and to view the vehicle during the auction. Please ensure before bidding that you are happy with your understanding of the vehicle’s condition. If after all this, you find the vehicle has significant issues that were not mentioned and has been misrepresented, such as major panel damage or an inability to change gear, then we will look into it on a case-by-case basis. 

In the first instance, please send an email to – detailing the issues and attaching images.

You know that trust and honesty thing we spoke about!? If you decide to mis-describe a vehicle, the sale will collapse and we will probably fall out with you. We don’t do business that way. 

In each of our auction descriptions there is a contact email address. Ask us anything you’re unsure of, we’re here to help. There is nothing you cannot ask us that we haven’t been asked before. Well… 

Congratulations! Once the buyer pays via bank transfer (we also offer payment via Stripe*) we will pass on their contact details to arrange collection / transportation or postage of memorabilia items.

We request Bank details from you (name, account number and sort code) and will make payment into your account within 2 days of receiving cleared funds from the Buyer.

If a buyer requests to pay via Stripe* the payment can be delayed by up to 10 days, this timeframe is driven by Stripe processing payments to Evoke Classics.

Once paid, you must release the item and all relevant paperwork to the winning bidder. It will be  your responsibility to notify the DVLA of change of ownership once the V5 has been completed by the new owner.

Two things here. If the auction ends and the final highest bid is within 10% of the reserve, we will PROVISIONALLY sell the car. This means we will go back to the seller and aim to get their approval to accept that bid.  

If at the end of the auction the final highest bid is NOT within 10% of the reserve, the team will talk to seller and highest bidder and do a deal. Simple. Easy. Honest. 


It is a good question. Broadly a few sensible points. Please remember, one persons ‘defect’ is another person’s patina character. These are classics not anything else. Our process means we work closely to describe details of the lots. Additionally, we suggest buyers visit and view a vehicle where possible. We host a message service and we encourage buyers to engage with sellers, and after all that we are here to help answer any questions. All that takes the risk out for you.  

The boring but important legal bit. 

As a bidder, it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself of the details and condition of the auction lot before placing a bid. 

All sales by traders made to consumers, whether sold by an individual or a business, fall under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 

If purchased from a trader, the sale item must be of “satisfactory quality”, be “as described” and be “fit for purpose”. Therefore, items sold by traders must not be inherently faulty at the time of sale, allowing for the fact that they are second-hand, must match the description and, allowing for factors like price, must be fit for their purpose. 

For more information on United Kingdom consumer rights please see the Citizens Advice website. 

Finally, just remember, we are here to help you in any way we reasonably can. Just call us. Okay? 

Congratulations! You will receive an email requesting payment within 48 hours by Bank Transfer. 

Once paid, we notify the seller and pass your details onto them to enable contact to be made to arrange collection / transportation of vehicles or postage of smaller memorabilia items / retention certificates within 7 days. 

If an auction lot fails to meet the reserve price, we do not leave it there. The team will step in. We will contact the highest bidder along with the seller and have a grown-up discussion. Where someone wants to sell and someone else wants to buy there is no reason a sale cannot be achieved.  

Sadly, some on-line auctions buyers use a little bit of sneaky software to enter a bid in the very final nano-seconds of the auction to try and pip others without giving them a chance to respond. If we find them we will ask them politely to either stop or leave. But if a bid is placed during the last 2 minutes of an auction on our platform, to make sure everyone plays fair, we extend the auction by another 2 minutes. This gives everyone a chance to place their bids and gives sellers a chance to sell to the true high bidder. #Fairness 

We have a simple, easy to use process. We’ll guide you through every step.

Firstly just drop us a mail or fill in our Entry Form – we will need details about your item plus photos and a video if possible but call us and we can help answer any questions or complete the form for you.

We will also ask for ID – such as driving licence, recent bill and the V5 if a vehicle / retention certificate for all registrations sold. 

We always strongly recommend viewing any vehicle you are bidding on. However, the benefit of using our simple straightforward platform is that we aim to write the most inclusive listings. Additionally, we encourage you to ask any questions you have and we will find the answer for you. But there is nothing like seeing a car yourself, don’t forget, it’s cars that fetch people together.

You should be in some way prepared to accept requests from prospective purchasers to come along have a chat and have a look. Cars do bring people together. We do notice, that these requests drastically reduce when a buyer can see and get everything they need from imagesa video and description or a chat with you or our team. 

It is up to you, but realistically there is no real benefit in doing so. To make the process fair for everyone we include in the platform a “no sniping” procedure. This simple method means that if someone does fire a long distance “sniper shot” at the last minute after you’ve patiently bid on your dream car, the auction will extend for a couple of minutes to allow you to fairly bid for the car you’ve watched. The automated process will not extend the auction indefinitely.

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That’s good. We love to chat. Don’t ask us anything about religion, politics or sport, but everything else we’ll have a jolly good go at. Fire away, email us, message us on socials, or pick up the phone. #classicsconnectpeople


There are no buyers fees, zero, zilch, nada.. what you bid is what you pay. You do not have to worry about any other added or hidden charges.

Registration to our site itself is free, just complete our simple form here

Once your car sells, we will charge the LOWEST FEE in the industry.  

It is only 4.5% plus VAT (payable on the commission fee only, not the vehicle’s selling price) There’s no getting away from it, VAT is VAT unfortunately! 

To put this in to context for a moment, some platforms charge a whopping 15%. Ouch. 

There is a minimum fee payable which is £450 plus VAT. 


However many photos we put on the auction someone will ask for the one we forget to get from you! A simple rule is, you can never have too many. great selection of good images means buyers have increased confidence and are happy to bid safe in the knowledge they’ve seen everything – the good, the bad and the ugly! So don’t worry about a little nick or blemish here. These are classicand people are realistic.

Yes, if it is concours, show it off. But if is a lovely usable, loveable classic, people appreciate straightforward honesty. We all like to tinker and fettle too. Even projects command high values. Just be straight, but always remember, we’re here to help. We have a Photo and Video guide HERE to help you but please call or email us if you have any questions.

We can do it quickly and easily for you. It really depends on you to get your information to us. Start by contacting us on or by filling in our Vehicle Consignment form and we’ll give you a call to have a chat about your vehicle, value and next steps.

There is no obligation before the auction goes live, you can pull out at that stage and we’ll all stay friends, we promise.  

You can bid in individual increments, upping your bid if someone else bids more than you. For every bid, and every time you are outbid, you will receive an email from us immediately (please check your spam folder if you can’t see it).

Or, if you prefer, you can make use of our simple, straightforward auto-bid system. Simply enter the maximum amount you would like to bid. Our auto bid system will then bid on your behalf.  The auto bid system is safe. It will not just empty your pot! It will only bid enough to keep you ahead, as simple and safe as that. If someone does outbid you, we’ll let you know by email. The auto bid will not go beyond your maximum and we have no access to what you bid. The control is in your hands.


It’s a fair point. Our bidders have to complete a simple registration with us. 

We make the whole process, open, honest and fair. Our bidders have NO FEES. What they bid is what they pay. Some auctions sites charge upwards of 15% on top of the final bid. Our bidders bid with supreme confidence. At any time bidders can talk to us. It all makes for serious bidders who bid with compelling confidence.  


We will work with you to an honest, transparent, professional listingOur experienced team will work with and help you to create a listing that ensures your vehicle’s story is told in the best possible way. 


We chat with the vendor and together set a reasonable reserve. We ask that vendors be realistic, there is no point in reserving a car well above its market value, this will only lead to disappointment.

Please be aware that when you place a bid equal to or above the ‘reserve’ your bid will jump to the reserve price.

Want to sell an item at auction?

Our fees are the lowest in the market at just 4.5% + VAT (minimum fee of £450 + VAT) and we have no Buyer fees

There are a few easy steps to follow:

  1. First of all, the best thing is to give us a call or drop us an email to to have a chat about your vehicle and we’ll get in touch with you. With the details you provide us we’ll then create an Entry Form for you.
  2. If you prefer, you can complete the entry form yourself. The form just asks for your contact details and some vehicle info – registration, marque, model, mileage etc
    • If you’re new to our site, complete this Entry Form, you will be asked for a password at this time to register you on our site OR
    • If you’re already registered on our site, go into My Account and complete the “Add an Item for Auction” form
  3. Once submitted, one of the team will review the information and contact you to discuss it further
    • For a vehicle we will request more photos and a video of the vehicle. Our bank of photographers can help with this if needed.
    • For cherished registration plates, we will ask for a scan of the retention certificate – reference codes can be hidden and this certificate will not be shared with bidders, it is purely required as proof of entitlement / ownership.
  4. We’ll create your auction listing description and once you’ve approved it and we have all the information / images etc, we will list the lot on the site and start the auction – these usually run for around 3 weeks.
  5. During this period, you must be available to answer any questions that come in from potential bidders and where possible, allow viewings to take place prior to the auction ending.
  6. When your lot sells, we will ask you to confirm your bank details (name, sort code and account number) to enable us to pay out the funds
  7. If your lot does not sell, we have a 72 hour negotiation period post auction with bidders if reserve wasn’t reached and try to negotiate a sale. If at the end of that period, no offer is made, we will have a discussion post auction regarding next steps of re-auctioning, placing as Buy It Now or withdrawing the lot from the site.

Any questions? Just drop us an email:

The two most important elements in any business are customers and our reputation. We take both very seriously. The platform is for enthusiasts run by enthusiasts. Having a team of high profile, well respected individuals with integrity means we all stay honest and real. If you have any reason whatsoever to think something is amiss we want you to contact us anytime day or night. Simple. As. That.

Once the auction closes, the winning bidder will be asked to pay via Bank Transfer within 48 hours. Once payment has been received, we will then payout to you the relevant funds via Bank Transfer (so sale price less commission and VAT).

There may be some situations where 48h hour payment can’t be made by a winning bidder, but we’ll let you know and keep you in the loop.

Simple. Easy. Open. 

We will do all we can to help. Just ask us.

Want to buy an item at auction?

Remember we have no Buyer fees, what you bid is what you pay!

There are a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Ensure that you are registered as a user on our site here (or log in if you are already registered)
  2. Click on the auction lot that you are interested in
  3. Scroll down the lot page to the Bid box (below the countdown clock)
  4. You are now free to bid in our auctions! Please be aware that our site uses anti-sniping software which ensures fairness to all bidders. So, if a bid for a lot is received in the last minute, the auction will go into a 2-minute overtime period for each subsequent bid.

Any questions? Just drop us an email:

A lot’s reserve is not disclosed. However, the auction tool will tell you when a lot has met reserve. We will never, ever, allow a reserve to be increased. All the reserve prices are set realistically in order to sell vehicles on the platform.

You can’t contact the seller during an auction but you can contact one of the team and we can put forward your questions. We are here to help.

We do sometimes get an opportunity to physically look at lots, but not always. As a team we analyse the images and videos we are sent as well as descriptions and we do ask a lot of questions to ensure that the vehicle is described correctly and paperwork is in order, and of course because we like to chat!

No. We cut our costs to you but not our service. Our low overheads mean we can have a laser like focus on service. Simply put, as enthusiasts we want to treat you like we’d want to be treated. That is our standard. If we don’t do that, tell us. When we do and we will, tell everyone else, ta.


We never use it or allow it to be used by third-parties. Ever. Simple.

Yep, they certainly do. An unexpected effect of the 2020 lockdowns meant that the traditional classics Auction Houses through necessity had to move into online only auctions and customer confidence has grown in using these platforms.

We work hard as a team and take great pride in giving you the confidence and information you need to make an informed decision to buy or sell with us and we are very proud to be trusted by you. Thank you. 



We do not usually visit, but sometimes, if time, resource and the stars align we do. That aside we use the benefit of modern systems to make the world smaller and easier and gain a good picture of a vehicle’s condition from all the information you give us

Good pictures and a great video means a better resultWe have a photographic and video upload guide to help you, available HERE. By all means send us some images via your great grandfather’s Box Brownie, but we’ll struggle! 

For THE very best result, we would suggest using one of our network of photo partners that we have assembled around the UK to help you. We do see the massive difference good professional images make to the speed and value of sales. Get in touch, that’s what we’re here for 

Yes. We can put you in contact with transport and storage solution partners who will be as happy to help as we are. 

We offer a service where we can store the car at one of our fixed premises in London or at one of our storage partners nationwide, we have several. Talk to us about what your needs are and we’ll build a service and price you’ll like.  

Well, first things first, why would you? Secondly, sorry, no. Please only bid with intent. Doing anything else causes a massive sense of humour failure all round. More importantly, once you’ve bid you are contractually bound. If you are the successful buyer and you fail to complete the purchase, you will be obliged to pay costs. 

We will use all the information provided by the Seller to describe the vehicle as accurately as possible. It is put together after discussions, photos videos and documents from the seller. If you have any queries you can ask the team to clarify, that is what we are here for. As a bidder, you have the opportunity to view the vehicle and ask questions so are responsible for establishing the condition and details of the vehicle prior to bidding.

No but you can always use our free forum for general discussion and chat about vehicles. The same general rules apply, as they would in everyday life – be polite and most of all, be kind.

Sadly not. By submitting a winning bid, you are making a legal purchase commitment, but we will do everything reasonably possible to help you in whatever way we can.

Yes – as long as you are over the age of 18. However, to ensure that you are a serious bidder you will need to complete a very easy registration process. We keep this simple and straightforward.

For legal identification, we may ask you to to provide us with some form of ID such as driving licence etc.

There can be. Generally, they break down like this. Trade sellers, private sellers. 

Trade sellers are acting as a business. The business may own the car or they may have been given the approval to manage the sale.  As a legitimate business, they must follow all legal requirements operating under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. You can read The Act in full, HERE.

Private sellers are just that, private sellers. They confirm to us they own the car, have legal title or are legally authorised to sell, for example as part of a deceased estate.  


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