1966 Jaguar S-Type


1966 Jaguar S-Type

  • Earlier substantial restoration 
  • Bare metal respray 
  • Engine rebuild 
  • Files of photos and invoices 
  • Rare manual with O/D 
  • 7,000m in the last 15yrs 
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  • Earlier substantial restoration 
  • Bare metal respray 
  • Engine rebuild 
  • Files of photos and invoices 
  • Rare manual with O/D 
  • 7,000m in the last 15yrs 

The Jaguar S-Type is a very, very good car. If you combine a Mk2 Jaguar and an E-type you get an S-Type. A practical, fast, superb handling Jaguar at a fraction of the cost.  

The S-Type launched in October 1963. In 1965, Jaguar sold nearly 10,000 S-Types versus 3,400 Mk2’s. The S-Type’s interior was much more upmarket and luxurious. The bodywork was better styled with a combination of sharper swooping lines that gave the impression the car was travelling at 100mph when stationary. And finally the engineering, under-pinned with that revelatory independent rear suspension (IRS) was outstanding, still setting the bench mark today. An all round superb car that makes it a perfect and classic car today. Style performance and practicality. 


The Carmen Red coachwork looks very good. Overall the S-Type presents very well. Do not mis-understand though. This S-Type is 55 yrs old this, it is displaying those mature years, in our view very well, however, as the vendor’s very honest images indicate it does have one or two cosmetic issues in the areas that all Jaguars of this vintage do. Having said that, it is better than most we see by a long way.  

All four wheel arches, often a common issue, are in good order on this car as the images show. All the exterior looks good. The sill tread plate/s have some surface corrosion, as to be expected. The inside of the bonnet is displaying slight corrosion to one area – see images. The leading edge of the boot lid which gives the S-Type that distinctive and wonderful tail section shows signs of water collection over a period, and finally a couple of doors on very close inspection reveal imperfections on the frame to door skin fold. We sound like we’re being picky. However the vendor is being clear, which is terrifically refreshing. 

Structurally there are no known faults. And independent MOT was carried out last month. That says more than we can. The vendor tells us they can see ‘no evidence’ of welding. 

The doors, a very common and often expensive issue on all classic Jaguars look solid and sound from the images. 

The chrome is all described as good and fair by our (critical?) vendor. The images give an opportunity for you to decide the category for yourself. 

We’re advised that for several years the S-Type led a cosseted life down in rural Somerset as a sometimes wedding car. 

Over a 25 year period the S-Type had substantial works carried out – more on the engine below.  


The cabin space overall matches the exterior. You can see the obvious age of this classic, but it wears those years extremely well. Growing old gracefully, without the aid of botox! 

The red leather seats with front folding armrests are nice. Well, we think so. The vendor, again, has been refreshingly candid. You can judge for yourself. The seats have clearly been refreshed as part of that earlier renovation and then simply worn, as all things do that are sat on. We’d prefer this look on 1966 vehicle than a fresh out of the packet look. Your choice. 

The door cards are all complete and in good condition. Although their fitment to the door frames needs an afternoon’s attention to make them a little tidier? The carpets look good. 

The wooden dash, again, often a sore point on many Jags is good. Could it do with a coat of varnish? Probably, but it’s not cracked or broken or damaged from what we are told and can see. 

The headlining is a little saggy. It happens on these, in fact on all cars. Have a look for yourself. 

The very nice wooden rimmed steering looks period and very smart. If you prefer the old black bakelite one, it is in the boot. We’d leave it there! 

Finally we’re advised at some point an intrepid owner has installed a 12v media socket; a nice touch. And the bonnet cable is where the choke cable used to be. Isn’t it lovely when you get this level of honest detail from a vendor. 


The classic straight six XK 3.4-litre Jaguar engine is the stuff of legend. It needs no introduction from us. Mated to rare manual four speed gearbox with overdrive makes this XK a true classic sports saloon. Its 220bhp means it will canter from 0-60 in very respectable 10secs, over 2secs quicker than the 3.8 auto. We understand Kenneth Brown Engineering who for 25 years have been preparing race and rally cars gave the engine a complete overhaul (1989). These engines are pretty bomb proof in any event. The vendor advises us that it was stripped, cleaned and painted in 1989, no exact date but year is approximate. The cylinder head was skinned in 2011, as well as being cleaned again around that time. As far as the vendor can tell from the paperwork, it’s never been replaced, but overhauled throughout the years.

Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Other 

What makes the S-Type stand out is its sophisticated, and much-admired, Jaguar independent rear suspension, so-called Jag IRS. The suspension was a revelation. Principally a double wishbone setup, using the half-shaft as the upper wishbone. It carries the drive, braking, suspension and damping units in a single steel crossbridge, which is insulated from the body by rubber blocks. Giving the S-Type a combination of smoothness and sportiness. It utilised the already superb subframe mounted, coil sprung/twin wishbone for the front suspension. A terrific package. The vendor reports no faults here, supported by a new MOT. So often the rear hand brakes are a tricky and expensive fix. Not on this S-Type. The previous restoration included a hub conversion to accommodate those wire wheels which suit the S-Type brilliantly. The cautious vendor advises the ‘wire wheels are in great condition’. 

Our view 

We can see beyond this S-Types minor aged limitations. In its mature years it has grown in charm and character. This car is really all about nostalgia. 1966 was a good year. The Beatles were smashin’ it with hits like ‘We Can Work It Out’  on TV the police series Softly Softly was grabbing audiences and England won the World Cup. To have a classic S-Type from that period really is something. 

For reasons that we cannot fathom, the classic S-Type prices have lagged behind its contemporaries. Goodness knows why when in the 60s it was out selling the other models by a county mile. But never mind because that makes the fast, luxurious sports saloon a very attractive purchase now. A shed load of work and money has been thrown at this car, another massive plus for any buyer. Our guide price? £12,500 – £15,500. A lot of car for that money. 


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