1966 Lambretta LI125 Series 3

MODELLI 125 Series 3

1966 Lambretta LI125 Series 3

  • Three owners from new
  • Optional, original full seat fitted
  • All original, even the touch-ups
  • A two-wheeled icon
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  • Three owners from new
  • Optional, original full seat fitted
  • All original, even the touch-ups
  • A two-wheeled icon

Although it may have started life with the rather humble intention of getting the masses moving,  Lambretta scooters took on whole different persona all of their own. In doing so, they became two wheeled icons

The so-called ‘slim style’ Li Series 3 was a brilliant sixties design. The bodywork itself was all new. The  design was slimmer and sleeker than the previous Series 2. The frame went on to be the basic staple for a huge range of Lambrettas. Some say it was the daddy of them all!

New headlight, horn, slimmer leg shields, re-modelled side panels, sleeker rear running boards all contributed to a smooth, uncluttered look.

Two single seats were standard, but for a small increase in price, the customer could opt for the one piece seat. This was much more fun.

Mechanically, the changes were more subtle, but the adaptations made a big difference. A new carb was fitted that had the float bowl beneath the main carb body instead of clumsily off-set to one side.

This modification delivered improved mpg, but also increased the performance of the peppy little Li.  With petrol at two-bob a gallon (oh how we miss those times!) no-one really cared about more mpg, they just bombed about more!

The more svelte body shape of the S3 allowed for an easier kick start pedal with less of a kink out. Which was nice and probably saved a few ankle bone bashings over the years.

Mechanical items such as fuel hose, air box, air filter and accompanying elbows, joints and widgets could all now be housed tidily away.

At the back end, an upgraded exhaust box, with a separate u-bend up to the cylinder was manufactured to replace the previous system. The sound out of the tailpipe lost none of its distinctive two-stroke note. You know when a classic Lambretta is about.

The front suspension retained the original classic Innocenti design which were trailing links sat on buffers. They altered slightly in shape, to fit in the slimmer profile of the S3.

Rear suspension was a little shorter but remained the classic coil damper unit.

Braking received very slight cosmetic changes too. But who cared about stopping back then!

This particular 125 Li

Well, we thought we’d leave that to our lovely vendor.

“A fantastic ‘Lambretta’. A true icon of its era. 1966 was ‘the’ decade of the mods and rockers.

This is ripe for those enthusiasts who want to bring back those care free memories of wind in the hair riding (although wear your helmets now folks).

Apart from the usual touch up here and there this scooter is totally original. Even the seat is the original from the factory and in great condition. The additions of the mirrors, flags and white wall tyres complete the look and authenticity of the times. Only 3 owners in its 56 year life.

N.B. There is an original Parker coat from the 60s which he will let go with the bike. (Cool!)”.

We could not have written that short, concise brilliant piece if we’d spent the next week trying. We’d buy it for the Parker alone.

By the time the crazy 1980’s were hurtling towards us all, the Lambretta craze was in decline. Then something happened which became a cultural icon for many of us of a certain vintage and all that changed. One word. Quadrophenia. Yep, that film.

Phil Daniels, with Lesley Ash as his girlfriend, lucky so-and-so. Ray Winstone, Sting, Toyah, Timothy Spall and Michael Elphick, all played roles in the ‘yoof’ culture film filmed in London and Brighton.

The starring role was shared between Jimmy and his, you guessed it, Lambretta 125 Li.

Lambretta were back in the game. They’ve not looked back since. Now they are not just sought after by people like us who like to have a Sunday bomb about, but collectors and appreciators of sixties iconic art and culture.

Our View

It is very pleasing to find a Lambretta Series 3 that has been kept in such great, original condition. It would be a big ask to find a 1966 all original classic Lambretta like this with just three owners. And if you did, would it be this nice? This is a fantastic opportunity to secure an original iconic Series 3.

Storing a scooter is considerably easier than keeping and maintaining a classic car – and it’s certainly small enough and clean enough to be kept in the house where it would make a terrific talking piece.

How does anyone price a piece of nostalgia like this. If two enthusiasts who were old enough to remember these back in the day start battling, who knows where it will end. Thankfully, the market isn’t going bonkers at the moment so these beauties are still very affordable.

We think the hammer will fall somewhere between £3,750-£5,750. If it does, that looks like great value and wonderful investment too.

Vehicle Location: Blackpool, Lancashire –  it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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