1966 Volkswagen Split Screen Camper Van

MODELSplit Screen Camper Van
COLOURGreen & White
INTERIORBlue Leather / Half leather

1966 Volkswagen Split Screen Camper Van

  • Californian VW, manufactured in Germany
  • One owner for the last 14yrs 
  • Show Winner 
  • Heritage Certificate 
  • Upgraded engine 
  • Exceptional condition 
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  • Californian VW, manufactured in Germany
  • One owner for the last 14 years 
  • Show Winner 
  • Heritage Certificate 
  • Upgraded engine 
  • Exceptional condition 

Nothing captures the joy of driving a classic VW camper more than a split screen model aka the splitty.  

We don’t think we are wrong to describe these as truly iconic. The splitty is the camper that we all want to own. It’s character, charisma and bundles of charm, transport lucky owners to a very happy place. In a splitty, life-long memories will be made. 


We don’t need to tell you how cool a classic the VW splitty is. Even a trip to the Co-op is an event. Everywhere you go, you will be greeted by smiling faces, nods and looks of admiration.  

The interweb is awash with an array of guides, reviews, opinion and goodness knows what else. If you read them all, you wouldn’t know whether you’re coming, going or even been. Our advice? If you’re in the market for a splitty, buy the best one you can. 

This classic 1966 VW split screen camper was one of the last to be made. It was manufactured on 17th May 1966 and delivered to Los Angeles (where else?!) 8 days later.  

In 1967, the ‘Bay’ window campers arrived, however, the later split screen models are considered by many aficionados to be the most sought after.  

Arriving in the UK from California in 2006, this VW splitty received a thorough overhaul before finding its way to our vendor, who has enjoyed and loved it for the last 14 years. 

Outside & Underside 

The buying guides are awash with bad news about how the splitty is prone to corrosion. They’d be right, in a way. But buying one from the VW spiritual home of California deals with that issue. Not only that, our vendor has provided images of the full bare metal respray this classic splitty was treated to when it arrived. To add good measure and negate any further concerns of killer corrosion, the under-side had a comprehensive waxoyl treatment. 

When we asked the corrosion question, our vendor said, “It is without any rust issues”. Corrosion anxiety put to rest. 

This 1966 Volkswagen split screen camper is visually stunning. The fabulous images speak for themselves. The jaw-droppingly good  outside is finished in original VW Pearl White (L87 paint code) over VW Turquoise (L380 paint code). 

The work spent creating this wonderful looking splitty can be seen in the images. The care and attention is uncommon. This classic splitty looks as fresh now as when it was just built.  

The usual suspect areas along the gutter rail, sills and steps are all in good order. 

The minimal chrome work around the lights and door frame are in as near as perfect condition as it gets. There are marvellous original features such as the ‘wing’ mirrors which secure in to the top of outside door hinges, the beautiful chrome hubcaps and period colour coded bumpers. 

At the front, you observant splitty watchers will see that this classic splitty has the lovely Safari windows too, all working as they should.  

The fold back cargo doors are one of the best features. They make the splitty so versatile. Just imagine travelling down to the beach on a summer afternoon, parking up, uncorking the wine, sitting inside with those doors open and relaxing as you watch the sunset. 


While the outside will make both you and everyone you encounter, smile, the ingenious and unique set-up inside is what these VW campers are really all about. Practical, versatile, fun and stylish. 

This splitty comes with a stunning SO42 Westfalia interior, which includes, a ¾ rock ‘n roll bed with a wardrobe to the side (how useful is that?), a cool box style fridge with water tank and pump behind, oodles more storage and even colour coded crockery, does it get any better? 

Up front there is a lovely full width bench seat in blue leather with white piping. The steering wheel is original, and the oh so simple, but ultra-stylish ‘dashboard’ is in tip top condition. 

As with the outside the charming period originality has been kept. In the front, the VW’s early ‘air conditioning unit’ above the cabin space is in place. It simply takes air from the snorkels on the outside and liberally distributes it on the inside, thus keeping everyone cool on a hot day. The ‘chimney’ stack, which takes hot air from the engine and dumps on the screen is all functioning, so there’ll be no problems if the un-predictable British weather should take a turn. 

Then we have the fabulous louvered side windows with open quarter lights which are just a design icon. 

If you were still in any doubt about the quality of the interior, take a look at the rather expensive Baltic Birch headlining. 

It is all there, making the inside of this splitty an enviable place to be. Large amounts of money have been spent on this interior. If the previous owner had change from five grand we’d be very surprised. 

Engine and mechanicals 

In 1966, the VW came from the factory with 6volt electrics. Those are quaint, but not very practical. Driving at night was only for the brave or foolhardy. It is good to see this splitty has had a full 12volt conversion, including replacing the dynamo for an alternator.  

The original engine has been upgraded to a dyno tested 1600cc twin port. This makes the VW much more convenient to use, especially over longer journeys. Added to that is Karman Ghia gearbox fitted to a straight transaxle conversion. This allows better performing T3 rear brakes to be used combined with a uprated dual circuit servo assisted brakes. 

At the front high quality CSP discs have been installed. 

So now we have a classic VW splitty that goes and stops too. Seriously, all this means we have a much more enjoyable splitty to use which can travel further, to see even better sunsets. 

We asked our vendor to sum up the classic that he has known and cherished for the last 14 years. We’ll leave the last word to him. 

“Superbly restored 1966 VW Split-screen camper van with a complete Westfalia SO42 camping interior. Originally imported from California by the previous owner in 2006, so without any rust issues they commissioned a full bare metal respray in the original VW pearl white (L87) with the lower half in VW Turquoise (L380). The underside was then fully wax oiled. New rubbers were fitted to all doors and windows, it was changed from 6v to 12v and the engine upgraded to a VW 1600 twin port which has been dyno tested and made 51.1 BHP.  

I have been in ownership of the camper van for over 14 years now and during that time I have made a few upgrades to make the camper more user friendly for myself to drive. These have been professionally installed by renowned VW mechanics within the VW community. It has had a straight axle conversion to the rear wheels, VW Ghia Gearbox and VW type3 rear drums , dual circuit brakes, brake servo and CSP disks fitted to the front wheels. Creative engineering front safaris are also fitted. The interior has been re-trimmed in full leather to the front seats and half leather and cloth tops to the camping area. New Baltic birch headliner and rear panels with the camping interior cupboards repaired and re-glued where necessary”. 

Our view 

If you are looking for a VW split screen camper that has many of the charismatic, iconic original features, but has some subtle upgrades that make it both practical and user friendly, and in an exceptional condition to boot, you’ve probably found it. 

This has already won Awards at shows, it is easily capable of adding more silverware to the trophy cabinet.  

As if that wasn’t enough, our very sensible vendor has set a very sensible reserve. You guys and the market will decide on its ultimate value, but best of all, a classic splitty like this in exceptional condition and very easy to live with, will give you memories that will stay with you forever. You cannot put a price on that. 

 Vehicle Location: Ruislip, HA4– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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