1967 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe


1967 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe

  • Full restoration 
  • Awesome 5.4ltr V8 (327)
  • Powerglide transmission 
  • California car 
  • Spectacular condition 
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  • Full restoration 
  • Awesome 5.4ltr V8 (327)
  • Powerglide transmission 
  • California car 
  • Spectacular condition 

At its launch in 1966 the assembled media asked the Chevrolet press team, “What is a Camaro?”. They responded, “a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs.” A legend was born. 

The Camaro was Chevrolet’s response to the Ford Mustang.  

It’s no surprise that over 220,000 customers bought and fell in love with the Chevrolet Camaro. The long, low bonnet line, the sweeping lines that curl effortlessly over the rear quarters before sweeping up seamlessly in to the roof. It is a thing of beauty. 

The new uni-body design was lightweight and easy to manufacture. But the cherry on top, or under the bonnet, was the awesome V8 that powered the classic Camaro. 

They are now rightly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors alike.  

Engine & Transmission 

Chevrolet V8 engines are the stuff of myth and legend. The 327 originated from the so-called small block engine in 1955. The first was 283ci. The 327ci arrived in 1962. It quickly set the benchmark for engines of that period and beyond. The internal design of the 327ci engine, meant it came very close to the “near perfect” 18:1 rod/stroke ratio that many engine builders claimed was the best for building a fast, free revving powerful engine.  

The flexible, durable 327ci worked perfectly in any state of tune. Its big horsepower-per-cubic-inch made it a firm favourite among enthusiasts for both the street and strip. 

The pictures of this engine in rebuild state tell their own story. When asked about the engine, the vendor said, “The 327 V8 has had everything. New pistons, new bearings, new cam, new followers”. Along with the engine internals, the vendor tells us the 327ci also has had the benefit of a new carb. 

The transmission coupled to that cracking V8 is Chevrolet’s own 2sp Powerglide. There were two versions of the Powerglide. The first, introduced in 1950, was a cast iron version, sometimes known as, you guessed it, the “Cast Iron Powerglide”. 

In 1963, it was upgraded to the “Aluminium Powerglide” built in much lighter aluminium. In both air and fluid cooled versions, the Powerglide is still used today as a racing transmission of choice. Because of the immense popularity it is still possible today to obtain all the parts needed to overhaul the Powerglide units.  

Our vendor advises us the “the two speed Powerglide transmission has been completely rebuilt”.   


When this Chevrolet Camaro arrived from California in the UK in 2015, in all original condition, it was perfectly good enough to use as it was. However, that wasn’t good enough. A full restoration of the entire classic Camaro was meticulously planned and executed. We’ll leave the story to the vendor. 

“A full strip down took place and restoration was carried out. This included new floor pans, trunk pan. All other panels on the Camaro are original. All the panels were stripped back to bare metal. They were then prepared and finally resprayed in the original factory colour of Emerald Green Metallic. The colour code used was “KK”. All the products used were PPG products. 

Once all that was completed satisfactorily it was time to put the Camaro back together. The re-assembly  included new chrome. New rear lights were fitted. A rear bumper with bumper over-riders was installed. In terms of other outer body items, new exterior door handles were fitted, new door locks and barrels, new door mirrors, new trim on top of doors and 1/4 panels. A front bumper & bumper over-riders to compliment the rear was installed. At the front end, complete a grill assembly was fitted. Along the side, wheel arch mouldings and sill spears were fitted”. 

The terrific images, again, tell the story better than we ever could. But just take a moment to admire the exceptional quality of the craftsmanship that has gone in to restoring this car. There are many examples, but we’ll highlight just one. Have a look at the front subframe/chassis legs. The final outcome of the entire car is show winning. The Camaro looks outstanding because of that methodical work. Simply stunning. 


Yes. The interior.  

Just take a look. It is full-on Steve McQueen, Bullitt! 

Roomy. Uncluttered. Classic lines. Black and chrome. It is superb. 

As you can see, during the very comprehensive restoration the interior hasn’t escaped attention. For specifics our vendor tells us the following; 

“The interior has had the following new items purchased and fitted. A new head lining. New door cards. New carpets. New seat covers. And new sound proofing. The trunk matt and the sound pad under bonnet have also been replaced.” 

It is difficult to over-state just how amazing this interior is. It is not just the quality. But the combination of classic Sixties architecture together with a total refresh, together, is transformative. 


The vendor has supplied some additional very useful information for prospective bidders. 

“Additional mechanical items replaced include brake shoes and wheel cylinders. 

All the parts for the Chevrolet Camaro have been sourced from a renowned Camaro specialist in Florida, NPD. These are not to be confused with inferior after market items sourced from elsewhere. 

When the Camaro arrived in the UK from California it was in remarkable original condition. Surprisingly it had no modifications whatsoever. Due to their age and number, a lot of the early first gen Camaros had mods to the dash board and instruments and gauges. This particular one was all as it came from the factory, which is rare. 

Again, due partly to the age, but mainly due to early owners wanting to tweak their cars, nearly all Camaros had some form of modification to exhaust or induction systems. This Camaro is 100% as it left the factory. There are very few left with this level of genuine originality”. 

The vendor advises the only departure from original equipment for this classic Camaro is the very smart looking period wheels. The vendor has the originals. 

This Camaro came off the line in December 1966. This makes it one of the very earliest survivors and very, very, rare indeed. 

Our view 

It is not often we stumble over our words, but it is fair to say we are little taken aback by this Camaro. It does look stunning.  

A quick speed read of the description will have you thinking, yep, that is lovely. 

But read on, slowly. And match the vendor’s terrific description to his wonderful images and then take a second to connect the two. The meticulous attention to detail. The outstanding quality of craftmanship. Both come together in a package that is unique and immensely impressive. 

This 1966 classic was ground-breaking at the time. It outshone the Mustang. Today it is rightly venerated and lusted after.  

We suspect there are two primary markets for this Camaro. The knowledgeable enthusiast who is searching for one of the best Camaros on the market for some time. As prices are starting to rise, the second is a collector. Who again wants the best for their collection. Either will get a tremendous amount of enjoyment from a well sorted classic like this. 


Vehicle Location: Penzance, Cornwall– It’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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