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  • 45 Dellorto conversion kit
  • Correct aluminium bonnet fitted
  • Factory fitted Overdrive
  • In British Racing Green
  • Five Powder Coated Wire Wheels
  • BUY IT NOW FOR £5,995
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  • 45 Dellorto conversion kit
  • Correct aluminium bonnet fitted
  • Factory fitted Overdrive
  • In British Racing Green
  • Five Powder Coated Wire Wheels
  • BUY IT NOW FOR £5,995

A charming, sought after early MGB GT that has been off the ‘scene’ for many years, has tonnes of paperwork and good bit of work done to it.

The MGB is one of the best-loved classic cars in the UK market. There are few classics that enjoy such a brilliant amount of support, are great fun to own and to drive and are just thoroughly all round enjoyable.

Back story

Our vendor, David, bought this from a gent whom he describes, as an “interesting” friend of his. Between him and his dad, David’s friend had a collection of around 100 classic cars. They were mainly British classics, A40s, Healeys and MG’s. This MGB GT had been with him for about 15 years. The collector hadn’t used the MGB in all that time. It was recommissioned so that David could drive it away and the improvements have since continued in his ownership.


There is what David describes as “loads of documented history”, which is always good. Paperwork and documents are more often than not the mark of good classic car.

The paperwork for this MGB GT  goes back until the 80’s and more latterly we have all the improvement works carried out recently. This car has had quite some sums spent on it. Invoices for much of the work undertaken and new parts fitted are in the image gallery, plus 3 PAGES of work undertaken and parts replaced during 2018/2019  are there – but please do ask us if you’d like any further information or to see more.

Engine and mechanicals

The classic MGB GT B-Series 1800cc engine is as strong as anything and a good one reminds you of just how civilized and sweet a well-fettled four-cylinder engine can be.

This GT does stand out from a rather crowded MGB GT market. Our vendor was told this has a Gold Seal engine fitted, which he believes is accurate, but we have no paperwork. Our knowledgeable vendor has carried out a few upgrades of his own.

  • Electric ignition, which makes the B very reliable.
  • A 45 DHLA Dellorto carburettor, which is a perfect power upgrade for the MGB GT
  • That sits on Oselli inlet manifold
  • Matched with an Oselli exhaust manifold joined to a big bore exhaust
  • A new fuel tank has been fitted along with a new electric fuel pump
  • The compression ratios on the engine have been checked and are all good and all even
  • The starter motor is new
  • We’re told the brakes, suspension and steering are all “good

Finally, David is including in the sale a Piper Fast Road camshaft, complete with new duplex chain and vernier gears. David explains, “I bought these to fit and would do so in a heartbeat, but I have my eye on a Mini, so this easy job is for the new owner to do, I’m happy to include them in the sale” David is even adding in a picnic basket to go with the car!


Sitting on wires, with chrome bumpers and period style front driving lamps, this British Racing Green MGB GT looks every inch the classic that it is.

It wasn’t always BRG. The records show it was treated to a repaint in 1997, which is not unusual for a classic that was first registered in 1969. The signs are the repaint was a comprehensive windows out job too

The condition is very lovely at thirty paces. Get closer and the ageing period can be seen. Let’s be clear. This is a very attractive MGB GT. The wrinkles take nothing away, if anything they emphasise the character and charm of a classic car that is aging and looks no worse for it.

All the chrome and brightwork, bumpers, trim, window surrounds all look very good.

This MGB GT comes with the correct aluminium bonnet. MG fitted alloy bonnets up until the early 70’s then replaced them with steel. It is rare to find one now.

When you get up close there are signs of paint deterioration on the bonnet. David advises it has been there throughout his ownership and not got any worse.

There is also some surface corrosion around the headlamp. The MGB GT has been fully undersealed and we never get tired of saying how well this preserves classic cars. The spare wheel is a wire too.

David was carrying out a final spring clean to the B as we were completing this article. He commented; “ Getting back under the skin of the MG again cleaning it for the new owner, I’d forgotten just how good and solid this MGB is. It’s been great fun to own and I’m sure the new owner will love it too. The car is absolutely solid all over, and is totally reliable “


The interior of this MGB GT is very tidy, original and period.

  • Black leather seats
  • Original, early three spoke, three wire steering wheel
  • The interior carpets are all sound
  • The door cards are clean and undamaged
  • The crinkle finish dash is in good condition
  • All the original switchgear and gauges are present and correct

Our view

Off the road for 15 years. Now fitted with some lovely engine/driveability upgrades. Lots of invoices detailing the many new parts that have been fitted. This is a very original, reliable, useable MGB GT that can now be enjoyed for a good for more years as it is or taken to another level by the new owners.

The Summer is just around the corner. We’d fit that camshaft, fill up that picnic basket, jump in and have some fun!

Want to know more about owning an MGB GT? – Check out our MGB Buyers Guide

Vehicle Location: Swindon SN4 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

Have a question about this MGB GT? Please contact the Evoke team at auction@evoke-classics.com and we will speak to the vendor on your behalf.

 Guide Prices?

We’re different. But you know that. And we’re always honest. In a sector where no two classics are same, how does anyone put a ‘guide’.

Well, everyone knows the broad value of classic, let’s all be honest. So we don’t need to tell you what you already know, do we.

The ‘market’ decides and the old cliché that ‘it’s are worth what someone wants to pay’ is no less true. So why kid everyone!

But, because we are different, if it really does matter to you, that’s fine, we want you to be happy. Just drop us a line at auction@evoke-classics.com and one of us will be delighted to ring you back and discuss, it’s what we do.

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As with all vehicles of a certain age, localised paint repairs are common. This specifically applies with classics.

So, please, unless we state explicitly to the contrary, please assume that classic vehicles on our platform could have had remedial bodywork of any kind at some point in its life.

Two final comments on images and photos.

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