1970 Ford F100 Pickup Truck

MODELF100 Pickup Truck
COLOURBlack & Red
INTERIORBlack & Red Fabric

1970 Ford F100 Pickup Truck

  • Proper American Muscle
  • Solid Californian Truck
  • Brakes and running gear fully overhauled
  • Dual “Desert Tanks” factory fitted
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  • Proper American Muscle
  • Solid Californian Truck
  • Brakes and running gear fully overhauled
  • Dual “Desert Tanks” factory fitted

The F-Series has become America’s Favourite Pickup, with nearly a million sold every  year. From 1948 until 1983, the year the last Ford F100 was produced, it served as the pickup for people who wanted a true workhorse. Lasting for seven generations, these classic trucks and saw many changes throughout their lifespan, arguably, the fifth generation becoming one of their best.

We often hear the term iconic being bandied about and wonder if it really is that iconic. Well talk to anyone in the USA about the F series trucks and you will hear that term mentioned over and over, we completely agree in this instance, longbed trucks have always been popular in America and the F100 had a huge hand in creating that popularity.

The Ford F100 listed here is affectionately known as Hank the Tank, and let’s not be mistaken, Hank really is something quite special, and in terms of power, performance and noise it is also quite outrageous!  Fitted with a petrol 6.4 litre V8 and straight through exhaust Hank will definitely announce your arrival.  This really is an awesome machine


As you would expect, this pickup truck was built and presided in America for most of its life, in fact this particular Ford F100 spent its time in the dry and sunny climate that is California, it is also believed from conversations between the vendor and the importer that it stayed in one family during its time in the good old USA.

After its time in California the truck found its way to its current and only UK owner via an importer based in Cornwall.  Purchased in January 2020 you would be right to think it has not had a great deal of miles added the odometer due to that blessed pandemic.  Don’t let that worry you though as the lack of mileage has turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise as the time off the road has allowed the vendor plenty of time to improve what was already a great starting point.  Every cloud has a silver lining.

Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of paperwork with the truck but there never really is when vehicles are imported. What we can tell you though is that it will be available to the winning bidder with the usual “Pink Slip” (California Title Document), the NOVA import paperwork and evidence that the import duty has been paid.  There are also a handful of invoices for the parts purchased and work carried out since its arrival in the UK.


As is with all west coast vehicles, it is a very solid and structurally sound example. The bodywork has plenty or character and is showing some wear and tear here and there, we would not expect or want anything else on a truck like this, in fact we would be disappointed if it had been restored to an inch of its life.  That is just not in keeping with what these fantastic trucks are about.

The Black and Red paintwork suits it well and although not presented with a showroom shine it does not detract from this wonderful truck.  When the vendor made the decision to repaint the truck personally, he was completely aware that painting it himself should not detract from the honest and presentable nature of this fifty year old F100. In our humble opinion its current condition is much more desirable as these trucks are all about character and this one has bags of it.

Prior to repainting “Hank” the vendor took the opportunity to install a sliding rear window that when opened with the quarterlight windows in the doors adds a cool flow of air.   Some would say 1970s air conditioning.

As you would expect, the underneath shows the usual surface rust on what is a very solid and structurally sound chassis.

The vendor also saw fit to line the bed and sides with checker plate aluminium sheet, the fitment is extremely professional and with the added security of the secure strongbox is also extremely practical, making this truck a very usable daily driver.


Climbing into the Custom cab you will notice that the colour combination matches the exterior and is presented very well.  The vendor shared that everything works as it should including the heater, lights etc.. The truck comes with the mod cons of blue tooth stereo and power steering! Plus one key works both the doors & ignition.

The original bench seat was showing some wear with a couple of splits that have been repaired very well prior to the red and black seat covers being fitted. It should be noted that the seat covers are specific to this model so fit lovely and snug as you can see from the images. In keeping with it’s theme, the roof lining has also been replaced with the USA and UK flags which, there is no other way of describing them, they just seem right for this truck.  Like we said before, this F100 has bags of character.

Wheels Tyres Suspension and other

The vendor saw fit to upgrade the wheels by fitting the spectacular 18 inch chrome five spokes alloys and 255/60 R18 tyres, all like brand new and they really add a presence to this fantastic truck.

The brakes have been overhauled with the cylinders benefitting new seals plus all the hub brake linings have been skimmed with news pads fitted all round. If you have driven many trucks from this era you will know that it’s not unusual to experience the feeling that the V8 engine far outweighs the ability of their stopping power, usually to the extent that your heart is often in your mouth when needing to stop urgently. Not with this example, stopping true and straight with loads of bite you will be impressed with the overhaul that has taken place.


Without the ability to drive the truck during lockdown the vendor went to work on making sure the spectacular 6.4 litre V8 engine purred nicely and starts on the button.  With new leads, plugs and an oil and filter change – most of the work has already been done. Our vendor has advised that the oil pressure gauge and temperature gauge are not working. He has however been assured that the engine has “good oil pressure” and the engine never overheats or loses coolant.

Those in the know understand that the 6.4 V8 is a stunningly impressive power unit and really shouldn’t be treated lightly, the proper American muscle cannot be overstated and with that glorious straight through pipe allowing it to breath properly you really will be impressed.  This truck was even fitted with (Desert option) dual fuel tanks from the factory so everything was thought of by the original purchaser, again confirming that this really can be used as a daily driver or workhorse. Our vendor has also advised that last week the truck had a new input seal put on the gearbox, new reconditioned starter motor & new flex plate fitted to the torque converter.

Our view

Fitting perfectly in the “American Muscle” category or just used as a daily workhorse, this truck has still got the true versatility that these were originally designed to deliver.  Impressively solid, structurally you will be hard pressed to find one in this condition that does not need hours of welding and a regular breakdown service to get you home.  This is a wonderful example of what has become one of the most iconic “American Muscle Trucks” of any era.


Vehicle Location Bracknell, Berkshire – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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