1971 Vauxhall Victor FD Estate 2000 SL

MODELVictor Estate FD 2000 SL

1971 Vauxhall Victor FD Estate 2000 SL

  • Fully restored
  • Long term storage
  • From a small private collection
  • Possibly one of only ten left in the UK
  • Owned by Vauxhall Victor FD Owners Club members
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  • Fully restored
  • Long term storage
  • From a small private collection
  • Possibly one of only ten left in the UK
  • Owned by Vauxhall Victor FD Owners Club members

The smell of that vinyl clad interior. The black material burning your backside on a Summer’s day. Arguing about who is going to sit in the front. Looks, style and feelings which bring memories flooding back. It is all a far more interesting trip along memory lane than yet another, out of reach piece of exotica.

This Vauxhall Victor FD 2000 SL Estate is typical of the breed of cars that populated the roads outside our houses in the 1970s, evoking all those recollections.

Sadly, the vast majority have gone to that great car park in the sky. However, now and again a remarkable classic from that time pops up. Many of us just gape in wonderment when they do.


The FD Victor was first shown at the October 1967 British Motor Show, where it was labelled “Car of The Show”.

This particular Victor is well known in the owners club circles. Two prominent, active members of the leading owners clubs have owned it. One of them owned it twice!

This Victor FD was registered new on 5 April 1971. The successor to the FC, the FE arrived early 1972. The FD would have most likely ceased production several months prior to FE launch. This FD is certainly one of the very last to be built. It has had just four keepers, two of them the same.

Paul Alsop, an Engineer at the Motor Museum Coventry bought the car from the original keeper, a local car close to home. It had been dry stored, unused, for around a dozen, or possibly more years and only required light body work restoration to the front inner and outer wings which were professionally replaced with new old stock original Vauxhall panels. You cannot tell.

Paul completed the bare metal strip, paint & build in 2006 where it featured it at the NEC Classic Motor show that year alongside another low mileage 1968 Saloon that had been restored by Jason. Paul owned the car for a period, then sold it to the 3rd owner in Ireland. In 2011 it was bought back by Paul.

Paul sold the car again to Jason in May 2016, who is a leading and ex-committee member of the renowned FD Register and VX 4/90 DC. Jason owns the FD jointly with his dad. They bought it together, because, his Grandad and Dad had an identical back in the day where it has been lovingly cherished amongst other similar classic Vauxhalls from the era.

Engine and transmission

The engines fitted to the FD’s were well ahead of their time. It was called the ‘slant four’. So called because the pistons, four of them, were at a 45 degree angle for a lower bonnet line.

The major innovation with the slant four was the fact that it was the first mass produced belt driven overhead cam engine available initially in 1589cc base models and 1975cc for the higher specification variants. V8 prototypes were tested but killed off by the fuel crisis. The engine ran through FE production until 1979 albeit opened out to 1798cc and 2279cc.

It is reliably reported that when Vauxhall unveiled its new slant-four engine at the Earls Court Motor Show, Lotus boss Colin Chapman negotiated a deal on the spot for a supply of the engine. It was the beginning of a long and legendary relationship between Vauxhall and Lotus who produced an all aluminium, twin cam variant for Lotus cars, also used in the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus.

Ray Clay, who had designed the Viva suspension for Vauxhall translated to the FD featuring coil springs all round, double wish bone at the front and a 5 link live rear axle with Panhard Rod culminating in terrific handling for the time, indeed can comfortable maintain pace in modern traffic. Ray Clay went onto design the JCB Fastrac suspension where Jason worked for 20 years and if you look carefully, it’s a big Victor.

This FD is fitted with the later higher spec 1,975cc unit, hence the 2000 SL badging.

When Paul set about his restoration of the FD, it included the engine. We are advised a large history file exists with invoices and specific detail. That is available on request. Our vendor, Jason, advises us the engine was stripped, checked and refurbished where needed. That is believed to have included, decoking the engine, upgrading it for unleaded fuel and replacing bearings, shells and seals where needed.

Our vendor added a battery quite recently as well as new exhaust, which are said to be as rare as output from a rocking horse. He also added a new radiator and ignition service just for good measure.

You’ll see for yourself from the video of the FD running and driving what the engine is like.

The FD’s were fitted as standard with a three speed column change gearbox. At an extra cost, customers could upgrade this to the optional four speed floor mounted gear change. This FD was spec’d with that option when new.


The body has undergone a full strip down. The images display the vehicle on a dolly with a completely bare shell. i.e. engine, mechanicals, glass, interior all taken off.

The FD was repainted in period cellulose. For 100% transparency, our vendor tells us that was fifteen years ago and since then, weather, stone chips, use of the vehicle, although minimal, does show but in his words “it looks very natural and not over restored, almost as if it has been teleported from the mid 70’s,  just how they should be.”

From the images it is difficult to see his comments, but he was explicit we give an picture of how it is now.

To put Jason’s comments in the context; this FD of fifty one year old car this year, it was restored fifteen years ago by an active member of the FD owners club who worked at the Coventry Motor Museum. We’ll let potential bidders peruse the images and make their own minds up about exterior condition.

All the expensive and very hard to get brightwork is all in good condition. The near perfect door handles have been re-chromed, rear lamps are new, old stock so no pitting, usually an issue with 70’s cars.


The interior has like the rest of the FD has been restored not renewed. That is an important distinction. The seats, carpets, dash board, headlining are all original. It is difficult to say how important it is to retain that originality.

The vendor describes the interior as being “as good as it could possibly be without not being used”. Apparently a couple of areas of seat stitching “have come undone”. In the rear the original carpet on the tunnel shows some wearing, probably through generations of kids screaming, “are we nearly there yet”. The dashboard is free from cracks.

The headlining is original and in good order. However, this is where restored, not renewed matters.

Legend has it, that one owner found a mouse in the car. He chased it out and it was never seen or heard from again, so into a small gap in the stitching of the headlining, there was only one obvious thing to do with the hole. Stick a mouse in it. Why not. You have to retain a sense of humour when restoring any classic car. This is an easy and invisible repair with the right specialist.

When we asked if there were any downsides to the interior of the classic FD, our vendor tells us at least one of the vinyl door cards is slightly warped with age, a few wear marks here and there but as these models go, pretty much as good as it gets.

Our view

Wow! Isn’t it just wonderful to see a classic like this brought back to life and kept running by very knowledgeable vendors who clearly not only know what they doing, but really, really care. Wow!

This is a very unique and special Vauxhall Victor FD, in our opinion. For a number of years it has spent it’s life being cherished by owners club members. The current owner has a collection of Vauxhalls, as you’ll see from the images. His motivation for buying this FD from his friend in the owners club was not solely for the condition but also because his dad had one. They own it jointly.

Given the understanding of ownership and the time off the road and historical paperwork, it is the vendor’s honest belief the current mileage is ‘real’.

Finally, based on the research completed by both the leading owners, it is thought this FD is one of only ten survivors of around 210,000 FD’s produced in total.

It is an absolute pleasure to be marketing it for our vendor.

What about a price guide? Well, to be honest, who knows. We suspect this will be one of those classic cars that breaks the market ceiling on their marque.

Our research information shows a Vauxhall Victor VX, the later model, in similar condition sold at auction for £13,000. Our vendor is not reserving this car anywhere near that.

Give its rarity, provenance and collectable condition, we think the bidding on this should end £7,000-£10,000.

Restored not renewed. It matters.


Vehicle Location: Staffordshire – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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