1973 MG Midget


1973 MG Midget

  • Round wheel arch model
  • Fully restored
  • Photographic history of restoration
  • Rebuilt engine
  • Overhauled gear box
  • Factory hard top
  • Very sensible reserve
  • Spare set of chrome wires wheels and tyres
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  • Round wheel arch model
  • Fully restored
  • Photographic history of restoration
  • Rebuilt engine
  • Overhauled gear box
  • Factory hard top
  • Very sensible reserve
  • Spare set of chrome wires wheels and tyres

The pleasure of the open road in open top classic British sports car, but where to start when you don’t want to spend a king’s ransom?  There’s probably no better classic than the MG Midget. It is one of the most affordable and most likeable of all classic cars.

But buy with care. Tin worm and decay can be an issue, unless of course, you’re lucky enough to get a chance to get your hands on one like this, that has been restored, rebuilt, very well looked after and is in terrific condition.


Our vendor, Graham, has had five Midgets and also has undertaken the odd bit of classic motorsport. He understands about British classic cars, especially the classic MG Midget.

Graham had been searching for another Midget for a good while. He didn’t want a rough one or one that had been re-built in a ham fisted way. He found this one about four years ago.

Graham will be the first to admit he is a little bit fussy about his cars, “I am a perfectionist. I wanted the Midget to be right and above all reliable”. We think he’s managed that with this lovely classic Midget. It is a reluctant sale. The only reason it is leaving Graham’s garage is due to health issues.

The outside

This is an increasingly rare and very sought after Mk3 Midget with round wheel arches. It is by far and away the most desirable model. MG only built these for a short production run, and while the supply is diminishing prices are appreciating.

Like all British classic cars they can deteriorate with the passage of time, if we’re honest this one has probably got better. This is in no small part due to the overhaul of the body, which you can see in the images. You’ll see, the Midget was completely dismantled to bare shell. As part of that process the colour was changed from Teal Blue to the stunning Black we can see today. With Graham’s perfectionist hat on he tells us it looks “amazing”.

It has two sets of wheels and tyres. The centre fit knock-off, alloy Minilites you see fitted and another five chrome wires with tyres. This extra set will probably set you back a few quid short of a grand.

On top of that the classic Midget, literally, ‘on top’ is an original factory hard top. Find one of these, if you can, goodness knows what it will set you back. It means the wonderful little Midget is really an all year round car now.

We asked our critical vendor for his view of the outside, he paused and thoughtfully responded, “It’s not concourse but very, very close. There is not a blemish on it”

Engine, gearbox and mechanicals

Aside from the great looks of the round wheel arch Midget, the other reason the Mk3 is so popular is the engine. The early Midgets had the 948cc A Series from the Frogeye. That was uprated to the 1048cc, but the best by far is the 1275cc engine.

Being the ‘perfectionist’ owner and seeking that reliability Graham wanted, he fully rebuilt this 1275 A Series.

Once the engine was taken out and stripped, the block went away for a re-bore. Including the usual, it had; new pistons, camshaft, cam followers, a new standard crankshaft, at the same time a high volume oil pump, the cylinder head was converted to take unleaded.  A new clutch fitted. When the engine went back into the car a transistorised ignition is also fitted. No more points to break down!

The oil pressure sits very comfortable now at 80psi.

The gearbox did not escape Graham’s search for reliability. That came out with the engine. It was sent away to the gearbox specialist. It was stripped inspected, found to be in good order and rebuilt with all new bearings.

Having indulged in his hobby of motorsport, Graham wanted to pep up the handling of the MG Midget a little. He fitted a 5/8’s anti-roll bar along with a set of new shock absorbers from specialist MG suppliers, Beehive.

There is a pile of invoices for everything that has been spent on the Midget


Midget by name, midget by nature!

The dashboard is the very model of sporting simplicity. There are lovely chrome-ringed dials for the speedo and rev counter, a pull handle for the choke to the right of the steering wheel and a smattering of dials ahead of the gear lever. Everything falls perfectly to hand and the cosiness of the interior, light controls and very sporty feel, all add to the driving enjoyment of an MG Midget.

There wasn’t much that needed doing on the inside. But Graham tells us he fitted “a Motorlite leather steering wheel”. And while he was at it, just for good measure, “the centre console the dash panel was restored”.

Our view

Whether you’re new to the classic world or a dab hand like our vendor, Graham, good quality classic MG Midgets like this one make enormous sense and are fabulous fun.

Midgets are small, light, agile classic cars. Their combination of small size and light weight matched to that marvellous Mini engine , means you get a sensation of speed even when you’re popping along at just 20mph.

The Midget goes easy on items such as the brakes, tyres and doesn’t use all that much fuel either.

Well sorted, rebuilt, reliable ones like this in round wheel arch form with the 1275cc engine are understandably very popular. This is one of the nicest we’ve seen for a long while with a very sensible reserve to match.


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