1974 Suzuki GT750 L *SOLD*

LOCATIONCossall, Notts NG16

1974 Suzuki GT750 L *SOLD*

  • In Candy Blue
  • Rare L Model
  • Imported in 2016
  • Photographic restoration
  • Paintwork original except for one side panel.
  • UK registered
  • This 1974 Suzuki GT750 L sold for £8,500
  • Please scroll down the page past the video to read a full description for this bike

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  • In Candy Blue
  • Rare L Model
  • Imported in 2016
  • Photographic restoration
  • Paintwork original except for one side panel.
  • UK registered

Somebody put the kettle on…a water-cooled, 750cc, two stroke, triple. In the 1970s that meant one thing; a Suzuki GT750. They are considered to be one of the all-time classic Suzuki’s and when they come to market there is always a queue.


Launched in 1971, the GT750 was the brainchild of Etsuo Yokouchi, who constructed the T250, T500, and the 1974 Grand Prix racer RG500. The first GT750 to appear in the UK was the GT750 J in 1972.

The inline triple engine, bright paint scheme and a liquid-cooled engine meant the GT750 was destined for iconic status

The bike was powerful and designed as a comfortable sports tourer, happily reaching 110mph and would contentedly cruise at high speeds with ease. Innovations such as a 5-speed gearbox, three-into-four exhaust and styling to die for meant that the public could not get enough of them.


The Suzuki GT750 L model like this one here, was launched in August 1974 and featured a number of upgrades. Amongst other things, the Mikuni carbs were enlarged to 40mm. The air box had chrome-plated sides and a helpful gear position indicator was installed. The twin front discs were enlarged to cope with the extra power of the GT750 L, which was upped to 70bhp.

  • It was imported into the UK from America in August 2016
  • Our vendor has since been restoring it to the condition you see here
  • It was essentially a lockdown project for our vendor and his grandson. What a job they made of it!
  • Dating letter from The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club

Mechanicals and condition

The Suzuki GT750 did not need to be kept on the boil. The bike was engineered as a smooth and torquey sports tourer, a true two-stroke GT alternative.

The in-line triple shared a bore and stroke with the 500 twin Suzukis, but it was far less frenetic, tuned for torque rather than power with plenty spread across the range.

In the 70s the GT750 was seen as a big bike, but put it next to a modern 750 and it’s positively diminutive. The seat is relatively low too.

Once moving, the GT750 is surprisingly tractable around town, 2500rpm means 40mph in fifth.

Twin front discs give reasonable stopping power, the rear drum provides nice control. Switchgear and instrumentation is exactly what you’d expect from a Japanese bike of this era, with the addition of a temperature gauge.

The Suzi is happier at higher speeds. There’s none of the peakiness or raw bursts of power you expect of a Japanese two-stroke though, just a surge of acceleration. The seat is wide and comfy and the bars give a relaxed riding position. At 60mph, the two-stroke triple is burbling and popping along at a smooth and unruffled 3750rpm. The crackly exhaust note adds to the fun.

The pictures tell their own story and we hardly feel we need any words here. We’ll just point out a few of the many highlights.

  • £2,000+ engine overhaul by JMC restorations
  • Electronic ignition installed
  • The wheels were overhauled by Central Wheel Components in Birmingham. New tyres are fitted
  • New rear shockers from Hagon on Essex
  • New hoses, thermostat and radiator re-cored
  • New exhausts from JMC
  • The tank has had age related marks removed by a paintless dent magician. Inside it has been treated and coated
  • Fully stripped down
  • The frame was blasted then powder coated
  • Except for the front mudguard, all parts have been re-chromed
  • New wiring loom
  • Clocks and instruments restored
  • Front forks rebuilt by Brook Suspension, West Yorkshire
  • New Hagons at the rear from Essex
  • A new battery has been fitted

Our vendor tells us “Invoices come with the GT750, it starts and runs well but does want some fine tuning now. An MOT although not legally required would be recommended”.

When you look through our Image Gallery it is the attention to detail that stands out; the stickers, the foot rubbers, the seat logo, the list goes on.

Our view

There is always a queue when these come to market. In this condition, for this Suzuki GT750, the queue is going to be more like a Six Nations rugby scrum. Don’t leave it until the last minute, you may well find there’s been a turnover and the other side has run off with the ball!

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Vehicle Location: Cossall, Notts NG16 it’s the responsibility of the buyer to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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s************************k £8,000.00 2023-03-21 10:15:30
v*************m £7,995.00 2023-03-21 14:43:11
e*********************k £7,750.00 2023-03-21 08:50:59
s************************k £7,500.00 2023-03-21 10:14:57
s****d £7,000.00 2023-03-20 20:25:18
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m*****w £5,500.00 2023-03-17 12:01:09
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g*******2 £3,000.00 2023-03-08 08:56:21
a**********h £3,000.00 2023-03-08 19:37:26
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