1974 Triumph TR6 CR with Lucas PI engine

COLOURPearlescent Grey

1974 Triumph TR6 CR with Lucas PI engine

  • External and mechanical revamp
  • Professional respray in Pearlescent Grey
  • Rare original Lucas PI straight six engine
  • 4 speed gearbox with Overdrive
  • New Interior and hood
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  • External and mechanical revamp
  • Professional respray in Pearlescent Grey
  • Rare original Lucas PI straight six engine
  • 4 speed gearbox with Overdrive
  • New Interior and hood

The definitive description of the classic British sports would be; two seats, convertible, a stonking good engine at the front driving the rear wheels and packed with character. The TR6 delivered all of that and more.


Triumph TR6’s were built between  1969 and 1975. The classic TR6 became Triumph’s best-selling model from the TR series.

Fitted with the legendary straight-six fuel injection engine, these roadsters performed a 0-60 in 8.0 secs.

The Triumph TR6 has all of the traditional personality that made this range of Triumph sportscars such a success. It’s a driver’s car that rewards those patient and skilled enough to tame it properly. The TR6 has the sort of old-fashioned charisma that makes it easy to remember why we all like classics so much.

Today, tidy examples of these classy roadsters are becoming rare. This one offers the opportunity to own a TR6 that has been carefully revamped in all the right places at considerable expense and can be enjoyed from the off.


  • Fully overhauled
  • Converted to use unleaded
  • Previous history folder
  • Current folder includes invoices from Rimmer Bros
  • A very well looked after, well maintained example

Our vendor has owned this Triumph TR6 for just over two years. The car was Pimento Red originally. Images of the original condition of the TR6 are in the Gallery.


  • Finished in gorgeous Pearlescent Grey coachwork
  • New door skins
  • Chassis in “excellent condition”

Our vendor, Terry, approached the overhaul of this TR6 with a level headedness we don’t often see. As you’ll note from the Gallery, before he started the works, the TR6 was already in sound condition. He fully inspected the Triumph and found the chassis to be in “excellent condition”. He thinks there is even the possibility it was replaced previously, but we have no paperwork to support that.

Having assessed the TR6 as basically fine, rather than remove the body from the chassis and disturb everything, including all the already good shut lines and gaps, he decided to carefully overhaul the exterior.

When he was satisfied the body was up to his standard, he shipped the Triumph off to be professionally painted in Pearlescent Grey. It suits the TR6 perfectly. A new roof was fitted complementing the refreshed exterior bodywork.

Please note that the V5 still states that the car is Red, this can be updated by the winning bidder.


  • Excellent condition
  • New Miata seats
  • New carpet
  • Wooden steering wheel

As you can see, the revamp didn’t end with the exterior. The interior of this TR6 has been extensively overhauled too.

Whilst there was nothing much to take issue with on the original seats, these new seats from Miata do look the business. A new radio along with a gear lever surround was fitted, along with new floor covering. The previous wooden/veneer dash fascia has been upgraded as well as the crash-pad surround in matching colour. The final addition is those TR6 roll-over bars which set the whole package off a treat. We haven’t mentioned, the wheels, tyres and exterior brightwork. Have a browse through the Gallery and enjoy.

The boot space is clean and tidy and is ample for a lovely weekend getaway.

Engine and mechanicals

  • 2.5-litre straight-six engine
  • 4-Speed manual gearbox with Overdrive
  • Rare Lucas Fuel Injection CR Six
  • New clutch assembly
  • New brake master cylinder
  • Cylinder head skimmed
  • New hardened valves seats
  • New fuel pump

Find the ignition, below the steering column and fire the in-line six into life. From the noise and sensation that fills the cockpit, you know this is going to be interesting. The Triumph TR6 PI is not disappointing.

The rev happy but torquey six cylinder unit is connected to a manual four speed gearbox with overdrive. The result is a car that will punch forwards with considerable ease.

Triumph TR6s came with decent servo assisted anchors combining disc brakes up front and large drums at the rear. The all-round independent suspension works well with the rack and pinion steering ensuring the Triumph TR6 PI can be hustled through bends. Bear in mind it is a 45 year old car though and you’ll have endless fun.

Additional Information

We always ask. This is what our vendor said about his classic TR6.

“A 1974 Triumph TR6 CR with Lucas Fuel Injection and newly fitted Bosch fuel pump. I have carried out extensive work on my TR6. We thoroughly checked the car and decided there was no need to do body off restoration as the car is in excellent condition including the chassis. Interior completely redone and fitted with Miata seats which look original. Full body respray. Complete new clutch assembly, new brake master cylinder. Cylinder head skimmed and valves hardened. Noticed that the underside required some welding so last week this was done. I would never sell one of my cars knowing there was a fault. Absolutely beautiful TR6. Maybe the best looking TR6? Grey, 5+ owners”

Our view

  • Original Lucas equipped PI engine
  • Only 10% of TR6’s were Lucas Fuel Injection
  • It is rare to find one today
  • New interior, new hood, overhauled engine and bodywork
  • A very nice package

The Triumph TR6 is one of those classics that simply never look outdated, and has a fantastic road presence even today. Wherever you go people will want to chat with you about the TR6.

If you’re in the market for a British classic, that combines iconic ‘70s styling with legendary straight-six performance, a Triumph TR6 deserves a good long look. Especially one like this. In our opinion, this TR6 is absolutely gorgeous. It has been sensibly overhauled, all you the winning bidder has to do is enjoy it.

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