1977 Volvo 244 DL 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

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1977 Volvo 244 DL 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

  • Rare, limited edition Volvo 50th anniversary car
  • Unbelievably solid condition
  • Original special turquoise seats come with the car
  • An outstanding example that drives like a modern car
  • Would benefit from some re-lacquering on roof/boot & bonnet
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  • Rare, limited edition Volvo 50th anniversary car
  • Unbelievably solid condition
  • Original special turquoise seats come with the car
  • An outstanding example that drives like a modern car
  • Would benefit from some re-lacquering on roof/boot & bonnet

Of all the classic Volvo cars built, the 240 was the first “Tank”. It’s looks were like marmite, love it or hate it, ugly or beautiful depending on where you sat.  What was never in doubt was the safety, quality and the pure rugged class of the 240 series.

When Volvo celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 1977, they had to show off in some way and this particular 1977 Volvo 244 DL Limited Edition variant of the 240 is a rare beast as it’s a very early (much better looking, some would say!) round headlamp car.

This is made even more special by virtue of the fact it was produced in such low numbers for one year only and only a handful survive.  Volvo produced just 50 of these Limited Edition Anniversary cars. This is believed to be 1 of only 5 remaining models still on the road today.

AUE 713S

This 1977 Volvo 244 DL Limited Edition is a serious time warp car. All original except for the seats (the original ones come with the car too, see below) and with just 69,861 miles on the clock. You could make it your daily driver for the next twenty years and save all that road tax and congestion charges!

AUE 713S has had magazine articles written about it in the past.  This car has no serious issues, not even any known minor niggles, is ready to go –  even on a long journey.

Yes, it needs a bit of cosmetic improvement by way of re-lacquering on the roof, boot and bonnet but that’s a relatively small matter to put right.  It’s the originality and condition that is so impressive on this Volvo and will not fail to impress the lucky new owner.

Engine & Transmission

This 1977 Volvo 244 DL has the new four cylinder slanted B21A engine with 2,127 cc, cast-iron block, a five-bearing crankshaft, and a belt-driven overhead camshaft.  They have been known to exceed 1,000,000 miles with relative ease so this one’s 69,000 recorded miles should be considered “just run in”.

This engine sounds right, goes well and has no known issues at all. The 4 speed gearbox is sweet and the car pulls well from low revs.

Exterior and Underside

Overall, the coachwork is in very decent condition with clear evidence of any little chips and rust spots having been touched in over the years. However, the faded/peeling lacquer over the silver has passed it’s prime and needs a light rub down and re-lacquering to go back to looking its best. It is however useable and presentable as it is and when wet looks perfect, but we think it could certainly do with visiting a good paint shop.  The car is well worth it, and it’s value would be enhanced.

This 1977 Volvo 244 DL is so solid and original, and the underneath is quite unbelievable – it does not appear ever to have been welded – an incredible base for any long term ownership.

The wheels may be sold separately as they were expensive and have only done a few miles, however the original wheels and trims, with newish tyres come with the car.  Our vendor thinks they look “a bit flash” and he prefers the original 14” Volvo wheels it came with.

There are plenty of images in the gallery, please do take a look. Our vendor advises “the underside of the car is in excellent condition with no corrosion. It has had several new suspension parts and all the brakes including master cylinder have been replaced.  New suspension bushes and arms and joints have also been fitted”.


It doesn’t get any better! We’re just joking. The interior is all intact and present. They are no major bits missing, bodged or hidden. You can see what you’re getting. It is simply as it was originally built, except for the seats.

Our vendor explained that he always wanted leather seats, so these ones came for a GLT 240 variant and were re-connolised and dyed to match the original door trims in dark blue.  Very comfortable and they suit the car well, but the original turquoise seats come with the car to retain the originality.

Other information

The vendor has provided this additional helpful, information so we’ll leave him to give a candid view of this classic Volvo.

“I have had  a full inspection done of this car and in my opinion, even though it will need some light paintwork, it would make a very nice daily driving classic car.

Our view

A fabulous opportunity for the Volvo enthusiast to add to their collection or to be used as a daily driver – use it as it is, or get that lacquer sorted then stand back and enjoy the admiring glances.


Vehicle Location: Toddington, Beds LU5 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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