1979 Opel Monza Series 1 3.0 litre E Automatic

MODELMonza Series 1 3.0 litre E Automatic
INTERIORBlack Velour

1979 Opel Monza Series 1 3.0 litre E Automatic

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  • 4 owners
  • Detailed ownership history
  • One owner for 36 years
  • Body restored
  • Rare first-generation model
  • Straight six engine
  • Automatic
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  • 4 owners
  • Detailed ownership history
  • One owner for 36 years
  • Body restored
  • Rare first-generation model
  • Straight six engine
  • Automatic

The Monza was the pinnacle of the Opel range. The top-specification model, with a 3.0 litre straight six engine, producing 180hp.

The stylish coupe is very luxurious. It is also fast, fun and very practical. Four adults have plenty of space. The boot is massive, flip the rear seats down and it grows even larger.

The 3.0 litre injection engine in the Monza was the fastest car Opel had ever built.  The 0-60mph time was just over 8.0 seconds which was VW Golf GTi eating.

The background

  • Registered new 16 August 1979
  • The 1st Owner – Capt. Peter Broun-Lindsay (Lord Provost of Haddington) owned the Monza for 4 years
  • The Monza was then sold back to the Dealer, we assume in part exchange
  • The 2nd Owner – Mr Burns owned it for 36 years. He was a financier who lived in Edinburgh who used the Monza to frequently travel south. There are invoices in the file for service work carried out in Somerset
  • Records show minimal use over the last 10 years of Mr Burns ownership and the last MOT in his name expired in 2017. The Monza was then stored by the garage who serviced it for Mr Burns
  • In 2019, the 3rd owner purchased the car from Mr Burns estate
  • Our vendor, the 4th owner, bought the Monza in December 2020


Our vendor set about a careful rebuild of exterior panels that were past their best

  • Photographic restoration on file
  • New wings
  • Rear valance
  • Inner and outer sills
  • Then resprayed

The images of the finished article are in the Gallery. There’s plenty of brightwork too. Chromed strips around the glass and lights all appears to be in good condition, as do the front and rear chrome bumpers. There may be some spots here and there but it is 43 year old classic.

The original five-spoke Ronal alloys have been refurbished and fitted with Uniroyal Rainsport tyres.

A common problem on classics with a huge tailgate is the struts that hold it up – on this Monza, they were sent away, checked and serviced. So as you’ll see from the images, they are fine.

You’ll note there is a sunroof. Our vendor advises, that the guide has collapsed. It is now in a fixed position and sealed as replacement parts were not available.

He also candidly tells us “the top fin on the grille by the bonnet release catch is broken”.


  • Black velour
  • Wood trim
  • Original steering wheel

The two sumptuous front seats in period black velour are in good condition, even the driver’s seat.

There’s a huge sofa in the back! That will easily sit three abreast. All look spotless and very comfy.

The dash, door cards, carpets, and headlining all look to be in sound condition, free of damage.

The small areas of wood veneer fitted to the Monza which can sometimes look tired or tatty, look good.

The later Monza’s had an infamous digital dash, known for all sorts of shenanigans. The first and best Monza’s, the first gen like this one, have a good old fashioned analogue unit and are all the better for it.

We have been advised by our vendor, “the dashboard clock is not working and also the headlight washers. ” and goes on to say “The override for the cooling fan operates via a switch below the steering column along with a separate switch for the windscreen washers.”


  • 3.0 litre fuel injected straight six engine
  • Cam in head, overhead valve
  • Engine bay looks in fine shape
  • Just 3,640 miles since 2005
  • The Monza is being used, so that may creep up a little

The 2968cc straight-six engine with its ‘cam in head’ OHV layout is a robust, straightforward unit. Being relatively under-stressed stories of these engines passing 100,000 miles are common. Nice and easy to maintain.

Mated to the automatic gearbox, the Monza is an easy car to live with, whether pootling around or for longer weekends away

Our view

To spot an Opel Monza back when they were new was a rare treat. It’s an even better and rarer treat now. It is fair to say that this may be one of the nicest Monza’s we’ve seen. It is very unusual to see 1980’s luxury icon in this condition.

  • 3,640 miles since 2005
  • Detailed ownership history
  • Sympathetic restoration / rebuild
  • Good invoice file

This is a car that should easily be enjoyed exactly as is. Good ownership history, rarity and condition all make for very attractive classic cars.

Vehicle Location: Musselburgh EH21 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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