1991 Classic Renault 5 GT Turbo

INTERIORGrey/Red Fabric

1991 Classic Renault 5 GT Turbo

  • A rare standard spec survivor
  • Warranted mileage
  • Desirable Phase II Facelift
  • ‘Road legal go kart’
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  • A rare standard spec survivor
  • Warranted mileage
  • Desirable Phase II Facelift
  • ‘Road legal go kart’

Launched in 1985 at the height of the hot hatches fame, the Renault 5 GT Turbo was the authentic pocket rocket. Weighing in at an unbelievable 850kg, lighter than today’s Lotus Elise, the GT Turbo was an incredible car. Few hot hatches get near the sense of barely restrained, exuberant hooliganry that the GT Turbo gives. It was the hottest of hot hatches around, outgunning even the mighty Peugeot 1.9 GTi for both raw power and pace.

In Phase I form, the GT Turbo came fitted with a 1.4 four cylinder engine with a Garret T2 turbo urging it forward. Renault unveiled a facelift for the GT Turbo 1987, which is the one we have here. It brought a painted body-kit, and added an extra 5bhp to the engine bringing it to just shy of 120bhp. Water cooling for the Garrett T2 turbo, as well as a new ignition system were also added. In 1989 Renault gave an upgrade to the interior.

Fast forward two decades and the R5 GT Turbo with its 0-60 in 7.5 seconds can still hold its own and to anyone who owns one it brings totally undiluted joy.


The GT Turbo’s popularity then and now meant that many fell into the wrong hands. The easy tuning potential destined the majority of GT Turbos to be thrashed, crashed or maxed beyond the point of no return. This is not one. It is an all original survivor.

The originality on this Tungsten Grey example means it is no trailer queen. We need to get that out there from the off. As you’ll see from the reliable images supplied by the vendor cosmetic attention is required in some places, such as the graphics and scrapes to the bumper corners. Unlike some descriptions, the vendor is not covering up those things. You are buying a genuinely described classic hot hatch from the eighties, warts and all.

Having said that, the GT Turbo is in good sound condition and has had significant sums of money spent on it. The vendor describes the GT Turbo as being in ‘really good condition with minimal work needed to take it to the next level’. The vendor advises at an MOT in Jan 2021 two minor items were advised; headlamp reflectors ‘slightly defective’. (We never cease to wonder at the subjectiveness of MOT testers, ‘slightly’ defective!). Because the vendor wanted the car to be right, new headlamps were fitted.

The Vendor has advised “We have MOT and part receipts for the car, also for the most recent works.. a new battery was fitted around May 2021.“


Climb inside the GT Turbo and you’ll sense immediately why this car weighs less than a Lotus Elise. Pull the door towards you and it emits a tiny clang as it closes. Grab the substantial GT Turbo’s steering and the waif-like dash unfolds in front of you with typical Gallic charm. Once settled in, the whole thing feels narrower than a packet of Frosties.

The inside space of this GT Turbo is described by the vendor as having ‘no modifications’ and being an ‘original nice interior’.  Recently it has had a new instrument cluster, a new offside window regulator and the nearside window motor removed, stripped down and recommissioned, with a new switch. Again, the vendor could have left these as they were functioning in a fashion consistent with a 30 year old car, instead they sorted them.

Engine and Transmission

Grab the back edge of the bonnet, tilt it forward and it reveals an engine like no other. Underneath what looks like a vipers nest of turbo hoses, fuel pipes and electrics is that marvellous 1.4 engine. Renault fitted it across their range because it was that good. With that turbo attached it is much better than good. We understand a fair bit of attention has been lavished here removing a major element of uncertainty for any new owner. The clutch cable has been replaced, along with a the fuel pressure regulator and fuel pipes. A definite source of concern on the GT Turbos is how hot they can get. A new radiator fitted to this GT Turbo allays those concerns.

Below 4,000rpm, the GT 5 Turbo will poodle about town, just. But the GT Turbo is somewhat bi-polar in its nature. Hit the throttle – and wait, just an instant, then whoooshhh! The boost gauge climbs, the turbo emits an unmistakable whistle and you’re barely be able to suppress a giggle as the front goes light and the whole package, keener than French mustard, surges forward. This is what the GT Turbo is all about, sheer fun.

Wheels, Tyres, Suspension and Other

There’s no mistaking the undiluted joy driving a GT Turbo brings. However a car delivering this much power, can eat the drivetrain essentials. Again, we understand many of the usual wear and tear items that can be an expensive part of ownership have been dealt with. We understand the following have been replaced or refurbished; front and rear brake discs and brake pipes, front wheel bearings and both driveshafts.

Our view

At first glance this car looks unremarkable. But look beyond the original faded graphics on one side and very good car is revealed. Our vendor is happy to warrant the mileage. How many 30 year old hot hatches on the market give the buyer that level of confidence. Much money has been spent meaning the new owner doesn’t have to. We would estimate this hot hatch to achieve £13,500 – £15,500 at auction.

The Vendor has advised “Due to the instrument cluster being replaced (used from a phase 1 owner) the mileage counter is not showing true mileage but the previous MOT in January 2021 states it as 89,450. The car will be given a new MOT upon sale.”

This was the view of WhatCar? back in the day.

The Renault 5 Turbo is what hot hatch motoring is all about: terrific performance, amazing grip, outstanding handling.

The engine’s a gem, a turbocharged 1.4-litre unit that cranks out 118bhp, giving the little Five rocket-like performance.

It’s not just the engine, though. The driving environment is spot on. At first, the steering wheel seems too high set, but once cocooned in the body-wrapping bucket seats you know it’s just right.


Vehicle Location: Essex – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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