1992 TVR Griffith Sport

MODELGriffith Sport
INTERIORBeige Leather

1992 TVR Griffith Sport

  • Believed to be the rare 430 BV* 
  • 1 of only 27 made 
  • Part of the Wells Collection 
  • 32,000 miles 
  • Large history file plus photographic history 
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  • Believed to be the rare 430 BV* 
  • 1 of only 27 made 
  • Part of the Wells Collection 
  • 32,000 miles 
  • Large history file plus photographic history 

The TVR Griffith Sport Roadster. It looks great, sounds even better, and the Blackpool Thunder, sledgehammer-like performance is addictive. You’ll be drawn in by the looks, then blown away by the driving experience.  

The growling V8 engines, the power, the performance and it takes only a few of yards to realise why the Griffith is so sought after. This particular classic TVR 430 is on another level.


The Griffith marked the dawn of a new era for TVR. Gone were the ‘wedge’ cars of the 1980s. In their place were a strikingly curvaceous, almost organic profile of cars. Under the skin, was a spaceframe chassis based on the hugely successful Tuscan series race cars.

Launched at the 1990 Birmingham Motor Show, the Griffith was an instant sensation. Demand soon outstripped supply. Despite the Blackpool factory cranking out as many cars as possible, waiting lists grew. Initially available with a 4.0-litre engine, capacity was increased to 4.3-litres in ’92.

That’s where this classic TVR gets interesting. Credible information suggests the factory produced, it is believed, around a dozen or so, Big Valve 430 V8s. This included, of course, bigger valves, but the cylinder heads were ported and higher lift performance camshafts were fitted. Hard to trace official records then merge with myth, legend and pub talk, but credible sources suggest another 15 or so ‘dealer’ big valve conversions were completed. Our vendor advised us this 430 is a factory special. That makes it very special.

To support that provenance our vendor advises us this TVR 430 big valve was originally owned by TVR engineer Philip Collier.

This TVR Griffith Sport is known in TVR circles and has appeared at many TVR events over the years. More recently, the vendor has used it on a number of charity runs.

The Wells Collection

Our vendor has reasonably large, around 100, collection of very special classic cars. He singles out stand-out classic cars for his collection. Very often they are subject to expensive, but careful and meticulous restoration. Many, like this classic TVR are used for events and runs. Our vendor is active in the market. From time to time, classic cars move discreetly in and out of the private Wells Collection. We’re honoured to have been trusted to market the Collection and this a rare opportunity to purchase one of those special cars.


Once you drop down in to that cosy cabin space, You need only the briefest of stints behind the wheel of the 430 Griffith to appreciate how good it is. The driving position is very appealing, with plenty of adjustment and supportive seats. The Griffith 430 makes for a marvellous long-distance companion, this really is a performance car that you can use for high days and holidays or sparingly, every day if you’d like to.

This Griffith’s interior features beige leather seats with a wood veneer dashboard trim. According to the vendor, some cracks are beginning to show in the veneer, so it will likely need replacing in the near future. But the vendor states this can be done by a TVR specialist for a few hundred pounds. Otherwise, the interior is in great condition with fully functioning electrics.


For a variety of reasons, not least that powerful engine, flexing the whole body this way and that, some TVR bodies can suffer from a cracking and crazing if not cared for properly.

Finished in a lovely shade of genuine TVR Ferrari Formula One Red, the vendor describes the bodywork as being in “overall beautiful condition.” It looks it too. Just take a look at the gallery photos.

The roof, which consists of a fold-down rear window section and a lift-out targa-style roof panel, is complete and in good condition.

The wheels have been refurbished and new, high-quality tyres fitted.


It’s no revelation to say the superb V8 engine is the heart of the TVR Griffith.

All the models have a heavily modified version of the all-aluminium Rover V8 engine built by TVR Power. The range of engines starts with the 400, to the stark raving bonkers 500, which, in the opinion of many columnists, is near impossible to live with.

In the Griffith 430’s case, it was stretched out to 4.3 litres, giving c. 270bhp.

This particular classic Griffith is the rare 430 Sport-specification engine, believed further modified at the factory with a big valve cylinder head, performance camshafts and stronger crankshaft. It is believed only 12 factory specials were produced.

To find one is a rare delight. TVR didn’t release power figures for 430 big valve, but the vendor describes the engine as “very powerful!” and in addition” The way the car performs is not standard”. 

The engine is fit and healthy, having been meticulously maintained, as stated previously it has covered only 32,000 miles. Service Records are included in the gallery.

Our view

This is not an average TVR Griffith, with a not average owner!

This is a fantastic example of the one of the most exciting classic front engine, rear wheel drive, British sports cars there have ever been. It is just as its makers intended.

It also comes with a comprehensive history file including photos of it in-build at the factory in 1992. We estimate a value of between £16,000 – £24,000.

*There is much debate around the Big Valve TVR’s. Much of it myth legend and nonsense, in part, driven by less than complete record keeping by the TVR themselves. The clear facts everyone agrees on is; TVR did make a number of factory one-off big valves and additionally some were commissioned post production.

Our vendor is an exceptionally and very discerning collector. He does his homework and this TVR is no exception. The vehicle was owned by  Philip Collier an ex-TVR engineer. Our vendor has driven several TVR’s and is very aware this is a non-standard vehicle. The vehicle is known by the owners club and had been to a number of shows. No ‘experts’ have popped up, to suggest this is not a big valve.

We all know there is somebody somewhere who will pop up if needed.  The only exact way of discerning without a shadow of a doubt is to strip the engine and using a micrometer or other instruments measure various components. Give TVR’s record, even that route is fraught with anomalies.

On the information provided we’re as comfortable as we can be this is a big valve 430.*


Vehicle Location: West Wales –  it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

Have a question about this vehicle? Please contact the Evoke team at auction@evoke-classics.com and we will speak to the vendor on your behalf.

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Bidder Bid amount Bid time
k*v £17,501.00 2022-03-16 16:36:56
a**************m £17,001.00 2022-03-15 18:57:06
k*v £17,000.00 2022-03-16 16:36:33
k*v £16,000.00 2022-03-16 15:45:47
a**************m £15,000.00 2022-03-15 18:49:40
k*v £14,500.00 2022-03-05 12:23:12
k*v £14,000.00 2022-03-04 14:46:34
s*****o £14,000.00 2022-03-15 12:21:41
c*****************m £13,000.00 2022-03-04 20:08:00
c*****************m £12,000.00 2022-03-04 20:07:25
b*n £10,000.00 2022-03-02 05:58:03
k*v £8,000.00 2022-03-04 14:46:05
Start auction £7,500.00 25/02/2022 3:30 PM

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