1996 Rover Mini Cooper Mk7 1.3

MODELMini Cooper Mk7 1.3

1996 Rover Mini Cooper Mk7 1.3

  • In Charcoal Grey Metallic with contrasting White Diamond roof and mirrors
  • Good sporting upgrades
  • Factory fitted air con
  • Great value with a low reserve
  • Irish registered
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  • In Charcoal Grey Metallic with contrasting White Diamond roof and mirrors
  • Good sporting upgrades
  • Factory fitted air con
  • Great value with a low reserve
  • Irish registered

The Rovers Return?

It may not have cache of the original, but the Mk7 Mini Cooper, launched to much acclaim at the Paris Motor Show in 1996, is still a cracking little car and today a great value for money, easy going, fun classic car.

This model was going to be last ‘real’ Mini. Building on 41 years of Mini production, it was also a different and much improved final model. Yet it still retains all the wonderful characteristics of the original classic Mk1 Mini Cooper, fast agile and fun.

Our vendor, Simon, has owned this lovely Japanese market Cooper for a year and was originally planning to use it himself. Plans change though don’t they.

This Mini was imported to Ireland in October 2020 and registered there that same month. The new owner will therefore need to register it in the UK.

There are pluses and non-pluses to owning a Japanese market classic car. The principal benefit is that they haven’t been imperilled to moods of the British weather (i.e. salt). That means that invariably they have a better underlying condition and they often come with additional specification not available elsewhere, as does this one. On the flip side there is often a lack of history. .

However, this is a classic car that you most definitely buy on reputation, and our vendor has taken many of the images up on ramp so you get a great, honest view of what you are bidding on.

Engine and Transmission

The first Rover Mini Cooper engines came fed by a single carb. That was later replaced by fuel-injection like this one. It provides more oomph and is reliable. The eagle-eye among you will notice one of the Japanese market upgrades was factory fitted air-con, which is a lovely touch. The Mini cabin space can get a bit cosy with all that glass, and the air-con provides a nice option.

Simon says the Mini “starts first time and runs very well”. The video nicely displays that.

This Mini Cooper comes with an auto ‘box which is a very rare find indeed. We’re told by Simon the ‘box takes nothing away from the sporty go-kart like handling of the Cooper. We’re told you just pin your foot to floor, hang, and grin through every twist and turn the Cooper throws you through.

Talking of which. For very little money there are number of readily available upgrades, that if you wish, will take the 63bhp up to just shy of 100bhp. We understand that may have been part of the plan, but now the new owner has that joy to play with.


We are told this is a very straightforward, un-touched Mini Cooper. It comes with the rare benefit of a huge number of transparent images. Does it have some wrinkles? Yes, but don’t we all!

The images tell their own story much better than our clumsy words can, but Simon was keen we draw you to a couple of areas.

Overall, the Mini Cooper is in decent enough un-restored condition, which to our mind is much better, as you can see what’s what.

There is a small piece of surface corrosion on the off-side front panel seam. It is under the headlight and if it wasn’t for Simon’s images on the ramp we’d never have spotted it. Additionally, there is a small portion of corrosion on the off-side slam panel, where condensation has pooled and also on one corner of the underside of the bonnet. None are serious.

The offside door seam at the bottom appears to have some discoloration where it looks like a section of the seam sealer has departed this life. Again, unless you lay flat under the door, you’d never see it. The images speak volumes about the vendor.

The usual suspect areas, such as the front and rear valance along with ‘A’ panels, you’ll see for yourself all look sound. The battery box, which is usually the first to go west and, in our view, is a great barometer of the overall condition of the car, is rock solid.

Simon tells us the rest of exterior is “In original condition. There is a small paint blemish on the bonnet and the white roof would benefit from paint but overall, not too bad

The chrome work is all bright. Two ‘outer’ sections of the front grille are not fitted. From memory they are about ten bob in old money…best not rely on our memory though. Either way, they are a cheap and easy thing to sort.

The door shuts, bonnet and boot are all even. The boot looks to be in very good condition. Overall, the little Mini Cooper looks rather okay!


To be honest, we don’t usually do an ‘underneath’ commentary. Ordinarily vendors shy away from crawling under vehicles.

But as Simon has given us a view that only a grumpy MOT tester usually sees, it would be remiss to ignore it.

You’ll see for yourself, there is some surface corrosion consistent with the Mini Cooper being used and not sat in museum. Although, having said that we are advised the Mini Cooper has had minimal use since it was imported – cobwebs confirm this. Simon has focused in on the critical areas such as subframe (with cobwebs) and sills. You’ll note the original condition of all of these areas. It is very unusual for a vendor to go to these lengths so take your time and have a good look around.

The most pleasing overall impression we get from under the Mini Cooper is the lack of horrible underseal, horribly splashed about hiding goodness knows what horrors. In our conversations with our vendor, he couldn’t repeat often enough what, in his words, an “honest” car this is.


The worms-eye-view we’ve all been treated to allows us all to see details such as tyre depth, along with the adjustable sports suspension. This is similar to the Sports Pack that was an option on Mini Coopers at this time. Indeed it may well have that option fitted, but we’ve not been able to confirm, other than that the Koni’s are definitely the adjustable type. These do make a significant different to handling and ride.

Close up images of the Minilite wheels reveal they are fine fettle. More close ups from our grumpy MOT man show cross-drilled brake discs. Simon advises that the brakes have been “upgraded” along with bespoke stainless exhaust. The video shows this making a delicious sound.


Aside from some small splits in one section of one seat bolster, which is easily and cheaply remedied with a smart repair, the original interior looks good. The faux leather door trims are fine. The carpets are in decent condition. The rest of seats are not cracked, ripped or split, and the veneer dash nestling behind that chunky steering wheel looks okay too. We are not advised of and could not detect any major wrinkles here. Let us know if we missed anything.

Our view

The final Mk7 Mini was a very special little Mini and the Mini Cooper models are much sought after today. We are noting a definite trend upwards in Coopers, but thankfully, they still haven’t gone bananas, yet, and so represent fabulous value.

The Mini Cooper Sports are selling for around £12-15k; the Mini Cooper RSP models are fetching £14-18k, the Cooper 500’s are off the scale at £25-30k.

Thankfully, our Simon is very sensible and a clear country mile from those values.

If you’re a Mini fan, and more importantly, a Mini Cooper fan, then this little gem could be just what you’re looking for. Bag a bargain. Someone definitely will.


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