1996 TVR Chimaera 4.0 litre V8

COLOURRolex Blue
INTERIORGrey Leather, Blue Carpets

1996 TVR Chimaera 4.0 litre V8

  • Current owner for 6 years 
  • Stamped Service History 
  • Spare wheels, tyres, roof and headlights
  • Pearlescent Rolex Blue Paint
  • Grey leather interior 
  • Private Plate included
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  • Current owner for 6 years 
  • Stamped Service History 
  • Spare wheels, tyres, roof and headlights
  • Pearlescent Rolex Blue Paint 
  • Grey leather interior 
  • Private Plate included

The Chimaera built by the British sports car manufacturer TVR took its name from a mythical beast in Greek mythology. This Chimaera is no myth, it is the real deal and it represents a very affordable route into TVR ownership. We guarantee you’ll never tire of the looks, the exhaust note or the 4.0 litre V8’s hair-raising levels of power and acceleration. 

The Chimaera was first released in 1993. It followed TVR’s tried and trusted method of GRP body wrapped around a space frame tubular chassis with a powerful engine up-front driving through the rear wheels. It worked. Marvellously. Moreover, TVR made the Chimaera much easier to live with than previous somewhat brutal TVRs. It was more spacious and practical, providing such things as enough boot space for your golf bag. 

In 1996 TVR updated the Chimaera by releasing the Mk2 versions. This particular Mk2 has been owned by the vendor for almost seven years. It was a wholly second car never driven in the wet and always garaged with a cover.  


Because of the usage the Chimaera has had during our vendor’s ownership, you won’t be surprised to learn the outside is in very good condition. One of the many things that sets this Chimaera apart is the original Rolex Blue paint. The special pearlescent option on this car simply shimmers as the light refracts from it changing through various different colour spectrums. It is absolutely gorgeous and all original. The vendor has been very frank when he describes there being ‘on odd chip here and there but nothing major’.  He goes on to refer to ‘a small crack in the paint on the driver’s door where the mirror was hit back’.  

As you read on you’ll see that our vendor is quite particular about the car but says these minor issues didn’t bother him. He describes the exterior as being 8/10. The vendor was detailed enough to have the chassis regularly Waxoyled. That removes any anxiety a new owner might have. The roof is in top condition. The vendor also has a spare roof and that is included in the sale. 


The grey leather interior is unmarked. It makes a perfect colour combination with the Rolex Blue paint. He advises all the electrics function properly including the power operated windows, mirrors doors and boot. That can often be a little ongoing niggle on TVR’s but not the way this one has been looked after. If the Chimaera had an Achilles heel it would be the carpets. TVR scrimped a little on the quality here and after a while they can look tired and tatty. Our vendor decided he was having none of that nonsense with his car. Images reveal an all new carpet set has been fitted. He has probably spent the best part a grand there all told. 

Engine and transmission 

The vendor has the car MOT’d every year and at the time the engine is serviced too. When we asked him for an honest appraisal of the engine and drivetrain he commented ‘it has no knocks or bangs and pulls very well in every gear. It will pull 5th from as low as 30mph and is quite docile and civilised. But will, and does, light up the rear tyres and wiggle it’s bum very easily like the naughty girl she is!’ We’re not going to add to that. What else is there to say. 

Wheels, tyres and suspension 

The original TVR wheels and tyres have been replaced with a very fetching set of BBS wheels shod  with quality tyres. The current wheels are 17” on the front and 18” on the rear. The car sits right and looks right. Just peachy in our view. As you’d expect of this vendor, he has a spare set of wheels and tyres, which probably value up together at around two grand, they are also included in the sale, as are the clear indicator set that some owners use to bring the car up to date. They were one of those must have items that are hard to get hold of, but once our vendor managed to buy a set, he preferred the originals so left them in place! 

Additional information. 

The private plate you see on the car, spelling ‘LOUD’ (because it is!) which is notionally valued around fifteen hundred quid is included in the sale. 

Our vendor advises us; 

The car comes with full stamped service history and the TVR Bible plus a file of all old receipts totalling over £12,000, plus all old MOTs plus the original TVR Service wallet. 

I also have the original TVR service wallet which is fully stamped up, and a stack of bills that fill a folder right up. There is also the TVR bible to go as well which is quite sought after these days. 

The original wheels are unblemished and in perfect condition with good tyres.  

The Targa that’s on at the moment is my “Project Targa” which I cut to make a split Targa to save room in the boot and although not finished, it has become my preferred roof of choice as I drive it when the weather is good and never in the wet so is not finished off completely but is usable.  

I do however have a standard Targa along with a spare rear roof section to go with it. This has been kept in my house since I bought the car and is in perfect condition. All it needs is the rubber seal replacing – a brand new rubber seal is included (see images) – and you’ll have the perfect original spare roof. 

Phew! We think that covers it. 

Our view 

Stunning car. Stunning colour combination. Stunningly looked after and cherished.  

TVR prices have been a little under-valued in our opinion over the past five years of so. Maybe as they are becoming scarce and perhaps because the old tired ones are fading away, all we have left are good, well looked after cars and prices are trending upwards. 

When we track what four similar 4.0 V8 Chimaeras sold for, we find; 

March 2021: £12,470

May 2021: £14,060

July 2021: £15,000 and  £32,480  

These are without factoring in the various spares this Chimaera comes with and the number plate. In our view is this Chimaera represents excellent value estimated at anywhere between £13,000-£15,000. For that price you buy massive peace of mind and a great bargain Chimaera. 

Vehicle Location: Kent – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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g********3 £9,750.00 2022-01-03 12:30:57
n**********k £9,250.00 2022-01-03 18:28:14
d**********s £8,750.00 2022-01-03 15:22:27
d**********s £8,250.00 2022-01-03 12:22:34
g********3 £8,100.00 2022-01-03 12:10:42
d**********s £7,750.00 2022-01-03 12:22:10
d**********s £7,250.00 2022-01-03 09:48:02
g********3 £7,000.00 2022-01-02 22:33:20
d**********s £7,000.00 2022-01-02 23:47:01
d**********s £6,500.00 2022-01-02 23:46:16
d**********s £6,000.00 2022-01-02 09:05:05
a**********1 £5,750.00 2022-01-01 23:58:39
d**********s £5,500.00 2021-12-31 20:04:27
b******9 £5,250.00 2021-12-31 15:52:27
d**********s £5,000.00 2021-12-28 12:07:53
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