2001 Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale Evocazione

MODEL360 Modena Challenge Stradale Evocazione
MILEAGE63,000 km

2001 Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale Evocazione

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  • 3.6 litre F131 V8 engine
  • Re-mapped engine ECU
  • Two previous owners
  • Less than 63,000 miles
  • Cambelt changed
  • Recent invoice for £20,000
  • Service History
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  • 3.6 litre F131 V8 engine
  • Re-mapped engine ECU
  • Two previous owners
  • Less than 63,000 km
  • Cambelt changed
  • Recent invoice for £20,000
  • Service History

Turn the key and the 400bhp V8 barks into life. Tickle the throttle and the revs flare impatiently before the engine settles back to a burbling idle. The noise of that orchestra, just inches behind you fills the interior, invading your senses with its rich, intricate sound.

Don’t be duped by the Modena’s soft, curvaceous external lines or its space, refinement and easy-going nature around town. The 360 is a devastating road car. It does everything a Ferrari should do. But with panache, precision and polish. That confidence will urge you to not think twice about unleashing all its prancing horses.

Is there another classic car that combines massive globules of raw emotion with so much technical finesse?


Our vendor is well known and much respected in the Italian classic and modern car community. However, spending hours working hard in his own business meant he had no time to enjoy his own passion for classic Italian cars. All that (and much else) changed when a global pandemic hit the UK in early 2020.

That allowed our vendor the time and space to find the Ferrari he always wanted. He has spent the last two years enjoying it, but hardly using it. As the economy springs back, this classic Ferrari Modena 360 has been sitting idle. He thinks that is a crying shame. It should be used. Now he has scratched that itch, it’s time for it to find a new home. We’re delighted to be helping him.

If it looks like a Challenge Stradale, goes like a Challenge Stradale and sounds like a Challenge Stradale, it probably is one? Almost. If you look carefully enough, you’ll see this is an expensively crafted re-creation; an Evocazione. Best of all, nowhere near the £150k+ price of a Challenge.

Outside and underside

Revealed in Spring 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show, the classic Ferrari 360 was much more than an evolution of the previous 355. Gone was the 355’s chiselled shape. Instead, here was something bigger and bolder. The Pininfarina designed curves were more generous and voluptuous.

Ferrari teamed up with one of the world’s largest manufacture of aluminium, The Aluminium Company of America (Alcoa). Together they produced an entirely new all-aluminium space-frame chassis. It was 60% stiffer than the F355 steel frame. The design was 30% lighter despite a 10% increase in overall dimensions. Along with a lightweight frame, the designers worked in tandem with Ferrari engineers to incorporate it’s F1 engineering into the road going classic Modena 360. The Modena 360 generates almost 400 pounds of downforce at an alleged top speed of 170mph +++

The coachwork on this 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale is actually Grigio Titanio. However, although the exterior was in our vendors own words, “perfect and unmarked”, it has been professionally wrapped. As you can see from the multitude of images it looks striking.

To pay proper homage to the Challenge, a large number of genuine Challenge upgrades were sourced.

An invoice in the large file, dated 2019, includes reference to this. It includes, amongst other items, a “Complete 360 Modena Challenge Stradale Body kit” along with “Wheels and Tyres”. The mirrors are part of the carbon fibre kit. The calipers on the standard Modena 360 were black. On the Challenge they came in optional red, yellow of silver. Our vendor chose red, what else.

The Challenge Stradale is instantly identifiable. Standing still it has attitude. The lattice-spoked wheels tucked up into the arches, the re-worked nose scanning the tarmac. It makes the stock 360 look virtually tame.

Engine & Transmission

The 360 engine was an evolution of the F355. The 90-degree V8 grew from 3.5 litres to 3.6 litres. The same basic architecture remained, including the five-valve heads, and variable valve timing. Peak power was up, from 375bhp to 394bhp, and torque improved too, up to 275lb ft

The higher torque came in lower down the rev-range, giving the 360 a more muscular feel but also making it much more user-friendly.

Thanks to new engine management and a drive-by-wire throttle, responsiveness was sharper and crisper. This worked well with the 6 speed automated manual transmission, operated by the optional F1 paddle-shifts such as on this Modena 360

The 0-62mph claim was now 4.5sec, quicker than the F355, and the top speed was quoted as 170mph-plus.

The Modena 360 also saw a new word introduced into Ferrari reviews: reliability. The engineering had been more thorough and this is reflected in lower servicing costs.

The invoices from 2019 detail, amongst other things, cambelt replaced at c59,000km as well as a new clutch. Invoices are in the gallery, but if you’d like to see any others, then do please just let us know.


The interior wasn’t left out in the Challenge upgrade. Carbon fibre seats complete with harness are fitted. The door cards are now Challenge items, as are the dials. The whole package is very good indeed.

What we think.

This low mileage 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale is an absorbing, characterful way into Ferrari ownership. Drop into those wrapped around carbon fibre seats and it is impossible not to fall under the car’s considerable charms. Powerful, refined and easy to drive. This classic Ferrari has a palpable sense of occasion every time you climb behind the wheel.

Six speed paddle shift. Service History. Stunning Challenge upgrades. Superb value.

Surely every car enthusiast should own a Ferrari at some point in their life. Maybe now is the time. And this is the car.

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