2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Customised Motorbike

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2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Customised Motorbike

  • Stretched and Lowered Customised Bike
  • Only 25,000 miles 
  • Original bill of sale 
  • Phenomenal build 
  • Absolutely stunning 
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  • Stretched and Lowered Customised Bike
  • Only 25,000 miles 
  • Original bill of sale 
  • Phenomenal build 
  • Absolutely stunning 

Back in 2001, Suzuki introduced a new GSX-R model that replaced the largest and most powerful model of the GSX-R series sports bike, the GSX-R1100, with the all-new GSX-R1000.   

As the model name revealed, the engine’s cylinder displacement was roughly 1,000cc, about 100cc smaller than its predecessor but as you would expect, it literally blew its older brother away, both on the road and around the track.  In fact, it pretty much blew away everything other than the Kawasaki’s ZX-12R and its stablemate, the Hayabusa, those being the only bikes available at the time with more hp at the back wheel. 

With no traction control, no anti-wheelie, no ABS, no quickshifter, no switchable riding modes, literally nothing to get between you and the road but scalpel-sharp handling and sledgehammer power delivery.  

Like the sound of that? Then step right up and let’s have a look at Suzuki’s first superbike of the new millennium – the Suzuki GSX-R1000  

Launched just sixteen years after the first GSX-R (1985’s GSX-R750F), the 1000R wasn’t just from a different century, it seemed like it must have come from a different planet. Physically about the same size and weight as the existing 750 version, the new 1000 was light on its toes but not excessively so.  If you think that the factory bike was the best superbike of it’s era then there wouldn’t be many that would or could argue, and if you look back to that era then they shouldn’t really bother, the GSX-R really was at the top of its game.   

Well, it almost feels like the mic has well and truly been dropped and there is nothing left to say but just hold on one minute, you’ve probably not yet seen this particular bike. 

Take a seat and strap yourself in because you are about to witness a serious contender to the superbike throne and it comes in the name of this red and yellow peril. 

Heavily customised to go as fast as possible, this bike was stretched and lowered to become part of the Stretched Motorcycle scene, and if you have been to Santa Pod or in fact any drag racing strip you will have seen these monsters flying up the track at unfathomable speeds.   

The Stretched Motorcycle scene is so much bigger and more popular that you may realise, with some serious financial clout and equally serious talent both riding and building these bikes. This particular bike builder had bags of talent when designing and building this one and clearly ticked the box when realising the finances needed to build such a thing. It has clearly seen an immeasurable amount of man hours and money to create this special machine.  

Such is the quality and jaw dropping appeal of the bike It was even commissioned to be featured on display in the front window of Hein Garicke, Gants Hill, Essex for a time, presumably to draw more interest and customers into the shop. 

The History 

The extensive document pack with this 2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 includes the original Service book with an array of stamps, the original owners manual, the Datatool protection documentation and impressively, the original PDI sheet and bill of sale.  This last document shows that the first owner of this “Gixxer Thou” purchased it from P&H Motorcycles of Crawley, Sussex. A very large and multi franchised dealership who, to this day, are still Suzuki approved.   

The 2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 eventually found its way to our vendor, John, who has taken ownership of this extraordinary machine so it can be found a new home. Hopefully with someone who can also appreciate and enjoy it as is, or to take it to another level if that’s even possible.  The unfortunate event that led to John being asked to find it another home was sadly the passing of the last real owner, who was actually responsible for creating the extraordinary monster of a bike that it is now. 

Working on many projects over the years including building drag cars and bikes that he raced at Santa Pod, he took to building one last project. As his health deteriorated and he had a reduced ability to ride anymore, he found enjoyment in building this, knowing he would not be able to ride it in anger, but that didn’t matter as he still had his passion to build. It must be said, from the look and quality of this bike, I suspect those unfortunate circumstances are what influenced him to take this build to an extraordinary level.   

Within the detail section of this article below, you will fully understand the extraordinary lengths he went to in order to create the monster of a machine we have here. 

The warranted mileage of 24,817 can be traced back via every MOT up to 2015 and can be seen presently, both on its current MOT and also the clocks as unfortunately, it did not manage to make its way to Santa Pod due to the circumstances previously mentioned.  (Mileage data table at end of this article.)

What we do know is that it starts and runs sweetly, in fact sweetly is probably the wrong word, it is probably better described as ferociously as it sounds mightily impressive through that Blue Flame Exhaust.  John explained that the current MOT will expire in July 2022 but it passed first time and has not had any mileage added since, so there is no reason whatsoever that it would not pass again. 

Unfortunately, some of the invoices have been mislaid, especially the big ones for the Hayabusa shock, wheels, tyres, swing arm and NOS. We do have invoices totalling £2600 in the document pack though, mostly for the finishing kit and that tells us that a massive amount of money has been lavished on building this bike over the years. Looking at the extensive list and the quality of the parts used, we expect it would have been much more likely that close to ten thousand pounds has been spent on this bike, read on to understand why we have come to that conclusion. 

The Detail 

It is hard to find a starting point to describe this weapon of a bike as there is so much to say about this amazing machine. As you can see from the images it truly is a work of art, actually that maybe is the best place so let’s start there, with the aesthetics of this impressive bike.  As you would expect, the paintwork is a one-off job and wow does that red and yellow get it noticed.  Painted by the builder, who had worked in the motor trade most of his life, it really does look spectacular. Get up close and personal and you will see the various shades of metallic and coloured speck that really does set off the unusual glimmer. It should be mentioned that apart from one area on the right-hand fairing and a few stone chips here and there, it is actually blemish free.  That said area is a few inches wide and could easily be repaired as all the paint codes will be supplied to the winning bidder. Staying with the paintwork, the frame and swingarm have also been painted to match the red lower section of the bodywork. The only areas that show any blemishes are under the seat and where the rear paddock stand has been used.  Finishing off the paintwork, the full carbon fibre front fender was also painted to match. 

Now, this bike was not only built for its looks, the modifications that you are about to read about were all done with the specific purpose of making this stretched and lowered bike fast. With the Suzuki GSX-R1000 already being somewhat ballistically fast, that is no mean feat but looking at the dyno print out that will come with the bike, we would probably state that the mods were somewhat successful. Let’s be clear, although the Power Commander and Nitrous Oxide will give it almost fighter jet acceleration, it is not all about torque and max power. The key to this missile is getting it away from the line with maximum grip.  That little feat is all down to that massive rear wheel, the lowered suspension and the eight-inch extended swingarm. 

The Chrome 18inch x 10.5 wide Savage rear wheel is wrapped in Avon AV72 330/35 R18 rubber, the matching chrome front 17 x 3.5 Savage Wheel sports a 120/ 60 R17 Continental Road Attack tyre that are both virtually new.  Nobody in their right mind would scrimp on tyres with this monster of a machine and he certainly didn’t when building this.  That massive rear wheel is mated to a Roaring Toyz 300 swingarm, those in the know will appreciate that the wheels, tyres and that special swingarm alone are listed in the thousands. We challenge you to do a quick internet search for these parts, the numbers will make you fall off your chair, it is truly staggering how much these parts cost which just reaffirms the love and determination he had, not to let anything hold him back when achieving and reaching the pinnacle of his passion when building this bike. 

Those massive front and rear Savage wheels were then connected to some impressive stopping power. A bike built to go this fast needs to able to stop and like the tyres, there was no scrimping here either. With Tokico 6 pots up front and Brembo’s callipers and disk at the back, all fed with braided hoses, and added to the lowered front and rear suspension will keep you truly planted.  Literally, some of the best components available to get this bike stopped.  Staying with the running gear, the extended swingarm is mated to the renowned Hayabusa suspension, with the nitrous bottle sitting in pride of place just behind it. It’s probably a good time to mention that due to the bike being in storage since its owners passing it has sensibly been disconnected.  Don’t worry though, everything including the switches and gauge are all in place and it is a very easy job to reconnect it should you have the Kahunas to do so.   

As you would expect the customary K&N air and oil filters were fitted prior to the Power Commander Set up and the Dyno reading.  We then have quite an extension list of finishing touches that are listed below so take a deep breath and marvel at the quite phenomenal quality of the finishing kit that gives this machine its truly one-off status. 

Starting at the front we can see the headlamp is being protected by the yellow protector and mated with the body-coloured double bubble screen it just works with the aesthetics of this bike.  Swinging your leg over the bike and planting yourself into the custom riders seat with stitched GXSR logo – there is the original black seat available should you wish to fit that instead – you’ll see that the Harris carbon hand grips next to the chrome bar and display switches which match various other chromed area such as the petrol cap crash bobbins, fairing grilles and various frame ancillaries.  The wonderful glimmering yellow tank is protected by a carbon tank pad, this matches the two carbon frame protectors installed either side of the bike giving even more protection to the paintwork and looking stunning at the same time.   Before working our way down to ground level, notice the custom indicators front and back, in fact the rear ones look perfect on each side of the custom NOS inspired rear single seat unit.  There is also a custom chrome rear number plate holder finishing off that section of the bike.  

We couldn’t let the unbelievably sexy, fully adjustable chrome Harris rear sets go without a mention. As with all the highest quality parts everywhere else around the bike, these really are top quality parts that function exceptionally, as well as look spectacular. With a Healtech gear indicator and the accuracy of those rearsets, you will never have trouble selecting or even knowing what gear you are in.  Finishing it all off with some aluminium rad covers and a DME chainguard it is truly a high quality and well sorted bike. 

Our view 

What else can we say about this stunning work of art Suzuki GSX-R1000 that hasn’t already been said? Other than the winning bidder will be collecting a seriously well sorted ballistic missile of a bike that they can stand and wonder at, maybe use and scare themselves silly at Santa Pod raceway or even tweak it here and there to make it personal themselves.  The options are endless. 

Bike Location: Essex : it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor 

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