2007 BMW Z4 3.0 Si Sport Coupe

MODELZ4 3.0 Si Sport Coupe
COLOURMetallic Black
INTERIORMagnolia Leather

2007 BMW Z4 3.0 Si Sport Coupe

  • Part of a large private collection
  • Stunning Metallic Black with Magnolia Leather
  • Private plate included
  • Full Service History
  • MoT’d until May 2023
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  • Part of a Large Collection
  • Stunning Metallic Black with Magnolia Leather
  • Private plate included
  • Full Service History
  • MoT’d until May 2023

We tend to take advertising slogans with a pinch of salt, and that’s what makes it so hard to believe BMW’s tagline, ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine.’ But BMWs really are fantastic driving machines, and the Z4 is the ultimate expression of BMW’s ultimate goal.

BMW chose to replace the Z3 with the Z4 in 2003, initially offering only a two-seat roadster body style. The hard-edged styling was controversial at the time, but over the years consumers have come to accept it. This styling was mildly updated in 2006, when BMW introduced new engine choices, a sensuous hatchback coupe – the BMW Z4 Sport Coupe- which we have here. The Z4 carried over virtually unchanged for 2007.

With only two seats and rear-wheel drive, the BMW Z4 Sport Coupe isn’t a practical family car. But, it was never meant to be, it is a superbly engineered driver’s car and is a blast to drive.  The engines, especially the 3.0 Si provide smooth, ample power and the Z4 offers sharp handling that is a match for anything on the road, yet the ride is compliant in most models.


Our vendor who has quite an impressive collection of vehicles, over forty in total, has freely admitted that since retirement it has been becoming trickier to enjoy them all so has made the unfortunate decision to start finding new homes for them.

In light of that, this example has only enjoyed the road for three to four thousand miles since it has been in his possession, sacrilege for such a stunning driver’s car and another reason that it will be finding a new home.

The service book shows that the 20,000 mile service intervals have all been carried out from various BMW and independent service centres, the last being approximately 2,500 miles ago at 114,990 miles, this included the obligatory synthetic oil, filters and usual service items.

Those in the know agree that the 265bhp straight six in the 3.0 Si is bulletproof, those with regular service intervals such as this are pretty much bombproof.

The V5 is showing 4 previous owners and there is a handful of MOTs in the document pack but a quick check online shows the MOT history is in good order with a brand new one in place until May 2023.  Our vendor has also stated that he will be leaving the personalised number on the car – M4 KCU and it will also come with the 2 remote BMW keys.


When Anders Warming designed the BMW Z4 Sport Coupe he wanted it firstly, to stand out from the crowd and secondly to keep some of the design cues of the Z3, with the two striking belt lines across the side view he managed to achieve that quite well in our opinion.

This lovely metallic black version sets off those two belt lines spectacularly in the sunlight and really works in such a striking design. Wandering around the car you can really appreciate the design, especially when you think how the Z4 had mixed reactions on its release, sometimes being described as “a marmite car”.

Keep walking around the car and you will eventually get past that long raking bonnet, still the largest panel on any BMW to date, and come to the front bumper. This is where you will notice a few imperfections – as typically, the big stylish bumper and leading edge of the bonnet have picked up some very small stone chips, you do have to zoom in to see them in the images but they are actually there.

Our vendor, who used to be a car painter in his former life shared that, with the stonechips in place and a thorough look around, he is confident that the paintwork is original all around the car, putting to rest any concerns of previous repairs. The panel work appears to be in excellent condition though, with good shut lines and consistent panel gaps all around the car.  An extremely straight, honest and very pretty car.


Opening the long coupe driver’s door, you immediately notice how the magnolia leather seats and matching door pads, with a high gloss black dash work perfectly with the aesthetics of this striking car.

Once in the BMW Z4 Sport Coupe you are surrounded by BMW’s solidity and style. The doors close with a reassuring “thunk” and the interior materials are sturdy and attractive. The simple dash layout places all controls at your fingertips.

Speaking with our vendor, he shared that every switch and button do exactly what they should with the only exception being the air conditioning, he suspects it will only need a re-gas but was at pains to explain it has not worked during his ownership as he never felt the need to sort it as he finds, like a great deal of us, that air con of this era tends to dry him out.

The seats are excellent and the electrics work impeccably. The trimmed floor mats have protected the carpets nicely and everywhere else is in typical robust BMW condition.  One thing the vendor did mention was that the driver’s door window mechanism has been refurbished so doesn’t have the usually lazy operation that blights these models. All in all, a very nice place to be.


Everything about the 3.0 litre BMW Z4 Sport Coupe is built from solid foundations. Instead of trying to make a compromised platform work, BMW has got the basics right. The rest is easy. Pop the bonnet and you’ll notice that the engine is set well back behind the line of the front axle for excellent weight distribution and keen turn-in.

Unlike the Z4 Roadster, the Coupe is only offered with one engine option, so the line-up is the sole 265bhp 3.0 litre which, thanks to its magnesium-alloy construction, is incredibly light. It sounds wonderful and it’s a strong performer too with a 0-62mph time of 5.7 seconds and, like most German cars, is limited to 155mph. There’s a Sport button by the gear lever which quickens throttle response for an even keener feel.

The car has a six-speed manual gearbox that is a joy to use, in fact our vendor shared that he drove the car to Bristol a week or so back, a 200 plus mile round trip, and as you would expect from BMW it did not miss a trick. Although our vendor admits that he drives quite sedately it returned 36 miles to the gallon, mightily impressive when reading the 0 to 62 times previously quoted.

Adding to that our vendor shared that the previous owner saw fit to improve on what is already a stonkingly good car by having a performance chip box fitted and to get the most from that fitted a straight through rear box. As you can imagine, the already lovely sporty sound that roars out of the twin pipes is now astonishing. Our vendor loves it but if that’s not your bag then you will be pleased to know that the standard rear box will be supplied with the Z4 and the performance chip is easily removed.

The wonderful straight six engine has benefitted from a BMW fitting a timing chain that is virtually unbreakable, and as we mentioned above, it has also been regularly serviced with its last service carried out a couple of thousand miles ago.  There isn’t a great deal else to say other than, you know exactly what to expect when driving this wonderful car home.

Wheels Tyres Suspension and other

Sticking with their tag line of “The Ultimate Driving Machine” the Z4 genuinely lives up to that statement, and with a little help from the stability and traction control you’ll find it impressively easy to drive this as it was designed to be driven, whether enjoying your local roads or taking in the odd track day this really does handle well, quoted by many as being the best in its class you won’t be disappointed.

BMW fit to give the 3.0si version a pair of the very pretty M Series twin ten spoke 18 inch alloys with 225/40/R18 rubber at the front and a pair of 235/35 R19s at the back.  Those eagle-eyed of you will notice some very minor scuffs on the wheels and our vendor has stated the front tyres, although still having good tread, are quite aged now so could do with replacing should you feel inclined to do so.

Those in the know will be aware that a common reported issue on the BMW Z4 is that the rear coil springs sometimes fracture, our vendor has advised that this particular car has had them replaced already so there’s no need to worry about that issue raising its head during the winning bidder’s ownership.

Our view

If you are in the market for a two-seater sports car the BMW Z4 Sport Coupe is one of the finest cars in that category you can buy. Add to that the robust and reliable build quality you get with this era of BMW cars and you won’t go wrong.

A well cared for, honest example with so much going for it, this car must not be overlooked.  With the Z4 values going nowhere but upwards, there is no better time to scratch that Z series itch.

Vehicle Location: Devon, EX21 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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m******s £3,500.00 2022-06-16 08:04:59
t****1 £3,000.00 2022-06-15 10:05:49
m******s £2,500.00 2022-06-14 17:36:25
a***********r £2,000.00 2022-06-13 14:51:16
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