2019 Triumph Street Tracker – Hand Built

MODELStreet Tracker Scrambler
COLOURFerrari Red/Pearl White/Black

2019 Triumph Street Tracker – Hand Built

  • Versatility with classic looks
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Featured at the London Bike Shed Show 
  • Professionally built in 2019 
  • Will come with a new MOT
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  • Versatility with classic looks
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Featured at the London Bike Shed Show 
  • Professionally built in 2019 
  • Will come with a new MOT

This is how motorbikes are meant to be.

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Easy to ride in town, motorway or green laneing. A soul-satisfying sound out of a sculptured exhaust. But best of all, this Triumph Street Tracker expertly captures that old-school look & feel combined with modern handling, performance and above all, reliability, all in one affordable package.

There is nothing wrong with enthusiasts pulling together their own ‘specials’. However, there is nothing better than having one professionally built by one of the most respected specialists in the country. It means you get a powerful, reliable, but most of all versatile, bike.

The original British idea of an all-round motorbike is bang-on trend today. All of the manufacturers have successfully played the heritage card now, tapping in to their ‘Heritage Brand’ by delivering factory built old-school styled bikes. They are the biggest selling segment today, but these are mass produced motorbikes. You’ll not pull up next to anyone at your next bike meet who has a unique bike like this.

The spec list on this is never-ending. The attention to quality is incredible you’ll never stop finding beautiful details, but what is it like to ride and own this Street Tracker?

The engine is a classic oil cooled 885cc Triumph twin. The 270-degree firing order gives it a unique sound that has more in common with a V-twin. It has power and most of all, it is torque-rich in every gear. It will cruise comfortably at 90mph on the motorway, and, allegedly, it is good for a read-out of 110mph on the digital speedo. The focus, however, is on that bottom end grunt, with midrange torque that is probably richer than your old nan’s fruit cake.  That is where the fun is.

The larger 38mm Mikunis, with K&N’s mated to a quick throttle action give the Street Tracker a very lively feel. This Street Tracker is pure motorbike. It has none of the nanny-state so-called ‘rider aids’ that take all the enjoyment away. Things like anti-wheelie (who does that anyway!) traction control and a host of other de-engaging pieces of software that few of us use or understand are not fitted. The benefit is, the Street Tracker is as exciting as it is easy to ride.

Blatt along the straight and plan for the sweeping curve coming towards you. Drop down through the sweet gearbox and you’ll hear the loud, crisp bark from those twin pipes on overrun. Ignore that and focus. Get your line right, drop into the corner, get your head-up look, for the exit, twist the throttle. The Street Tracker will thunder out of the bend putting a massive grin all over your face. Before you know it, you’ll be approaching the next bend to do it all over again. Crash down through the box, giggle as the exhaust crackles and barks, set up….you get the picture.

With a frame and swing arm weighing just 12kg the stripped back Street Tracker blends powerful performance with agility and relative light weight. The stylish matte black bars mounted via a one-off billet top yoke to adjustable R6 forks make the steering light and precise. Weaving through traffic is a delight. Once you spot a gap, the lightest of touches has the Street Tracker changing direction, grab a handle of torque and with a crackle from the pipes, that tells everyone you know you’re coming, you’re through.

Twin piggy back shocks on the rear with progressive matching black springs not only look fabulous but mean there are no horrible surprises if you do grab a handful too much. The Street Tracker is safe pair of hands. The rear just stays planted and aligned with the front, delivering a good balance of pace, dexterity and control.

Braking performance is well taken care of. Premium Brembos are fitted all round from the Ducati Monster range which receive their hydraulic oomph from the renowned HEL flexi hoses. On the front, there is a twin wavy disc set which was described to us as being “brilliant”.

There is so much to look at on the Street Tracker, we didn’t know where to start but now we’ve had some time with the bike, we’ll pick out some highlights.

You’ll notice the lack of clumsy wires and electrics. The triangle panel below the seat that usually houses the battery is wonderfully see-through, drawing your eye instead to those mighty K & N’s. The Street Tracker has all the electrics neatly packaged under the seat and tail tidy. A radio frequency device (RFD) which gives you keyless ignition is also housed in there. We wondered where you put the key. In your pocket is the answer. A brilliant touch.

Wheels are sometimes over-looked in a build. The rims on the Street Tracker are hand-built from British stainless steel by a specialist builder in Devon They are then black powder coated. The spokes are stainless steel with brass nickel plated nipples. They not only look the business, but the right rims make a huge difference to performance.

Up front the black levers are fully adjustable and provide a light action from both clutch and brake. The comfy large grips are carefully colour co-ordinated to match the seat and the small tool bag attached to the vertically mounted headlamps. There is a race number board under the bag if you fancy it.

The LED indicators and rear lamp nestling under the tail tidy are a masterstroke in design, almost invisible until you need them, and when you do, they are unmissable.

Then there are those striking high level twin pipes. The serpent-like, stainless steel 2-into-2 pipes curve sinuously along the both sides, giving the Street Tracker a dazzlingly and balanced look. The dinky rears silencers, which can be re-packed, finish the look off magnificently.

Finally, the bike wouldn’t be complete without the stunning Ferrari metallic red and cream paintwork by Roosters Voodoo Paint Shop of Southampton.

Our view

This a really good handling, versatile bike, it goes, it turns, it stops. It’s slim and reasonably light weight, makes it easily manageable and unintimidating. Most people will get both feet flat on the ground at traffic lights. Yet, if you’re up for the odd crazy blast with your pals, the combination of torque, chassis and brakes means it will easily keep pace with machinery costing double or more.

The Street Tracker is fun and playful. This well sorted, professionally built package delivers a flexible combination of manageability, balance and manoeuvrability. There’s also enough poke to get past everything.

It’s an easy going, capable and entertaining bike that definitely looks the part. Its friendly character makes it accessible for lots of riders and lots of different types of riding. It works in an urban area, halving travelling time. It will cope with motorways with ease. It will competently take you safely off the tarmac, but it’s the A and B roads where it’s torque and agility excel. Unfiltered joy.

We think, as an all-round package it’s, hard to beat.

Our vendor, Andrew, spent a huge sum in 2019 to get this superb Street Tracker right.  We have an independent valuation on file for £19,000. Andrew is very realistic about the return he expects. For clarity, it is a country mile from nineteen grand!

He also readily admits the hours of fun he’s had with the Street Tracker are priceless. The good news is that now the initial depreciation has been incurred, these unique, one-off, professionally built specials hold their value enormously well. Grab a bargain and charge off to have some Summer fun. It’ll even come with a brand new MOT!

BUT don’t just take our word for it, see what BikeExif had to say about this very special bike too.

Bike Location: Winchester SO22 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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