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Now for something a little bit different… We are Evoke Classics

Once upon a time there were three boy bears wandering around in a forest of Classic Cars, baffled and bewildered. Then two lady bears, Joanne Lawrance and Sarah Crabtree, came along and they sorted ’em right out…nostalgia isn’t what it used to be is it? But thank goodness the Classic Car business isn’t either.

The boys started, as boys do, tinkering, fixing, working on, and then working in car businesses. They collided, literally, around the late 1990s forming a collision repair business. That has morphed into a group which now employs 50+ people across seven sites in London and the South East, and turns over around £4m per year. Apprenticeships featured a great deal in their youth and still do today, as the group is proud to employ at least six new apprentices every year.

As they look back to those early days, there are stark differences. Back then there was no ‘elf and Safety, the term PC related to the Old Bill and females were invisible in the trade.  

Fast forward a few years and the boys collided again, this time with Jo and Sarah. It was clear early doors, that with Jo’s operational expertise and Sarah’s experience of classic cars that there was a proposal to be chatted over. The reality was, Sarah and Jo said to the boys, “this is how it’s going to be” and hey presto the boys found themselves two new bosses, and Evoke Classics was born.

Evoke Classics is different, we’re not just an auction site or events guide, we’re a place where you can meet old friends, make new ones, chat, share, get advice, read news, buy and sell at auction and via classifieds, find specialist trades, search for events and owners’ clubs. It’s our neighbourhood.

The business is based on a few simple principles #TrustConfidenceValue with some fun along the way too. Alongside that is a culture. A friendly, warm environment led by women that is welcoming and helpful. #NotThe1970s

You’ll meet all of them as customers but become friends. #TrustSarah

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With over 80 years experience in the motor industry you can trust Evoke Classics to sell your classic or offer advice.

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