Looking to join an Owners Club or contact one to get some advice? Look no further, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of UK clubs that can provide invaluable advice about your classic, be it technical specs, hunting down a spare part, joining a car meet or the discounts and benefits that come with membership.

The Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club

The Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club was formed in June 1979 by Hampshire based David Parrott, who owned a Series 111A at the time. The ethos being to promote and preserve the entire surviving marque and from humble beginnings with 22 founding members, the Club has grown in the past 40 or so years. Catering for all Sunbeam Rapiers from 1955 - 1967 when they were known as 'Series' cars (1 - V during the production run) as well as the later models introduced in 1967 and produced until 1976; known as the 'Fastback'. These latter models included variants called [...]

DKW Owners Club GB

The Club is open to all owners and enthusiasts of DKW cars (pre and post war) and motorbikes. A quarterly magazine (Two Stroke) is published and we arrange and attend several car meets during the year. There is also an annual BBQ. We can provide technical advice and advise on where to get parts as well as help with the registration of vehicles. In addition, there are close links with DKW Clubs in other countries and we attend the annual International Meetings (this year to be held in Austria from 7-10th July).

British Salmson Owners Club

The British Salmson Owners Club (BSOC) caters for British Salmson cars, of which 300 were produced between 1934 and 1939, and French Salmsons. The Club was formed in the 1950s and has a wealth of technical information and a comprehensive selection of spares to help keep the cars on the road. A quality quarterly magazine running to 40 pages is published. Annual meetings are held in May where the emphasis is on driving the cars. In addition we aim to meet at events such as Prescott Hill Climb. British Salmson Aero Engines Ltd was established at Raynes Park, London [...]

Scootacar Register

The Scootacar was a British three wheeled microcar built in Leeds by Scootacars Ltd a division of the railway locomotive builder, the Hunslet Engine Company between 1957 and 1965. The shape of the car was designed by Henry Brown who did it by sitting on a Villiers engine and then having an assistant draw an outline around him! The body was built in glass fibre and was very tall for its size being 60 in (1524 mm) high, 87 in (2210 mm) long and only 52 in (1321 mm) wide. It was nicknamed "the telephone booth". Back in 1960 [...]

World Wide TR7 TR8 Owners Club

World Wide TR7 TR8 Owners Club Given the ever decreasing numbers of the TR7 TR8, the club was started in 1999 with a view to maintaining contact between members across the internet. Given that actual driving distances between owners are now growing to unpractical distances for a casual get together on an evening, the internet seemed the best solution. Particularly in the USA and Canada where 95% of these cars were sold! We have information on almost everything to do with the TR7 & TR8 from early factory and rally TR7V8 documents to how to fix almost anything! We [...]

Moto Rumi Club

The Moto Rumi Club - A one marque club of Moto Rumi scooters and motorcycles. The Rumi is a 125cc twin cylinder two stroke. We attend 5 or 6 classic vehicle events during the all over the UK. The Moto Rumi is considered to be the scooter for the connoisseur. For more information drop us an email or check out the website

Matching Green Classic & Sports Car Club

The Matching Green Classic and Sports Car Club was formed twenty-five years ago by a very small number of local car enthusiasts and has grown steadily to its present membership of around ninety members. We are a social club with members having a common interest in classic and sports cars and we meet on the first Sunday in each month at The Fox public house in Matching Tye for refreshments and to catch up with club news. There is one exception to this routine and that is the first Sunday in July when our annual car show takes place [...]

Fiat Register

The Fiat Register caters for owners of all Fiats and OM's built and registered before 1940, and post 1940 Topolino's up to about 1958. The Register publishes an irregular Bulletin and exists to assist members with keeping their cars on the road and supporting social and lightly competitive events. From time to time events are organised; some of a gently competitive nature and some of a purely social nature. The Register can frequently provide information of a technical nature and assist with the location of spares.  It also assists by introducing members of similar cars to each other for [...]

The Interesting Car Club

The Interesting Car Club has been running for seven years, now have over 150 members. First set up and run by two loads, both enthusiasts. We are based in central Brittany France and we meet on the last Sunday of every month in the small village of Gouarec . We are very relaxed regarding who can join, some of our members don’t even have a classic or Interesting car, they join for the social side of the club. We are now very well integrated with the other french clubs and everybody knows me as it’s very unusual to have [...]

Boston Classic Car Club

BOSTON CLASSIC CAR CLUB A BRIEF HISTORY Back in 1981 Boston man John Simpson bought a 1966 Sunbeam Alpine which was ripe for restoration. He joined the Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club shortly afterwards, which was a well-established club in the UK, as well as the Boston Motorcycle and Light Car Club. However, it soon became clear that there was little activity from the SAOC around the Boston area which became a source of frustration for John. So he met up with fellow classic car enthusiasts in the area and together they organised a classic car show within the Boston [...]

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