Welcome to Evoke Classics

Hi, I’m glad you found me, I guess you were wondering what I’ve been up to since leaving ‘Bangers & Cash’?

Well, more than two years have passed since I left the show and let me tell you. I’ve been a busy lass!

I’m pleased to say that I’m still working in the classic auction industry and am thrilled to be part of the team at Evoke Classics, we’re an online auction company and hub for classic enthusiasts.

My role as Sales Director means I get to speak to friendly folk every day about classics. Perfect!

You can read all about the team at Evoke Classics and what we do HERE

There’s lots of information about me on the internet, but what can I say….. don’t believe everything you read….. so let’s set the record straight!

  • Is Sarah Crabtree a cast member of Bangers and Cash – No, I wasn’t a “cast member” – it was a fly on the wall series about Mathewson’s auction house and they filmed me going about my every day work as Office Manager
  • Is Sarah Crabtree married to Derek Mathewson – No, I’m not and never was married to any of the Mathewson family!
  • Why did Sarah Crabtree leave Bangers and Cash – I wasn’t fired or made redundant, let’s just say that my time at Mathewson’s had simply run it’s course
  • Is Sarah Crabtree rich from TV fees – I wish, but if anyone finds a cheque with my name on it, please send it on
  • How old is Sarah Crabtree – I’m definitely not in my mid 30s, although I’m happy to keep that myth going!
  • Does Sarah Crabtree own a classic car – Yes! Ivan my lovely Russet Brown 1980 Morris Ital 1.3HL – you can watch more about him on my YouTube channel

Hopefully that’s put paid to some of the rumours and the “Fake News” out there!

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love Crabbers x