Daimler Double Six LWB Majestic 1996

YEAR: 1996
ENGINE: 6.0 litre V12


The XJ model was revealed to the public at the prestigious Paris Motor Show in 1994. The “New Series XJ” was the culmination of an over £200m investment programme by the Company introducing amongst other things, Nissan built robots to the production line. The investment was intended to eliminate niggling production issues that had irritatingly dogged previous Jaguar & Daimler models.

The result was an instant & overwhelming success with the public and motoring press alike. With its build quality and reliability setting class-leading levels of comfort & performance the silky-smooth V12 was capable of powering this grandest of Grand Tourers to 155mph epitomising modern luxury motoring.

It is a testament to those designers and technicians who hand stitched the super soft Parchment Leather interior that in 2018 this car feels as exquisite now as when it first left the factory.

The manufacturer attached the Daimler badge to those vehicles with the very highest levels of equipment & trim. Never becoming complacent Daimler produced a limited run of Majestic models which are as much sought after today as they were then. The Majestic model can only be identified by the “M” of 7th digit of the chassis number. Daimler’s objective of limited production run was intended to retain exclusivity for a very select group of purchasers such as the Queen.

That particular royal vehicle came to market in July 2017 and sold for £44,000.

Up until the mid-ninties reliable sources report that the archives at Jaguar & Daimler’s Heritage Centre were still written by hand. The manufacture is coy about releasing exact figures for the limited Majestic production run, but a recent painstaking investigation of the archives by Jaguar enthusiasts reveal just 268 Majestic were built in total. With 141 of them being legendary Double Sixes. Inquiries with DVLA disclosed that just 56 remain of which 43 are taxed and 13 remain on SORN.

In keeping with Daimler’s desire to only release these vehicle to a very select & exclusive clientele base the Heritage Certificate of this Majestic confirms it left the factory in right hand drive form on 23 January 1996 to Jaguar Japan Ltd in Tokyo where it was believed to have been delivered to a member of the Japanese Royal Family.

It is most unlikely the car wanted for anything during that period of ownership this is supported with the Majestic visual condition and performance on the road. It drives superbly. The thick document pack that accompanies the vehicle has a number of invoices from recent careful ownership along with MOT’s going back a number of years. The all important Heritage Certificate adding that vital level of credibility to a wonderful classic car.

Daimler Double Sixes in this marvellous condition are becoming increasingly hard to come by and in recent years with the astronomical rise in E-type prices buyers have sought value in other quality models forcing prices to rise.

However, with less than 50 left available genuine Majestic’s simply do not come to market.

This is a very rare and exclusive opportunity to own and experience a very unique classic car which is truly in a class all of its own – just as Daimler intended.

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