Daimler Sp250 (Dart) 1960

YEAR: 1960
BODY STYLE: Roadster
MILEAGE: 7,700



This Dart is a remarkable two owner car. The vehicle file shows much money recently spent including both mechanical and body. The car spent ten years in the Tuscanny sunshine as part of small Italian collection. Complete with Heritage Certificate in stunning condition it is ready to go.


The Dart was sold new by Spink Motors, Daimler House, Poole Road, Bournemouth on 2 May 1960 to Mr N Alsop. We’re guessing Mr Alsop loved that car. He kept it until 2009! Via a classic car specialist in London it them passed to Mr Aldo Salvade who kept a small classic car collection in Italy. The Dart spent ten years in the Tuscanny sunshine before returning to the UK in 2018. 

The very first thing Mr Salvade did was to purchase and fit a set of chrome wire wheels & fittings from SC in the UK. Additionally, there is good evidence from inspecting the car and the file that whilst in Italy the car had comprehensive engine overhaul. There are formal letters on file which confirm a new clutch assembly and gearbox overhaul were carried out alongside ancillaries such as a water pump and brake pads. Sadly the Italian sunshine wasn’t kind to the original 1960’s paintwork. Our multi-award winning bodyshop has dealt with that problem, with a full doors off, screen off strip down, re-prime and re-paint. MOT’s date back to the 1990’s confirming around 7,000miles from 1999-2019. We’ll leave you to do the sums.


The paint work is as new. Any minor imperfections on the glass fibre or gel coat have been thoroughly and professionally rectified, with a detailed story book image of the various stages for any prospective customer to view and keep on purchase. An image supporting this of over £5k is included in the extensive documents pack.  In some areas the chrome work was aged. During the process of stripping the car we decided to re-chome all the brightwork. That all now compliments the fabulous paint finish. The hood is in great condition having replaced any failed poppers on the vehicle and on the hood itself. It comes with a tonneau cover in good condition and an all important hard top which we have overhauled in line with the rest of the vehicle.


The interior is in remarkable condition, free from rips, tears, scuffs or signs of wear. It’s hard to imagine it is the original ‘60’s interior, but it could well be judging by the nature of it. The dash, switches, and steering wheel are all in very good condition. There is nothing to do here other than enjoy it.

Engine, transmission and chassis

As we mention in the history above the engine and gearbox are in fine fettle. The engine fires first and settles well, idling cleanly. When you blip the throttle that V8 just comes alive! On the road, the car drives very well with that evocative V8 sound. The chassis is the item everyone worries about on the Darts. There are two things to mention here. We would not have commissioned a very comprehensive body repaint without first checking everything was fine. The second point is the MOT history. We have paper files going back to the ‘90’s but for your own peace of mind you can refer to the DVLA’s on-line records going 15years. There is not one mention or advisory on the chassis.

Wheels, tyres and brakes.

We have been underneath the car and all the above look sound. There is an advisory on slight play in the steering box. The advisory is not noticeable on the road and some wear and tear is to be expected of a 59 year old car. The wheels and fitments as referred to above are new and covered very little miles. They look cracking. You’ll not need to spend any money on tyres for some time either. Just drive and enjoy.

Additional information.

There is very little we can add to the above other than to say this is just a very, very nice Dart which has no issues with the issues, has well sorted engine and transmission and full refresh on the body which restores this iconic British sports car to his former glory.


The rarity and desire of the Dart’s have, in recent years caused a small explosion in prices. We are noting some well in excess of £50,000. We think that price spike is over hyped. We also think it is get rich quick investors pushing those prices up, not real owners of real cars. We don’t believe pushing cars beyond the value of real enthusiasts like you and us is right or proper. On that basis, we’ve priced this lovely Dart at what we think is a realistic price based on the time and resources we’ve spent to bring it back to a very nice condition. Is it concours? We’re not even sure what that means! Is it capable of winning some trophies, very probably. On that basis we’ve price the car at £29,995.

Thank you for looking. We’d be very happy to supply any more information anyone would like or answer any questions. Just let us know.

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