Ford Capri 3.0 S

YEAR: 1980
ENGINE: 3000
MILEAGE: 65,000


Considered by many to be the best Capri ever produced, this stunning black on black 3.0S is arguably one of the best remaining examples of its type. In award winning condition this car has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. With 2.8i Capris reaching over-heated prices of over £50,000 these very rare 3.0s models are becoming sought after by collectors and investors. However, we think classic cars should be owned and driven by enthusiasts for the sheer joy of driving. And this drives brilliantly. We guarantee this car will put a grin on your face.


Decoding the VIN number tells us this 3.0S was built in the Cologne plant in June 1981 and registered in July 1981. Bearing in mind the registration plate back then changed in August, no sensible owner purchased a car in July. We can only speculate that the first owner may have been a Ford Dealer itself. A car of this stature would have been used by someone very senior in that Dealership.

Either way, that makes this car one of the very last 3.0’s produced, as the 2.8 injection was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in the same year and 3.0 production wound down. That makes them even more sought after today. 

This particular 3.0S looks to have led a very pampered life. The previous owner, who lived in Essex (where else) stated “I've owned the car for 9 years most of which time it has been stored in a dehumidified garage”. There is no question the condition backs that up.

We can see from the MOT history the car covered just 998 miles in his 11 year ownership. The MOT station of Capel Station Garage carried out all tests during his ownership. There are some documents indicating the Capri was SORN’d for a period too.

Prior to that we can see an owner from Grays (Essex again) owned the car from 1994. This clearly isn’t a car that has been handed around. During that 17-year period the owner covered less than 500 miles per year. This is evidenced by MOT’s, again mostly this time, from the same MOT testing station in Grays, ‘Lancaster Grays’, which we think was a Mercedes Main Dealer back then.


The images speak volumes, it is fabulous. But please don’t take our word for it, we’d invite any inspection you would like. As you’d expect from any car that was produced 40 years ago, it has a had light refresh, who of us hasn’t! But it wears the refresh extremely well, and unless you are a rather over fastidious anorak, you’d be hard pushed evidence of the light makeover. We see a huge number of cars that have been ‘splashed and dashed’, this is not one of them. In any event, we avoid them like the coronavirus and we’d strongly advise any of our customers to do the same. Via regular maintenance, owners have waxoyled the car at various intervals this has contributed to its stunning condition today.


The inside of the car is pristine and original. The Recaro half leather ‘fishnets’ are perfect. The ‘Carla’ black check cloth needs no attention. No rips, splits or tears. The back seat has seen very little action of any sort. It boasts the original RS steering wheel in great condition. No cracks or splits in the black dash. Even the parcel shelf is in good condition, without the horrors of some gross speaker holes badly cut. The previous owner fitted some discrete and seemingly expensive speakers in a purpose built mount carefully tucked away behind the rear seats, they stay with the car. Bonus!

Engine and Transmission.

This is of course the heart of the 3.0s, that 136bhp Essex V6. In line with the careful ownership the previous owner/s have spent money and it is money well spent in our view. Maintenance items in 2020 alone include a new radiator, hoses and viscous fan. Invoices for rocker cover gaskets are in the document pack, we assume the tappets have been attended to, as have plugs points and condenser.


Further invoices in June show new brake pad kits. There is an invoice from the respected Capri Club for £180, but its all in part numbers so we’ve no idea what that was! Additionally, we can see new engine core plugs were in March 2020. They clearly loved this car. Because of all that care and attention, the engine starts first time, settles quickly but most of all drives beautifully. The noise, the feel, the power, instantly takes you back and you will grin, a lot.

Wheels and tyres and suspension.

We feel like we are banging-on about just how much this car has been looked after, but it is evidenced, literally everywhere you look. In June 2020 it had four new Toyo 185/60HR 13 tyres fitted. Since then its probably done about 20miles and 15 of them have been by us! Those marvellous looking period wheels purchased, according to the invoices, in 2016 look like they’ve just been fitted. A period mod that at the time was the fitting of a top brace with 2.8i front suspension struts. This compliments the powerful V6 wonderfully. Added to that are some modern polybushes on the suspension. The whole package works and the car drives brilliantly.

Vented brake discs and uprated callipers with aeroquip hoses help bring the 3.0S to a safe stop when you need it. On top of all that is a K&N with twin Janspeed exhaust. From the moment you start this car and blip the throttle, to spinning it down the road, the sound track just becomes addictive. We could go on. It’s best you just drive this car for yourself.

Additional info

This gorgeous 3.0S has been cared for and loved. It is one of those cars that is just ‘right’. It just is. Appearances of 3.0s models are rare. Cars in this condition are rarer still. Relying on data from the DVLA, the well-respected data website ‘How Many Left’ indicate there are just 29 of these 3.0’s registered today. It shows 12 are ‘on the road’ in who knows what kind of condition and another 17 are shown as SORN’d. We don’t expect this one to hang around.

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