MG B GT 1980

YEAR: 1980
ENGINE: 1798
MILEAGE: 5,741


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The history file is impeccable. There are original signed letters of correspondence from each owner on file.

1980 - 1999

Following the death of her husband, Mrs Easton purchased this MGB, new, from ROCAR, an MGB Dealer in Rotherham. The original Sales invoice is included, along with the precious Ziebart Guarantee (Document No. 440786 /Z10). Later that same year, the car having around 1,600 miles, Mrs Easton put the car in to storage. It remained there until 1999.

1999 - 2014

Mrs Easton’s son, Paul Easton inherited the MGB when Mrs Easton sadly passed. Paul Easton placed the car in storage until 2002. Mr Easton decided to use the car in 2002. An MOT on file records the mileage on 15 July 2002 as 1,692. Mr Easton confirms the car had the Ziebart Protection re-applied that year along with a modern CD Player. (It probably needs WiFi now!) Mr Easton goes on to confirm he used the car sparsely “in the Summer of 2002 and returned it to storage the same year”. The mileage was recorded as 2064. There it stayed until Feb 2014. MOT records confirm an MOT was passed in 13 Feb 2002.

2014 – 2016

Mr Owen of Crewe Green, Shrewsbury became the next lucky owner. Mr Owen clearly saw the value of this wonderful car. His letter on file backed up with invoices, confirms he had the following carried out;

5 x new tyres

New brake discs & pads

New wheel cylinders

New master cylinder

New radiator & hoses

New engine, gearbox and rear axle oil

Full service.

An MOT Test dated 20 July 2015 records the mileage at 4642

2016 - 2018

Mr Maxwel acquired the MGB in June 2016. He again placed the car in to storage (a pattern emerging here!) In his signed letter on file he confirms, “I have driven some 1,000 miles in 2 yrs. I live mainly abroad. It has been kept in my heated, de-humidified garage". Mr Maxwell sold the car to us at Evoke Classics in May 2018.


We have simply checked it over, road tested it and cleaned it. It needed no more!

It is ready to be driven, loved and for the lucky owner to enjoy the next phase of an amazing life.


Stunning, simply stunning. The white coachwork is excellent, shows no signs whatsoever, any of rust, detoriation or restoration work. All original. The brighwork is terrific. Glass is all original. Bumpers, lights are all perfect.


The interior is in the now very rare “deck chair” pattern, which in charcoal and light grey sets off the exterior very well. A good choice by the original owner. It is all in pristine condition. The dash, switch gear, steering wheel are all like new, even the gear knob. The carpets are all good, no signs or wear, tear, or damage. All very original.


The engine & transmission are a dream. Both are dry and function perfectly, including the overdrive. It fires first time, with some choke, settles quickly and runs very well. Other than it being like new, we can’t think of anything further to say. If the new owner was minded, they may want to polish the engine bay and ancilliaries to within an inch of their polishable life, their choice! If you test drive this car, you will be amazed at how good it is.


The wheels are lovely, period originals, unmarked, no kerb damage and rust free. Tyres are all new. Brakes are all new. Suspension is fine. A fresh MOT confirms all the above.


There are separate invoices on file for numerous perishable or serviceable items purchased and fitted in 2014. They amount to a few hundred quid. Other documents include original handbooks, along with Rover Triumph SuperCover Warranty, as well as AA Membership and a Members Key to the AA Phone Box! Do they still exist? ! They are all lovely period touches that just add to the car.


Everyone asks, so we take a novel approach and transparently share our thoughts with our lovely customers.

Good MG’s are rising in value. That’s clear. They are still all under-valued in our view.

Poor condition cars

MGBs can be bought for as little as £1,500, even less sometimes. In our opinion, these are to be avoided.

Average condition cars

MGB’s in average condition needing some money spent have a wide price spectrum, between £5,000 - £7,000. In the main, if bought carefully, there are some bargains here. But there are also some unscrupulous sellers who have bodged cars to within an inch of their lives and pass them off in this category. Not good. Just be aware.

Good condition cars

MGB’s in good condition have a price range of £8,000 - £11,000. 

Excellent/borderline concours cars

Outstanding cars like this backed up with good provenance are selling well over & above £11,000 but still appear to have a ceiling around £15-18,000.

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