1966 Peugeot 204 *Restoration Project*

LOCATIONHockley, Essex SS5

1966 Peugeot 204 *Restoration Project*

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  • Rare Turismo model
  • Many years in dry storage
  • Now being sold as running project
  • Thought to be the only 204 in the UK right now
  • From a small collection
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  • Rare Turismo model
  • Many years in dry storage
  • Now being sold as running project
  • Thought to be the only 204 in the UK right now
  • From a small collection

Back in 1966, Motor Sport magazine decreed that the Peugeot was ‘one of the most significant small cars of the 1960s’.

The 204 wasn’t an extension of an existing model, it was an entirely new car for Peugeot. The 204 would go on to become the most popular car in France in the late 1960s.

The Peugeot 204 was well made – this one must be proof of that pudding. The all-new 204 featured new independent suspension and front disc brakes as well as an all-synchro four-speed manual gearbox. It caught on like wildfire. Now vanishingly scarce, this is a very rare, first year of production, February 1966 Peugeot 204 Turismo Saloon. We understand there is not another 1966 204 registered for road use here in the UK. This is one of one.


Part of The Hockley Collection. We are pleased to have this and several other classics on our platform. The collection is an eclectic mix of classic cars and bikes. Graham our vendor  tells us he “only buys stuff he likes”. Most of them have been stored for a number of years (see pics). It is time for a scale down, more likely than not to make space for some others

Registered new in Tenerife, it was owned by the same family with the father passing it down to his son. The son moved in the 1980s to Northern Spain. It remained there, in use, until 1990. The Peugeot 204 was then put in the garage you can see in the pictures and that is where it stayed until our vendor acquired the 204.


From the photos in the Gallery the body looks to be in fairly solid shape. We can’t see any major horrors and our vendor advises us that no replacement panels are required. There are plenty of small wear and tear and age-related marks. The condition of Peugeot will be very familiar to anyone who has holidayed abroad, as it seems to be the style of many of the classic cars based in Mediterranean countries.

The very early Peugeot 204 saloons like this one, had a split rear bumper with the number plate set between the two sections, a flat rear panel and small oval taillights. All these original features are there, making this 204 a purist’s delight.


Issigonis displayed genius by putting 4-cylinder engines transversely across front-wheel-drive cars, but Peugeot have perfected this theme.

Under the bonnet there is a nicely finished OHC alloy-head unit with its Solex 32PBISA carburettor.

Back in the day, ‘Motor Sport’ test drove a Peugeot 204; “The suppleness of the 204’s coil-spring all-independent suspension is almost on a par with that of Renault 4s and Citroen Ami 6s. This gives a very comfortable ride, in conjunction with front-wheel-drive and the gripping power of Michelin “X” (135 x 14) tyres, enables fast cornering to be indulged in by the strong-in-heart who are undaunted by the considerable roll angles and tyre noise then encountered. The Peugeot’s accurate rack-and-pinion steering has a very reassuring feel, with very little lost motion, which contributes to the excellent handleability of the car and the wheel gives good finger-grip”.

The engine has been started and run, albeit using a separate fuel system. The Peugeot has been dry stored for some time, as always it would be sensible to check all the perishable items before embarking on any real use on the road.

Additional info.

Our vendor tells us this about this Peugeot 204:

“Now a great restoration project, one that we have had running off a separate fuel system, so we know that the motor is good. It’s body, while not being totally corrosion free, is very solid with various bumps and dinks it has picked up over its years of use, all of which will repair easily with no new panels required.

The interior has survived incredibly well, and it really does need no more than a wipe off, just one seam on the very edge of the driver’s seat base has split on the stitching for about 4 inches, with the corresponding damage to the beading. Otherwise, it is like a time warp in there and painfully original. Even the roof lining is in great shape.

All its glass, exterior lighting, electrics are there and in good order, but the outer body mouldings require some help, or just removing entirely as the boot lid one is missing.

Being offered as it is and definitely for restoration, not on the road or ready to go, but with UK age related registration. An excellent and easy project that’s well worth the time and effort”.


It is being sold as a “Project”. But the term ‘project’ does not mean basket case.

Recommissioning and safety checks aside, this could be back on the road relatively quickly. The simplicity of the Peugeot 204 was its enduring success; the same platform went on to launch numerous models for the French car make.

Outside and inside, we’d leave as is, to be honest. If you were minded you could restore the 204 to within an inch of its life, but in some ways wouldn’t that diminish the purity and gallic charm? We’re torn. It is an enviable problem to have for the new owner.

Either way they will be the proud owner of ground-breaking classic at super value that is literally one of one in the UK.


All the classics in the Hockley Collection start and run. However, as always after a classic has rested up for a period, there will be an element of restoration and recommissioning involved to the Peugeot 204 before returning properly and safely to the roads.

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Vehicle Location: Hockley, Essex SS5– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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