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Goodwood Revival, Gaydon and Beaulieu

Today marks the first day of Goodwood Revival weekend. I’m thrilled to be attending such a renowned event, and of course I’ll be dressing-up in period attire to support the Revivals celebration of a less disposable era, where ‘make do and mend’ was a way of life. Come and say hi if you're making your way there. Where else I'll be this weekend Goodwood is a long way from Yorkshire, so while I’ve got my passport out I’m going to head over to the National Motor Museum, New Forest at Beaulieu on Saturday for a good old gander. Next, I'm [...]

Thirty under 30 and an IOW extravaganza

It’s great to see so many entries rolling in for our Evoke Classics 2023 Calendar. If you haven’t submitted your photo yet, don’t worry, you have until the 30th September. We will be choosing eleven winners, so if you think your classic is cool enough to feature, go grab your camera and get snapping! But first, please contact us at team@evoke-classics.com so that we can send you some information and our terms for entry. Thirty under 30 at the Concours of Elegance The Concours of Elegance takes place at Hampton Court Palace this weekend and I’m thrilled to see [...]

Evoke 2023 Calendar, Meet Connor and Ivan, Mercs & More

Wowsers! We’ve had a great response regarding our 2023 Evoke Classics calendar. The closing date is September 30th, so if you think that your classic is cool enough to feature, there’s plenty of time to submit your entry, just contact us at team@evoke-classics to request more information and T’s & C Meet Connor & Ivan at Gilks Garage and Cafe this Weekend The Ital is getting a run out this weekend as I’m heading over to Gilks Café in Kineton, Warwickshire on Sunday where a young chap by the name of Connor is holding a classic car meet. There’s [...]

Boston Show 2022 and a callout for entries into our 2023 Evoke Calendar

It’s going to be a grand weekend weather wise, so I hope you’ve got something exciting planned. I’m heading down country on Sunday 14th August to the Boston Classic Car Show, Lincolnshire. I enjoyed it so much last year that I literally nattered them silly to have me back! We need you! Evoke's 2023 Calendar We love it when you get involved in stuff that we do, so I'm excited to tell you about our 2023 Evoke Classics Calendar. We were always going to produce one, we just weren’t sure what we were going to put on it (not everyone [...]

Proud Mother Alert and Lancaster Bright Young Sparks

Proud mother alert...!! Last weekend my daughter, Lily, attended her first classic car event without me. And she had a ball! Yep, I left Ivan the Ital in her more than capable hands and off she pootled to the Festival of the Unexceptional to revel in the wonderful sights of blandly coloured classics. Her report on the day later that evening was a joy to listen to, her voice full of enthusiasm as she chatted about the people she’d met, the cars she’d seen, which ones were her favourite, how well the Ital had performed, friends that she had [...]

Festival of the Unexceptional and Sporting Bears update

It may have been extremely wet at CarFest North last weekend, but that certainly didn’t dampen the Sporting Bears spirits. We had a great time providing Dream Rides for all ages plus we raised a whopping £28,000 in the process. Win, win! Festival of the Unexceptional As you may know, I’m a huge fan of the underdogs of the classic world and proudly fly the flag for British Leyland. If you prefer something a bit bland, mundane and rather ordinary then this weekend’s Festival of the Unexceptional will be right up your street! Saturday 30th July will see a [...]

Old Ford Rally, a collection of Capris and Rootes Heritage

If you’re a fan of Blue Ovals, then you really need to get yourself to Gaydon this weekend for the Old Ford Rally! The British Motor Museum is hosting the rally which promises to feature a plethora of pre-1995 Fords, with Anglias, Escorts and Cortinas sure to be in abundance. The star of the weekend though will be the mighty Capri. I’ll be joining my pals on the Capri 280 Group stand as they celebrate the model's 35th year, they aim to have the largest gathering of 280’s since production ended in 1987 Rootes Heritage Day Taking place alongside the Old [...]

400 trouble free miles in Ivan, Blast from the Past

Well, the old Ital managed a round trip of over 400 miles last weekend with no dramas! We had such a fab time with the Morris Marina Owners Club, they really are a great crowd and it was super to see so many Marinas and Itals together. A Blast From The Past This weekend I’ll be in my ‘happy place’, Scotland! You just can’t beat being North of the border…add a car show into the mix and, YIPEE, I’m going to be like a pig in mud. The Blast from the Past at Thainstone, Inverurie on Saturday 9th July [...]

Breaking Records, and a more sedate rally in Ivan the Ital!

Wowsers, did you see Max Chilton break the Goodwood Hill record last weekend in his McMurtry Spéirling fan car? He left the start line in a flash and achieved a time of 39.08 seconds. What a machine, and what a driver! Take 39.08 second out of your day to watch the run.. Marina and Ital Register Nation Rally It’s the Morris Marina Owners Club & Ital Register National Rally this weekend and I can safely say that I will be breaking no land speed records in Ivan as we tootle around Derbyshire! Saturday's run will take us from Denstone, [...]

Charity Ride, YMSF and Capri Wonderland

It never ceases to amaze me just how generous humans can be. I don’t mean in the monetary sense, I’m talking about their generosity with time, precious time which they are happy to spend raising awareness of charities and organisations that need a little bit of a boost. My pal and fellow classic car enthusiast Charlie is one such lovely human. Monday 27th June will see her set-off in her late Grandfathers 61 year old MGA Roadster, Frisky, on an epic challenge to cover 2,000 miles in 48 hours. With her Dad as co-driver, they aim to reach the [...]


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