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Austin Maxi 1969 – 1981

The Austin Maxi is often unfairly maligned classic car, very unfairly we think. #Slanderous. The marvellous Maxi introduced a series of pioneering firsts that have lasted to this day. The classic Austin Maxi also signalled the end of one era of classic British motor car production and the start of another. For these alone it should be very highly regarded. Maybe even put on a pedestal. History The Austin Maxi began development in the mid 60’s at a time when the British Motor Company (BMC) found itself at a crossroads (not the TV series). BMC’s small cars, such as the [...]

Classic Alfa Romeo Spider S1-4 1966 -1994

Anyone looking to buy a classic Alfa Romeo Spider wants the passion, flair, style and, of course, the drop-dead gorgeous drop head. Oh, and it’s a proper Italian sports car. Classic Alfa Romeo Spiders comes in four flavours, Series 1, 2, 3 & 4, let's check them out. Classic Alfa Romeo Spider S1 The Alfa Romeo Spider S1 (1966 – 69) was launched to a mixed reception at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. We’ve no idea why some critics criticised it. The Spider was brilliant then and in our view it has improved with the passage of time. [...]

Classic VW Camper Van 1967 – 1979

We don’t need to tell you how cool a classic VW camper van is. Even a trip to the petrol station is an event, everywhere you go you will be greeted by smiling faces, nods and looks of admiration. The biggest question is, which one to buy.  The interweb is awash with an array of guides, reviews, overviews, opinion and goodness knows what else. If you read them all, you wouldn’t know whether you’re coming, going or even been.  The huge popularity has spawned so many variations of buses, then add to that the fact that VW turned out so many of them, you’re left with a [...]

Fiat Barchetta Two Seater Convertible 1995 – 2005

Little Boat What is a Fiat Barchetta? Translated, Barchetta means ‘little boat’, which fits this cute convertible beautifully. But is ownership all plain sailing? Production on the Fiat Barchetta ran from 1995 to 2005 and, although they were only ever made in left-hand drive, it was popular car from the get-go. A Fiat Barchetta is a very attractive roadster that's much more practical than many of its competitors. Fiat Barchetta Styling The styling cues are typically Italian and simply brilliant. The flush-fit door handles complement those beautiful sweeping side curves. At the rear the lights are cleverly recessed into [...]

Honda Cub C50/70/90 1958 onwards

In 1963 Honda’s marketing slogan for the Cub was, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”. If you buy one, will you? Full disclosure before we go on. We do love anything mechanical and old, but the Honda C series has a special place in our hearts. Our earliest memories of the Honda are ragging one about off-road, having chopped the frame, turned the exhaust pipe into a sawn-off shotgun and replacing the long-abandoned air filter with a pair our mum’s tights over the end of the carb! Happy days, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, is [...]

Jaguar Mk2 1959 – 1969

The 1960s classic Jaguar Mk2 not only defined an era of British classic cars, but when it was launched it broke the mould by creating its very own class of classic cars, the sports saloon. Therefore, Sir William Lyons, Head of Jaguar Cars at the time, was 60 years ahead of "hands, face and space' when he craftily coined the slogan, “grace, pace and space”. This means that Lyons was clearly an early example of what we now call an ‘influencer’ and he certainly nailed it with the Jaguar Mk2.    As a result, no other classic car came close at the time or has since, in our view. It is no surprise it is [...]

Jaguar XK8 / XKR 1996-2006 Coupe and Convertible

The Jaguar XK8 / XKR is performance, panache, and presence all in a superb British classic sports car capable of 155mph. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want one? The Jaguar XK8 was the successor to the XJS, not a massively hard act to follow, but its spiritual home is the E-type. It’s not hard to see why. Just to prove a point Jaguar launched the XK8 at the Geneva Motor Show exactly 35 years after launching the Jaguar E-type. In the 1990’s Jaguar found themselves at a crossroads. Resources had been tight for a while and a [...]

Lotus Eclat 1975 – 1982

A light glass fibre body, a Lotus race tuned engine combined with advanced running gear make the Lotus Eclat a very desirable classic sports car.  Lotus built the Eclat with one thought in mind; to take Lotus into the mainstream and away from its ‘kit car’ image. It succeeded. Built between 1975 – 1982 the Lotus Eclat heralded a new era for Lotus. Its brilliant design fitted the period perfectly and still looks cracking today. A quintessential British sports car but with the added bonus of a +2.  The build was typically Lotus. Place a glass fibre body on rigid steel chassis, add a sweet [...]

Mercedes SL Classic (R107) 1971-1989

Super-car looks combined with old-skool Mercedes engineering makes the Mercedes SL classic one of the most attractive and practical classic car roadsters you will ever own. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more bomb proof classic than a Mercedes SL that was built when the German company was run by engineers, not suits counting beans. Of all the classic cars in the UK we get asked about for buying advice, the Mercedes SL classic (R107) is one of the most popular classics. First things first. We’ll refer to it as an SL. Jargon terms like Mercedes ‘R107’ are [...]

MGB Roadster and MGB GT 1962-1980

So, you’re pondering buying a classic MGB Roadster or GT. In our view that is a great shout. The B is the quintessential classic British sports car. It’s robust, easy to live with and a car you can use every day. Oh, we almost forgot, it’s probably the second-best bit of fun you can have with your clothes on. Classic MGB, History in the Making The British Motor Corporation (BMC) – what a great name - needed a replacement for the very popular MGA. Development on the MGB started in the late 50s. In 1962 the sleek, two-seater MGB [...]


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