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Interested in knowing more about a classic or looking to buy one and not sure what to look out for?  Check out our Buyers Guides for information and top tips

Mini Cooper Classic and Mini Cooper S 1961-1971

Alex Issigonis' created the Mini. John Cooper, racing car driver, producer of Formula One racing cars and good friend of Issigonis, created the best ever Mini; the Mini Cooper classic.   Mini Cooper Classic The classic Mini was already a brilliant car and a brilliant success. John Cooper in partnership with BMC worked an alchemy on the Mini Cooper classic that has probably never been repeated. Without making the original Mini unrecognisable he transformed the classic Mini into a multi award winning sports car that was still accessible to people like us.  On the basis that if ain’t broke don’t fix it, the bodywork he left pretty much untouched aside from some minor tweaks to things [...]

Morris Minor 1948 – 1971

A Morris Minor is a smile-inducing slice of nostalgia that is beautifully simplistic and simply beautiful. It stands the test of time and is now an utterly charming classic car to own and use everyday.  Design The utilitarian-like Morris Minor was designed by the genius Sir Alec Issigonis. It started life around 1941 and was finally launched at the first post war British Motor Show in 1948. Developed in a period of war time and launched in a period of post war austerity the Minor had a troubled conception and birth. That fascinating story is very worthy of a separate [...]

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud S1, S2 and S3 1955-1966

If you asked someone to draw you a Rolls Royce, they’d produce a sketch of a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.  The Cloud was the last in a line of traditionally built and unmistakably styled Rolls Royce’s. Will you be on cloud nine if you buy one? Oh yes... Tonnes of class, tonnes of style, tonnes of car and at the moment tonnes of value. The production of the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud ran for eleven years and although in some respects not much altered in that time, they came in three flavours – the Rolls Royce S1, S2 and S3.   Rolls Royce Silver Cloud S1 After nearly half a decade in [...]

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I & II 1965 – 1980

They say you cannot buy class. We disagree. Just buy a classic Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. They are pure class.  When the classic Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was launched in 1965, it had been 10 years in development, but was probably 30 years ahead of the game. That is definitely one of the many reasons today they make such a great classic car purchase.   For Rolls Royce, the Silver Shadow represented a giant technological leap forward. The 1940s swooping lines of the previous Cloud had gone. Instead, the Silver Shadow, looked modern and contemporary. The old style set-up of separate body plonked on top of ladder chassis was gone. The Silver [...]


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