About us

Evoke Classics

Trust + Value + Confidence = Fun

We started by chatting. Food and wine was involved, we won’t deny it. #Honesty

What binds us all together, is our love of classics and great service. More chatting and we had a light bulb moment. Classics connect people.

We will be different. We will create a new standard. We will create a new experience. A site that’s different, that’s for all Classics enthusiasts.

A place where you can meet old friends, make new ones, chat, share, get advice, read news, buy and sell at auction and via classifieds, find specialist trades or search for events and Owners clubs. It’s our neighbour-Hub

Meet The Team

Sarah Crabtree

Little introduction is needed for our Sales Director, Sarah. She sets the tone of the business and we all need to stay in tune… which we all know, we just sometimes get the notes in the wrong order. We also all know when we’ve dropped the ball. She gives us that look that could stall a tractor at a 1,000 yards.

What else can we say. She was on’t telly.  She’s from Yorkshire so she says it as it is! She drives “Ivan” the Ital. It’s brown. She lives our core values; friendly, trustworthy and approachable, #TrustSarah with your classic

Joanne Lawrance

Joanne is Director of Operations. She is actually really in charge of us all. Which is great, ‘cos we’d be in a proper pickle without her. Joanne loves making people happy. That sounds odd doesn’t it, but if our customers aren’t happy, Joanne isn’t either and she’ll hunt down the reason why.

Every single thing Joanne does is focused on delivering an outstanding experience to you! After all, buying a classic car is an experience. It is something that has to be right, for you.

Actually that should be Joanne’s real job title, Director of Getting Things Right. Calm, patient self effacing, her presence in the business guarantees things will be right – for you.

Paul Cunningham

Paul is our Head of Marketing. He is passionate about that, which is good for you if you’re buying or selling a classic, because when his passion collides with results it means good outcomes for customers. With over One Million impressions per month on social media something is going right. Tbh, we’re not sure what impressions means either. We leave that to Paul. But he tells us if that is your car, it means it is seen, a lot. One. Million. Times. He’s good isn’t he.

His other passion is two wheels, motor and push bikes. Sadly, his ambition and ability do not always meet. But his ability to have close encounters with the tarmac is remarkable. Please talk to him about the smell and sound of two stroke. You won’t regret it.

Chris Oliver

We’ve given Chris a badge. He loves a badge. It says Managing Director. He likes to think he’s in charge. Bless him. Please don’t tell him any different #ourlittlesecret

We think he’s been around forever; no-one is quite sure. He started fixing cars back in the 70’s, and during a career spanning almost half a century Chris progressed to senior positions in the motor industry.

Chris admits most of these roles were probably beyond him, but with his business partners he has built a number of very successful enterprises. All with one single focus; trust. It works, because trust delivers outstanding customer value. We trust him. You will too.

Neil Parker

Neil is affectionally known as Dr No and or The Director of Leisure Prevention. He prefers Finance Director. Hey-ho, each to his own, eh? Neil’s love of food is only second to his love of classic cars.

Despite his enviable good looks – remember to ask him if he’s ever auditioned for Blue – his wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise means the businesses he controls are solid. The competitor in him knows no equal. Apparently, in his youthful past he was World Champion Kayaker. #HiddenTalents. Give Neil a problem he’ll bring you a solution.

Our Ethos