Fiat Barchetta Two Seater Convertible

1995 – 2005

Fiat Barchetta

Sarah Says

A Fiat Barchetta is loads of fun with a quirky cult following, therefore it's perfect Italian road trip material.


  • Tremendous value, but can be hard to find one now
  • The Fiat Barchetta styling
  • Great fun to drive
  • Practical open top motoring

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Little Boat

What is a Fiat Barchetta? Translated, Barchetta means ‘little boat’, which fits this cute convertible beautifully. But is ownership all plain sailing?

Production on the Fiat Barchetta ran from 1995 to 2005 and, although they were only ever made in left-hand drive, it was popular car from the get-go. A Fiat Barchetta is a very attractive roadster that’s much more practical than many of its competitors.

Fiat Barchetta Styling

The styling cues are typically Italian and simply brilliant. The flush-fit door handles complement those beautiful sweeping side curves. At the rear the lights are cleverly recessed into the body panels giving the smooth clean lines. Whether the hood is up or down the car looks gorgeous. Having the steering wheel on the left adds a feel to the car that you don’t get when you drive say, a functional German Z3 or Japanese MX5. When you’re in a Fiat Barchetta you know you’re owning something different. Added to that is the fun watching passengers go for the wrong door!

The Fiat Barchetta driving experience is pure Italian. The seats embrace you as you ease down into them. Then you’re immediately struck with classic white-faced dials and your right hand drops to the perfectly placed gear lever. You’ll be smiling before you’ve gone anywhere.

Once you do get going, the impressive chassis of the Fiat Barchetta means there is near zero scuttle shake associated with many other roadsters. The car feels tight and together. The 1800cc engine is a delight. It will propel you from standstill to sixty in just over 8.0 secs and power all the way past 120mph if you want it to.

Impressive practicality is what many owners say about the Fiat Barchetta. It has more than enough boot space for a couple of overnight bags and the manual roof can be open and closed easily in a couple of fuss free minutes.


Overall, the entire Fiat Barchetta package is really rather impressive. Style, practicality and a great bargain. We predict that is set to change, as we see prices creeping up a little now. The biggest problem is trying to find one. Rarity value is another thing that will push prices higher. If you spot one, grab it, have some fun and bank it, in a couple of years, watch as the market tunes in and prices rise. 

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