1971 Volkswagen Hustler GT Beach Buggy *SOLD*

COLOURCandy Green

1971 Volkswagen Hustler GT Beach Buggy *SOLD*

  • One of approximately 50 Hustler GT bodyshells ever produced
  • Only 2 former keepers
  • Correctly registered as a Volkswagen Convertible
  • Recommissioned earlier this year after 25 years in dry storage
  • Stunning Green Candy metalflake paintwork
  • Will come with a year’s MOT
  • This 1971 Volkswagen Hustler GT Beach Buggy sold for £5,500
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  • One of approximately 50 Hustler GT bodyshells ever produced
  • Only 2 former keepers
  • Correctly registered as a Volkswagen Convertible
  • Recommissioned earlier this year after 25 years in dry storage
  • Stunning Green Candy metalflake paintwork
  • Will come with a year’s MOT


Hustler GT bodyshells were produced between 1970 and 1972, with only around 50 believed to have been made. Manufactured in the UK by Essex Proto Conversions, only a handful of survivors are thought to remain, making this particular model quite a rare and sought after example.

Much admired, one of the most well-known afficionados of the Hustler GT was in fact Diana Princess of Wales – who actually owned a 1971 registered version!


This particular Hustler GT was built by the original owner in 1971, at that time on a 1960’s floorplan. By the late 1970s, that chassis had rusted and the bodyshell was transferred by its owner onto it’s current, 1971 registered chassis. The Hustler GT then remained in his possession until 1989.

The second keeper used it as a promotional vehicle up until the mid-1990s, when it was placed in dry storage. The Hustler GT remained there for around 25 years before eventually being purchased by our vendor.

As the Beach Buggy was registered pre 1988, it retains its Historic Vehicle status and is therefore tax and MOT exempt. Despite this exemption, the vendor assures us that the Hustler GT will come with a full MOT.


  • Black vinyl bucket seats in the front
  • Black vinyl bench seat in the rear
  • New Wolfsburg logo chrome lap belts in the front
  • New Grant 11.5” three spoked chrome steering wheel
  • Black rubber floor mats


Our vendor is a highly accomplished car restorer and has made a stunning job of stripping back and repainting the Hustler GT from its original red. Now finished in Green Candy metalflake paint, the buggy  also features a striking 1970s inspired panelled design.

The Hustler’s headlights currently have a yellow tinted film (see gallery images) but this will need to be removed for the MOT. The vendor, however is very happy to refilm the lenses post MOT and before collection if the buyer wishes.

Fitted with 14 x 7 1970s style polished Slot Mags at the front, paired with matching 15 x 8 wheels at the rear. The vendor has fitted new wheel bolts all around plus new wheel adapters for the rear wheels. All are fitted with BF Goodrich tyres that still have plenty of tread.

Engine and Mechanicals

  • 1500 single port air cooled VW Beetle engine
  • Twin cannon exhausts
  • Electronic ignition
  • Original 4 Speed swing axle gearbox
  • New Protech rear shock absorbers
  • Complete front to rear fuel line replacement
  • Petrol tank removed, cleaned & painted
  • All new brake pipes & brake flexi-hoses
  • New brake master cylinder
  • Four new wheel cylinders

Our vendor advises us that this Hustler GT runs exactly as it should. In fact, earlier this year the vendor took part in the ‘Race the Waves’ event on Bridlington beach. Due to its light weight and terrific traction, the Hustler GT performed amazingly well – despite being up against some high powered V8s. In our vendor’s opinion, this little buggy is “a joy to drive”.

In our view, just get out in it and have some fun!

Vehicle Location: Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

Have a question about this Hustler GT? Please contact the Evoke team at auction@evoke-classics.com and we will speak to the vendor on your behalf.

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d***********1 £4,750.00 2022-10-26 12:13:44
j******************m £4,500.00 2022-10-26 07:24:27
d***********1 £4,000.00 2022-10-25 20:08:07
i*************************k £3,750.00 2022-10-25 16:59:26
j******************m £3,500.00 2022-10-25 06:45:36
i*************************k £3,250.00 2022-10-25 16:56:36
j******************m £3,000.00 2022-10-21 05:55:48
d***********1 £2,750.00 2022-10-20 08:47:38
d***********1 £2,500.00 2022-10-17 20:11:16
rw £2,500.00 2022-10-19 14:15:20
m**********************k £2,000.00 2022-10-15 16:06:23
j******************m £1,750.00 2022-10-15 15:52:08
m**********************k £1,500.00 2022-10-15 16:06:13
m**********************k £1,000.00 2022-10-14 20:00:23
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