1972 Hillman Imp Deluxe Saloon *Sold £2,500*

MODELImp Deluxe Saloon

1972 Hillman Imp Deluxe Saloon *Sold £2,500*

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  • Only four keepers
  • Loads of originality
  • Registered as an historic vehicle
  • Will need work and attention
  • Good interior
  • Good mechanically and runs well
  • This 1972 Hillman Imp Deluxe Saloon sold for £2,500
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  • Only four keepers
  • Loads of originality
  • Registered as an historic vehicle
  • Will need work and attention
  • Good interior
  • Good mechanically and runs well

Small wonder.

Cute, sprightly and great fun to drive. The Hillman Imp quickly established itself as a firm rival to the Mini. Thanks to its perky Coventry Climax, race-derived engine and cute-as-a-button looks, today the incredible Imp has a near cult like status. Sadly, few survivors remain. When they do come onto the market, there is always a great deal of interest, love and affection for this small wonder.

Right from the off we need to get a couple of things straight. There is no point in beating about the bush. This little 1972 Hillman Imp needs work. From thirty yards, this classic Imp looks impressive. Get a little nearer and the paintwork reveals its age. Take a peek underneath and you’ll see this classic Imp is definitely a doer-1upper. Due to a criminal lack of rust proofing from the factory, the British climate has taken its toll. It will need welding, which is no surprise. It is most definitely not a wreck or a breaker. It is unquestionably worth saving. As you’ll see from the extensive gallery and videos it is a complete car, that starts drives and stops.

The Imp was all new when launched and without doubt was very radical

The engine was a light and powerful all alloy unit. It is the legendary race-derived Coventry Climax engine that was also used by Lotus.

The low centre of gravity makes the classic Imp great fun to drive. It was famously quoted as being like Scalextric for grown ups! We asked our vendor about the engine, he advised, “It’s had a recent full service. A new water pump was fitted recently and it does not overheat”

The innovation of the rear engine Coventry Climax set-up didn’t end there. The engine was joined to a transaxle that, in its day, was ground breaking. A four-speed manual is a joy to use. Changes are slick and precise, principally because synchromesh & baulk rings are fitted to all four forward gears.

The drive is provided by rotoflex couplings. You can see the condition of these in the images.

The Imp’s steering is through a rack-and-pinion unit, again check out the images for this. It gives the Imp a light and precise feel.

Poor rust proofing did for most classic Imps. It is unusual to see one last this length of time. We asked our vendor to give us an honest opinion of the external body panels. “What can I tell you” he said, “It’s a scabby Imp”. We do always say, be honest, but to crush the cute little Imps confidence in such a brutal fashion is a bit harsh. Especially on its 50th birthday!

Yes, there is no denying, the wheel arches, back of the roof and one or two other areas do show deterioration. We’ve seen them a lot worse. On the up side, everything is complete. The trim, lights and bumpers are all intact and look curiously okay. We’re told it had new tyres fitted recently.

On the inside it gets better. The black vinyl stitched seats are in fine fettle. We cannot see any major rips tears or damage. The dash and clocks are all good. Even the headlining is intact. To find one with this level of originality is unusual.

We asked our vendor, Mick, to give us an overview.

“It is an original 875cc Hillman Imp, registered on 13.04.1972. The interior is Red/Black and it’s had only four  keepers.

The wheels have been refurbished and new tyres fitted. Mechanically, it’s had a water pump, thermostat, antifreeze and coolant. Along with that, it’s had new plugs, points, condenser, coil, distributor cap, plug leads, battery and other minor items. The interior is excellent.

It drives and handles superbly. Starts first or second go. The gearbox and trans axle are good, no whines or clonks.

The faults I know of are, that it needs plenty of welding underneath on the outer sills and the four corners. It has had previous welding which now needs updating. There is general rust and faded paintwork around the body.

It is very usable and economical. It is big enough to seat a six-foot person with loads of luggage space up front-with the engine being rear mounted. The hatch back rear window works, the rear seats fold down flat so it has a large carrying space in rear.

Also worth bearing in mind that Imp is registered historic, so it is MOT & Road Tax exempt so no costs there. Also congestion charge and lez-city charge free.”

Our view

There is a lively and very friendly owners’ club scene. Repair panels are readily available and cheap. Full floor panels are around five hundred quid. The lack of good original cars and the near cult-like status is driving the prices up. In the last three years, prices have increased.

Very good, well sorted Imp values are around £8,000-£12,000. The underbody condition means this Imp is not in that price bracket. That is reflected in the reserve, which we think is incredibly reasonable.

What would we do? First, sort the underbody issues out. Then either leave this classic 1972 Hillman Imp as it is. Or, given the huge success of the racing Imps, consider turning it into a race-replica.

Either way, a great opportunity to own a cracking classic Imp and have some fun doing it up in your own style.

Vehicle Location: Ramsgate, Kent– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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