1973 Toyota Corolla KE20

MODELCorolla KE20
LOCATIONHockley, Essex SS5

1973 Toyota Corolla KE20

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  • 2nd Gen E20
  • Four door
  • Manual
  • 1.2-litre engine
  • Part of a small collection
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  • 2nd Gen E20
  • Four door
  • Manual
  • 1.2-litre engine
  • Part of a small collection

Development of the first-generation Corolla began in 1962. Fresh from his success with the Publica and the Crown, Tasuo Hasegawa led a team. Hasegawa’s team decided that a different approach was needed for the new Corolla. His approach proved to be spot-on, 12 generations and 50 years later over 50 million Corollas have been sold

This is a true and rare survivor. Moreover, what an opportunity to buy a very rare, very much in demand early Corolla.


Part of The Hockley Collection. We are pleased to have this and several other classics on our platform. The collection is an eclectic mix of classic cars and bikes. Graham our vendor tells us he “only buys stuff he likes”. Most of them have been stored for a number of years (see pics). It is time for scale down, more likely than not to make space for some others.

In 2017, this Toyota Corolla KE20 arrived from Portugal to our vendor from long-term ownership (he estimates that he did around 50 miles in the Corolla before putting it into storage). The warm, sunny climate and lack of salt has obviously contributed to its overall preservation. Have a look around our Gallery and you’ll see what we are talking about.


Work started on the Second-Generation Corolla about a year after the launch.

Toyota wanted to bake-in their previous success but also update it too. The design team smoothed out the Corolla’s bodylines, into that sinuous coke bottle shape. The Corolla’s new bold appearance paid off and it was a massive hit with buyers.

At some point this Toyota Corolla KE20 was treated it to a full respray and we are advised that was due to the normal “sun fade” from living in sunny Portugal. The paint still looks good today.

All the chrome work is original with only minor pitting evident in some places.

Graham tells us “There is nothing that would warrant a re-chrome, in fact you would struggle to get a better finish with today’s chrome

The bodywork is clean and tidy. Evidence of a leaking battery at some point has resulted in the battery tray being professionally cut out and repaired.


The interior of the 2nd gen Corolla received some updates: new seats that featured integrated headrests that increased comfort and safety were introduced. Toyota also increased the sliding range of the front seats to allow for a wider range of driving positions. More storage compartments were yet another addition. The 2nd gen Corolla featured a whole host of up-to-date technologies that were usually only found on more expensive models.

The interior is all original and is in excellent shape. We’re unclear whether the seats were once all black and the sun light has faded the cloth faces or whether they were grey originally. Either way they look nice as they are.

The original rubber door/window seals are all present and correct but have dried out somewhat over time. If you were minded to move this car up to the next level for shows etc, then that is something to think about. To be honest, we have a view they are only original once. A nice decision for the lucky new owner to have. If, like us, you’re not worried then they will last a good few years more – especially with our lack of a British summer.


Hasegawa was adamant that the MacPherson configuration was the correct setup for the new car. After some internal debate, his argument won. With further refinements the setup was perfected and proved to be a major advancement on the competition. First gen Corollas were only fitted with drum brakes front and the rear, however Toyota installed front disc brakes on the 2nd gen models like this one.

At the rear of the car, the new Corolla featured a much simpler semi-floating suspension configuration that was adopted to reduce the inherent squeaking noise produced from leaf springs.

We’re told: “Mechanically everything seems good, the engine giving surprisingly nippy performance, gearbox selecting smoothly while the brakes and clutch operate correctly as well. As with all early 70’s cars, noise reduction was not top of the manufacturers to do list, so you hear a lot more going on, but that’s also part of the charm of this great little car”

Our view

Early Japanese cars are where the market is rising the fastest at the moment.

That is driven by a couple of simple factors; scarcity, these early cars number just a handful now, yet we all remember them fondly from our youth. Also, ease of maintenance and fun. These early cars are easy to own, easy to keep going and great fun. You might see the odd Mk2 Escort or Cortina, but not one of these. Super rare. Super fun. And super value. To find one is a rare treat. To find a Toyota Corolla KE20 like this? Good luck bidding.


All the classics in the Hockley Collection start and run. However, as always after a classic has rested up for a period, there will be an element of light recommissioning involved to the Toyota Corolla KE20 before returning properly and safely to the roads.

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