1977 Piaggio Vespa PX125 *Sold £1,850*

MODELVespa PX125

1977 Piaggio Vespa PX125 *Sold £1,850*

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  • Early non indicator model
  • Small frame Vespa
  • Classic P-Series model
  • Iconic Gulf Racing Livery
  • Terrific value for money
  • Lovely extras
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  • Early non indicator model
  • Small frame Vespa
  • Classic P-Series model
  • Iconic Gulf Racing Livery
  • Terrific value for money
  • Lovely extras

Jimmy Carter moved into the White House. Niki Lauda drove his Ferrari to victory in the Formula 1 World Championship. We ate jelly and ice cream at street-parties to celebrate the Queen’s 25th Jubilee. NASA launched their Voyager 1 space probe from Cape Kennedy. Today, Voyager 1 is 15 billion miles from Earth and the Queen celebrates 70 years on the throne.

The Vespa PX hasn’t done quite that well but with over a million sales, it still remains as popular today as it was when it was launched 42 years ago.

(Oh. The Jam released ‘This is a Modern World’. Just saying).

Launched at the 1977 Milan Show, the Vespa P-Series was the last of the classic Vespas to come out of the Italian Piaggio factory.

Others have appeared with Vespa badges, but they are not cut from the same cloth.

By the mid-1970s the classic Vespa design had been refined pretty much as far as it could. Changing consumer attitudes along with tighter regulations meant Piaggio needed to step up again to stay in front.

The P-Series was born. It propelled the Vespa to classic status.

When it debuted there were three models, the P125, 150 and 200. The only difference being the engine size, there was no other way to tell them apart.

Today, enthusiasts, collectors and people who just want to re-live a period before ‘life’ took over their lives, chase these down and cherish them. We’ve seen plenty just living inside owners houses just for the joy of ownership.

Weighing in at a featherlight 95kg, the Vespa is easy to handle for novices and experts alike. Much of the sheer enjoyment of ownership is settling into a more relaxed pace and it makes sense just to bimble about and grin a lot. Low speed handling is a doddle due to the weight and size.

The 123cc two-stroke engine powering the P-series classic Vespa 125 is plenty. It needs to be revved to get the best from it. But keep the motor spinning, with that classic scooter sound and a cloud of blue smoke and it will whisk happily along all day.

According to the much respected Scooterlounge website, the P-Series Vespas “are the most practical and comfortable to own”. We’d agree, they are ‘modern’ enough, but unquestionably still pure classics.

Our view

This Vespa is an Italian original and spent considerable time in it’s homeland before coming to these shores in 2001. It is UK registered now. Our vendor tells us it has had a pampered life and ‘never been out in the wet’. As we alluded to above, many of these classic Vespas are treated more like pets than vehicles. Our vendor tells us this is no different. When not going out in dry-only conditions it is kept “in a heated room”. We can only guess whether that is dining room, front room or bedroom!

This one also has the convenience of battery and kick-start.

It is also quite a rare P125, in that it is an early non-indicator model. It makes the Vespa lines cleaner and more classical, but it also means you have to stick your arm out whilst grinning excitedly if you want to change direction. Just imagine it!

Refurbed, refreshed and now in the smashing, iconic, Gulf livery, it does look very fetching. ‘Fetching’ is a good word to describe what this Vespa will do to. Everywhere you stop, and leave it, you’ll return to a small gathering. Because that’s what it does; fetches people together.

The venerable MotorCycleNews (MCN) say this;

Where will the final auction price end? Well the good news is our vendor is a country mile under the  c.£3,000 quoted by MCN. The other news? We’ve no idea, but think in excess of £2,000. We do know it will be great value and tremendous fun for whoever is the next lucky owner.


Bike Location: Preston – it’s the responsibility of the buyer to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

Looking for a quote to transport the bike to it’s new home? Contact Keith at: The Bike Mover

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