1981 Ford Cortina Mk5 GL ‘Garage Find’ *SOLD*

MODELCortina Mk5 GL

1981 Ford Cortina Mk5 GL ‘Garage Find’ *SOLD*

  • A genuine garage find
  • Deceased estate
  • Odometer shows just 50,000 miles
  • Thought to have been in storage since 1993
  • Will need recommissioning
  • This 1981 Ford Cortina Mk5 GL sold for £4,750
  • Please scroll down the page past the video to read a full description for this lot

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  • A genuine garage find
  • Deceased estate
  • Odometer shows just 50,000 miles
  • Thought to have been in storage since 1993
  • Will need recommissioning

The Cortina Mk5 – a fantastic family classic. Space for 2.4 kids in the back, a boot big enough for a fortnight at Blackpool and simple mechanicals that won’t cost the earth to maintain. These classic Fords were part and parcel of so many of our lives. This one is no different.


This Cortina Mk5 belonged to our Vendor, Alex’s, step dad. Before him, it was his Dad’s car. He recalls his step dad owning this car for about 20+ years.

He vividly remembers that anytime anything went wrong with one of the family cars, Alex’s step dad would always put it right. The Cortina Mk5 was kept unused for many, many years at an MOT testing station in East London where his step dad worked. When his step dad passed, the family knew there was a Cortina but little else about it.

They later discovered the MOT testing station had been replaced by flats and the Cortina was tucked safely up in a lock-up garage you see in the gallery. Alex now has it in his unit.

Sadly, the paperwork was lost over the years. It happens. We see it quite a lot.

We note there is an old style tax disc on the screen that is not one of the modern reproductions, it is the original. We think this is when the Cortina went into storage – 1993

Alex is not a classic car enthusiast like us lot,  so he needs the Cortina to go.

Outside and underside

We’ve been lucky enough to have seen this remarkable Cortina Mk5 up close and personal. To say the pictures do not do it justice is a massive, in fact a huge under-statement. It is truly remarkable.

It has not been cleaned for obvious reasons. But close up we can see the exterior is wonderfully well preserved.

We all know tin worm is the enemy. The areas that Cortina’s typically suffer from are the doors, the wheel arches and the front and rear panels. The images in the gallery show all these.

All four doors are solid. The drain holes are clear, possibly because the Cortina Mk5 has been dry stored for so long.

The wheel arches are not crusty or decayed. The front panel is in good order. The rear panel equally sound. The front and rear lower valances look to have been protected at some point with a covering of corrosion or stone-chip protection then colour coded to match the car.

As a legacy of a deceased estate, we only have one key. It works the ignition, boot and with some jiggling, the offside front door.

We’ve grabbed the best images we can underneath the classic Cortina. Have a look at the gallery. Please do not hesitate to call us though, if you’d like a first-hand recollection, we’d be happy to chat through it with you.


Inside the classic Ford is like a time machine. It instantly takes you back to the 70s & 80s.

On the Cortina Mk5, Ford rationalised the trim levels.  The GL trim level, like this one is more closely aligned to the Ghia.

It has deep, rich velour trim. Shag pile-like carpets and faux wood dash. All of it is brilliant. If we had a niggle, it would be that we can see the drivers seat base will need some small smart repairs carried out.

The headlining is all there in good order. No sagging. No sign of rodents nesting in it. The carpet is like new, it’s not, it’s original. It is all rather lovely

Engine and Mechanicals

First off, we haven’t started the engine. It does turn over. And there are visual clues it has run.

Peeking behind the cam cover we can see the cam belt is intact. The clear yellow and white writing would suggest it isn’t that old. We cannot verify this.

The battery was removed. They leak everywhere and can cause a lot of damage. You can see the battery tray is very good.

Externally the engine looks dry and in sound condition. The Pinto engines, are a robust unit. This one will need re-commissioning. That is a simple enough job, after all, it is not a fuel injected V12 is it!

The handbrake works. The brake pedal is solid, with no evidence of fade. Underneath we saw no sign of leaks from the wheel cylinders. The clutch pedal operates. If you’d like more information, please do call or email us.

Our view

Where on earth have all the classic Cortina’s gone? Once they were everywhere, now they are nowhere to be seen.

Given that Cortina Mk5 has possibly been sat, unused since 1993 and given it’s well preserved condition, we think it is probable that the mileage is correct.

We have a very rare find here for all sorts of reason, none less so than it’s uniqueness and authenticity. Both commodities make classic cars like this very desirable.

We said above, our vendor is not an enthusiast. He’d go further and say he has little interest in cars. This Cortina Mk5 has got to go and you can be sure it will. Good luck.


The new owner will need to apply for the V5, that has yet to be found. We think it unlikely it will be. We do have a Waiver from the vendor confirming title.


Vehicle Location: Romford, Essex RM7– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

Have a question about this vehicle? Please contact the Evoke team at auction@evoke-classics.com and we will speak to the vendor on your behalf.

Guide Prices?

We’re different. But you know that. And we’re always honest. In a sector where no two classic cars are same, how does anyone put a ‘guide’.

Well, everyone knows the broad value of classic, let’s all be honest. So we don’t need to tell you what you already know, do we.

The ‘market’ decides and the old cliché that ‘cars are worth what someone wants to pay’ is no less true. So why kid everyone!

But, because we are different, if it really does matter to you, that’s fine, we want you to be happy. Just drop us a line at auction@evoke-classics.com and one of us will be delighted to ring you back and discuss, it’s what we do.

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