1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT

MODEL924 Carrera GT
COLOURIndische Rot / Guards Red
INTERIORBlack / Red velour

1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT

  • UK Spec RHD Model
  • Only 75 RHD models produced
  • Less than 50 left
  • Over £20k spent in its last ownership
  • Extremely solid and well maintained
  • 16” Factory option Fuchs 911 Wheels
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  • UK Spec RHD Model
  • Only 75 RHD models produced
  • Less than 50 left
  • Over £20k spent in its last ownership
  • Extremely solid and well maintained
  • 16” Factory option Fuchs 911 Wheels

First appearing in 1976, the road version of the 924 car marked a great revolution in Porsche’s history. Until then, the 911 that launched in 1963 had been the posterchild for the Stuttgart automaker in the collective memory, with the characteristic sound of its six-cylinder air-cooled rear flat engine. Conversely, the 924 was the first Porsche marketed with a front-mounted engine (four-cylinder water-cooled in-line). It also had weight distribution optimized by its installation at the rear of the gearbox. It was a good commercial success until 1988.

In 1980, Porsche decided to commit three Le Mans 924 Carrera Turbo cars toward development. The objective was to develop the Porsche 924 car in competition, released to homologate the 924 for Group 4 competition requirements, the 924 Carrera GT was limited to 400 roadgoing units, of which just 75 were right hand drive. A heavily revised engine managed to put out 210 hp, while a heavily upgraded suspension, lightened body panels, and upgraded brakes made the most of it.

This particular matching numbers UK model has received a raft of attention over the years and it needs to be expressed that all the work carried out has been done to the right and correct specification.  As you work your way through this description you will get the picture of how important that was to our vendor, in fact the list of repairs, maintenance and improvements totals just under £21k during our vendors ownership.  So, take a seat, buckle up and enjoy the ride.


This 1981 Porsche 924 was first registered in March of that year and it was delivered on the 3rd March by Malaya Garage, a prominent Porsche Dealer in Billingshurst, with an impressive options list including: Headlamp Washers, Electric Door Mirror, Sport Steering Wheel, Electric Aerial, Sport Shock Absorbers, Electric Windows, Heated and Adjustable Passenger Mirror, Forged Fuchs Alloy Wheels (911 Type) and a removable roof.  The document will be supplied to the winning bidder.  What an impressive start.

The service book shows that it was serviced by Porsche up to 2002 with the odometer reading 75,014, our vendor purchased the 924 in October 2007 with the mileage sitting at 78,856 and went to work refurbishing what can only be described as one of the best and extremely well sorted examples.

Described as having good documentation under his ownership and some documents available prior to that with the all-important service book, there is plenty of evidence to show how well cared for it has been.  The current MOT expires in July 2022 and without a single failure on the history since its current stewardship we recommend you read on and decide for yourself if the short date is of concern, we very much doubt there will be any surprises come renewal time.

The car even had a general vehicle check by a Porsche Specialist last month. This included all the dashboard lights being replaced (they weren’t needed but our vender felt the need to do them anyway), all the earths being cleaned, the battery tray inspected and wipers being replaced, literally no issues were found other than being told the front suspension bushes look original but even then, they have no excessive wear or play.

It doesn’t stop there, in the 17th of this month our vendor has the vehicle booked into Zuffenhaus a renowned Porsche specialist in the West Midlands, in fact one of the oldest and most respected Porsche specialists in the West Midlands, they have decided to correct a couple of points which include  a check to the heater water valve to make sure it is operating correctly, to reseat the C pillar trim which has come slightly loose, to replace a slightly crackling speaker and to give the other mechanical systems the once over.  Outstanding.


This particular 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT is presented in the most sought after colour of Guards Red (Indische Rot) and has fared well for a car that our vendor originally purchased to drive and enjoy, which we absolutely love by the way. Now don’t get us wrong here, in our opinion there is definitely a place for collectors to store cars but with cars such as these we would always sway towards getting the ignition key turned whenever the opportunity arrives and our vendor has certainly done that, with driving tours of Scotland, the Spanish mountains (see images in the gallery) and various UK trips and classic car shows this car really has been enjoyed.

With that in mind and as you expect, the bodywork is not in concours condition. That is not to state that this is in a state of disrepair, far from it, it is a lovely solid car. With the odd blemishes that you’d expect such as a few stone chips on the front wing and bonnet edge, the usual chips in the rear wing extensions and a scratch to the tailgate.  For a 41 year old car that is pretty impressive, even more so when you understand the originality of this cars paintwork, even the decals are original.

Speaking of decals, when lifting the bonnet it must be noted that all the stickers are present and original, a sure sign that there has been no previous damage or replacement parts fitted, adding to that the (unique to the Carrera GT) front disk brake air ducts are even present, loosing these is a common fault when the car is driven over rough ground, again lending to confirm the honesty and originality of the wonderful car.


Moving to the interior, you would be forgiven for thinking that a 41 year old interior is going to be showing its age by now. Well fear not, this example is looking wonderful with its red pin striped seats receiving a massive dose of love, the front seats have been  completely rebuilt with new shaped foam and lavished with new and correct pinstripe velour, sourced from the only available place in Germany, they look and feel as good as new, as you would expect the rears have taken hardly any wear so were left original. As do the door cards with even the armrests not having any signs of the obligatory wobbles, dents or looseness associated with a car of this age.

The gear knob and gaiter were renewed courtesy of Aldridge trim, and true to Audi quality, who produced the 924 at the request of Porsche in this era, all the switches, knobs and buttons operate their intended ancillaries correctly.  The only real blemish is that the dashboard has suffered the almost obligatory heat damage, I.E there is some cracking to the hard plastic, there is an option to purchase aftermarket rebuilds should you decide to rectify this, in fact our vendor has advised that if time had been on his side he would likely have got round to sorting that as well.

We can confirm though, when you do get to put your foot down you’ll see the dials spin round as they were intended (pretty quickly we suspect) so again there really isn’t anything to be concerned about.  A Blaupunkt Paris CR, updated with Bluetooth and in keeping with the correct period, looks perfect in the dashboard and works as it should. The electric aerial has even been replaced with a Hirschman unit that is arguably as close to original as is available.

At a push, you could be picky and say the drivers floormat has some wear but that is to be expected of a car that is being used and not stored.  Both electric windows operate correctly, even the sunroof operates smoothly with no signs of wear and tear.  Moving round the back and opening the tailgate gives you a pleasant surprise to find the struts work perfectly and keep the tailgate from sagging back down to the closed position. The original space saver is still in place and in great condition along with its original jack and brace, another bonus for a car of this age.


The 924 Carrera GT uses a turbocharged version of the 924’s 1984cc engine with an intercooler. A normally aspirated 924 makes 125bhp, the type 931 turbo 175bhp, and the addition of an intercooler brings this 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT up to 210bhp.  With an output of almost 106 hp per litre of displacement it holds the record for road-legal cars of its time.

The 924 we have here, although 41 years old, is very likely going to still deliver those impressive figures, how do we know that you ask, well OK at a push it is probably a little too presumptuous of us to state that, but with so much work being done to this car we doubt it will be far off.

To start with the engine has had all its bearings replaced, the valves, head and turbo have all been reconditioned, the fuel system including the filters, pump, injectors, the warm up valve have all been repaired to original spec. Even the fuel tank has been removed, refurbished and refitted.  No one in their right mind would go to all the expense without replacing the water pump, and re-coring the radiator.

To top off all that, the ignition system has been given the same pedantic attention with all new, and again to spec, coil, ignition module, leads and plugs.

Phew, a deep breath and we move on.  Staying under the bonnet that wonderful 2 litre engine is mated to a Getrag 5 speed dogleg manual gearbox and this one has also had the same treatment as the rest of the engine bay, being totally dismantled, inspected and rebuilt with the clutch being replaced at the same time.

Wheels Tyres Suspension and other

All Porsche 924s have MacPherson struts and coil springs at the front, trailing arms with torsion bars at the rear. The 924 Carrera GT has a lightly uprated version of the Series II Turbo suspension with strengthened rear trailing arms and a 16mm anti-roll bar is fitted at the rear.  With all the rear suspension being dismantled, checked, greased and rebuilt you will be comfortable when pinning it around your local lanes or on the odd track day should you feel inclined.

The black Fuchs alloy wheels, were an option at time of production and, a wise choice it was to choose them as they look stunning under the extended arches, they have also been treated with four new Pirelli P7 tyres which are again, period correct and comply with the correct suspension set up.

Our view

These right-hand drive Carrera GTs do not come around too often and when they do, they tend to get snapped up pretty quickly, we expect this to be no different so don’t hang about, this will pass you by if you do not commit early.

Being extremely well maintained and with (we’re sure he won’t mind us saying it!) an extremely pedantic owner, you will do well to find a better one on the market, although as our vendor described it, it’s not a trailer queen, it is pretty well sorted and with over £20k spent by our vendor alone, you won’t find it becoming a money pit at any time soon.

A truly special car that has become extremely rare and sought after especially in this original condition, should you decide to bring the paintwork up to concours condition then that’s your prerogative, our advice would be to enjoy and keep it as it is.

Vehicle Location: Birmingham, B13 – it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor.

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h*********r £33,000.00 2022-06-01 14:48:43
a**********s £30,500.00 2022-05-31 12:51:32
a*************8 £28,000.00 2022-05-30 17:52:31
r*********l £25,500.00 2022-05-30 17:18:12
a*************8 £23,000.00 2022-05-30 15:35:31
r*********l £22,000.00 2022-05-25 10:32:31
k**************************m £18,000.00 2022-05-25 07:50:39
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