2000 Honda Insight


2000 Honda Insight

  • One of only 250 UK vehicles
  • Sought after First Gen model
  • VTEC Engine
  • In-line brushless electric motor
  • Aluminium body
  • Five speed gearbox
  • 100mpg
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  • One of only 250 UK vehicles
  • Sought after First Gen model
  • VTEC Engine
  • In-line brushless electric motor
  • Aluminium body
  • Five speed gearbox
  • 100mpg

With a devoted following, the Honda Insight has become a cult classic car. It’s a bold-looking car. Its unique teardrop profile is striking and you can’t help but be impressed. As if that wasn’t enough, Honda added one-off zany factory special colours. This Insight is Citrus Yellow Metallic; lime green in English. And here’s the killer – the Insight is good to drive. Very good actually.

The first gen Insight was like a Moonshot for Honda. They aimed to build a car that had ultra-efficiency, that looked like nothing else on Earth and gave no ground in its quest to squeeze out miles per gallon.

The unique factors that made the Insight so special at its debut, also guarantee it a spot in the garage as the go-to electric classic.

The Insight started in late 90’s. The Honda J-VX was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. It was a showcase for Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist technology. This spawned a second concept car, called the VV. That, in turn, became the production ready Honda Insight.

Engine and Transmission

– Powered by 1.0-litre VTEC petrol engine

– The petrol engine produces around 70bhp

– An ultra-thin brushless motor provides an additional oomph

– The electric motor is attached direct to the crankshaft

– Together, Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology, produces about 90bhp

– Batteries in the boot space are topped up by the IMA wizardry

– A five speed ‘box drives the wheels

This is tech showcase. Don’t be put off by the seemingly low power output. The Insight tips the scales at just over 800kg’s, which means it flies.

The Boss has driven this Insight. Moving it around, she managed to gently get the wheels to lose contact with terra firma – take a look at the video.

Outside & Inside

Futuristic cars have a tendency to do two things.. They look astounding at first, but rubbish about six weeks later. But the Honda Insight is still cool and striking enough to turn heads twenty years later.

– The structure was an all-new, lightweight aluminium monocoque

– Pressed aluminium panels are welded on to form an extremely light, unyielding platform

– Honda fitted aluminium front brake calipers and rear drums

– A largely aluminium suspension is fitted, in addition to standard aluminium wheels

– The fuel tank is plastic

In certain areas, the lower external black aero plastic has been scuffed over the years. Not unusual for a car of 20 years plus. Some of the paint is fading, along with the odd wear and tear mark. It looks fine at fifty paces. Even close up it doesn’t detract from the overall charm and character of the space-age Insight. The wheels could do with a new coat of lacquer too.

– The seats are mix of lime grey and slate grey, which look okay actually.

– Flashes of silver are accented on the dash

– Just two front seats are fitted, the rest is practical storage space

– The instrument binnacle grabs you

– Digital speedo

– Power use readout

– Regeneration readouts and range calculations

The seats are firm, but comfortable. With a top speed of nearly 115mp the Insight is fine on motorways, but in town is where it excels. And that 90bhp feels like more than it actually is.

Despite being stored for over two years, it started first time and a quick drive around, as you can see from the video, confirmed the Honda’s legendary reputation for reliability. There’s a charm about this Insight.

The seats and interior are in good condition, no rips, tears or damage, but it would benefit from a big soapy hand wash. Sarah flatly refused that request from our vendor Geoff. #Killjoy.

The classic car media star, Jonny Smith from Car Pervert who owned and sold his 300,000 mile Insight, he has this to say;

“I truly believe the Honda Insight to be one of the best cars ever made. The Insight is Honda at its finest, doing its own thing. The Insight is simply gorgeous in every way – the aluminium chassis is amazing, and the car’s subsequent lightness means it has an overall weight of just 840 kilograms. Its engine is also a wonder, because Honda used more aluminium, magnesium, and even plastic in its construction. The Insight was also built on the same production line as the Honda NSX and S2000, like the two sports cars, it was low-volume, all-aluminium, and built by hand. In fact, I really think the Insight is almost better than the NSX and the S2000. You can get a good one for around £5,000 upwards, and I really don’t think they won’t depreciate lower than that”.

Our view

As with many niche classic cars, the Insight has a loyal following.

For the right set of people, the Insight is already a classic car. That classic car group is expanding. They are now getting traction in the wider classic community. This one does need some tlc, there’s no question about that. We don’t think that is unusual of a car of this age.

You guys and the market will decide if Jonny’s prediction is correct. It’s probably another 3-5 years before prices truly start to rise. But there is evidence serious collectors and enthusiasts are snapping up Insights.

Add to that, the fact that 90s classic cars are the sweet spot in the market right now and only 250 of these UK vehicles were made. It makes this Insight a very compelling proposition.

Vehicle Location: West Sussex RH12– it’s the responsibility of the winning bidder to make collection / transportation arrangements directly with the vendor

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