2001 Alfa Romeo (916) GTV 3.0 V.6-24v *Sold £2,200*

MAKEAlfa Romeo
INTERIORBlack Leather

2001 Alfa Romeo (916) GTV 3.0 V.6-24v *Sold £2,200*

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  • One owner from new
  • Sought after Phase II facelift model
  • 3.0 24 valve V6 engine
  • 220bhp through the front wheels
  • Full service history
  • New engine fitted
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  • One owner from new
  • Sought after Phase II facelift model
  • 3.0 24 valve V6 engine
  • Full service history
  • New engine fitted
  • 220bhp through the front wheels

Some cars you just know you’re going to enjoy. A twin-cam 24v V6 engined Alfa Romeo GTV is one of them. Open the door and it is pure Italian indulgence. Drop yourself down into the superb black leather seats and naturally everything is just there. The gear knob of the six speed ‘box, the steering wheel, the pedals, all just right. Just give yourself a couple of minutes to soak it all up. Then fire up the V6. At idle it’s as smooth as satin. Blip the throttle and an orchestra of mechanical components operating in perfect harmony create a wonderful symphony, and you are the conductor, with your right foot!

Alfa teased the public by showing the 916 at the Paris motor show in 1994. Everyone loved it. Alfa officially launched at the Geneva show in 1995 and sales began the same year. Initially the GTV was launched with a 2.0 engine. Then came a 3.0ltr V6. But the one everyone wants is the twin cam 24v 220bhp V6. Like this one here.


With just one owner since new, our vendor has been refreshingly crystal clear about this lovely GTV, so let’s get that straight out of the way. The upper surfaces of the boot, and the roof have suffered lacquer deterioration. There is no obvious damage to either. It doesn’t look to be a massive job to deal with this cosmetic issue either. There is also a small area of corrosion on the corner of the nearside rear wheel arch. We’re advised there are a couple of minor ‘bumper scuffs’ too. Not unexpected on a car about to turn 21 years old in few weeks time. That’s it. Nothing is ever perfect, is it.

The remainder of the exterior silver paint work is in good condition, doors, bonnet, wings, and quarter panels are all good. With those swooping lines crafted by Pininfarina the GTV does look very decent.

Engine and transmission

Alfa’s are all about the driving experience. The GTV delivers that experience in spades. There are no viscous couplings, limited-slip diffs, or clever electronics to control or dull the driver inputs. The only traction control is you and your right foot.

Twist the key and listen as the crisp 3.0-litre V6 crackles into life. Blip the throttle and the whole car seems to be urging the driver to slip into 1st gear, ease in the clutch and get going. It is hard to think of a more charismatic engine in the world. It’s difficult to adequately describe the glorious cacophony of sound this engine makes as you change up and down through the six speed box for no better reason than to hear that sharp bark as the V6 pulls between 2500 and 3000rpm.

It’s clear the beautifully designed engine on this one owner Alfa could do with a good visual detailing. But with a 0-60 time in around 6 seconds and a claimed top speed of over 150mph, our vendor decided he’d rather be driving than cleaning. We cannot say we blame him.

Our vendor tells us the 3.0-litre V6 in this Alfa was replaced at around 60,000 miles. Very reassuring for the winning bidder.


Open the door and kick-plate bears the legend ‘Alfa Romeo’. Look inside and the combination of silver and black looks extremely inviting. The first thing you note when you drop inside this GTV, after the door closes with a reassuringly smooth doomph is what wonderfully preserved condition the cockpit space is in. The diminutive 2+2 seats at the rear look like they’ve never been used. We hesitate to used words like immaculate, but in this instance it is hard to find another word that accurately describes how good the overall cabin space is. Perfect? Faultless? Spot-on? Have a look at the images and you choose one. It is very, very, very good.

Wheels, tyres, suspension and others

The five pot alloys are original and in fine condition. The Alfa recently passed an MOT. All the tyres are good. The vendor does honestly advise what he describes sounds like a ‘slight blow from the front flexi exhaust.. possibly caused by the Lambda sensor’ and which may be causing the Engine Management light to come on. He goes on to say he has the original Red Master Key, a sure sign of a careful owner, how many of them have gone missing over the years. Furthermore he says he has all the invoices providing a full service history (service book is missing but all invoices are available) as well as the invoice for over £6,000 from Black and White Garage in Newbury, Berkshire for the new engine. Finally he advises the ‘underneath is all original and in excellent condition’. It all just adds up to a good, well-loved Alfa from many years of one ownership.

Our view

Only around 6,000 GTV (916) were made. Of those, reports suggest less than a 1,000 were the Phase II facelifted model with that magical 24v V6. Unverified reports suggest around 160 are left today.

To quote the vendor, ‘it drives superb’. To quote CAR magazine from the time;

‘It’s a precise driver’s car this Alfa. Slice into a turn and the nose goes precisely where you want it to. Pour on the power and it simply hauls itself out on the exact line. Next corner, try even harder, get on the power sooner….but the line stays the same. Back off now and the GTV -V6 tucks in neatly and benignly. And if you brake when cornering, it’ll drift its tail round like a Clio Williams’

We’re not sure how much more fun a car can be to be honest.

Sales of these models this year, in 2021, suggest the market is tuning into these cars as they become scarce. Examples in exemplary condition – our vendor is clear this is not – are changing hands anywhere from £8,000 – £12,000. Our vendor’s reserve is candidly some way below that. But in our view, for a considerable reduction you get a marvellous GTV V6-24v needing some detailing and cosmetic repairs to a couple of panels.

If you want a one owner 916, with heaps of service history a new engine and an owner that has clearly cared, at huge discount to the current market, an opportunity like this is not to be missed.

Vehicle Location: Berkshire – the vehicle is currently held by one of our trade partners.

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