Raleigh Chopper Mk3 “The Hot One” Special Edition

MODELChopper Mk3 Special Edition
LOCATIONGreat Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31

Raleigh Chopper Mk3 “The Hot One” Special Edition

  • Special Edition Mk3 in Gothic Green and Gold
  • In “almost perfect” original condition
  • BUY IT NOW FOR £400
  • Please scroll down the page to read a description for this Chopper


  • Special Edition Mk3 in Gothic Green and Gold
  • In “almost perfect” original condition

The Chopper Mk3 was launched in February 1996. It was available initially in red followed by various colour variants including these Special Edition models.

As a nod to modern health and safety concerns, the Mk3 adopted a more conventional saddle design to discourage croggies / or backies (depending where in the UK you were brought up!)

The bike also lost the groin-catching gear lever in favour of handlebar mounted gear controls. To commemorate this former feature the Mk3 had a sticker where the lever once was located as can be seen in the images. To make the Mk3 lighter, the frame was made from aluminium . The wheels remained at 20″ inches rear and 16″ front.

The Chopper Mk3 remained in production until 2004 when it was replaced by the slightly changed Mk4 Mk5.

Our vendor Peter tells us “I would say the bike is in almost perfect original condition. There is a small piece of rubber scuff on the top of the stand where it was scuffed by the pedal. The paint work all looks fine plus the transfers are all in very good condition. Brakes and gears all work perfectly.”

This is a great bike that evokes all those childhood memories, perfect in a collection or to re-live those teenage years.. whatever you decide, good luck bidding!

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