It is a good question. Broadly a few sensible points. Please remember, one persons ‘defect’ is another person’s patina character. These are classics not anything else. Our process means we work closely to describe details of the lots. Additionally, we suggest buyers visit and view a vehicle where possible. We host a message service and we encourage buyers to engage with sellers, and after all that we are here to help answer any questions. All that takes the risk out for you.  

The boring but important legal bit. 

As a bidder, it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself of the details and condition of the auction lot before placing a bid. 

All sales by traders made to consumers, whether sold by an individual or a business, fall under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 

If purchased from a trader, the sale item must be of “satisfactory quality”, be “as described” and be “fit for purpose”. Therefore, items sold by traders must not be inherently faulty at the time of sale, allowing for the fact that they are second-hand, must match the description and, allowing for factors like price, must be fit for their purpose. 

For more information on United Kingdom consumer rights please see the Citizens Advice website. 

Finally, just remember, we are here to help you in any way we reasonably can. Just call us. Okay?