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If you are interested in Citroen Light 15s, also known as Traction Avants or rear wheel drive Citroens, the Traction Owners Club is for you.

Our aim is to promote interest in all pre-1957 water cooled Citroën cars including rear wheel drive models and the iconic front wheel drive Traction Avant.

Our objectives are to ensure that these vehicles are restored, maintained, conserved and preserved for the enjoyment of current and future owners.

These are achieved by sharing technical knowledge, the provision of technical support and through the delivery of a reliable spares service.

Floating Power is the club’s bi-monthly magazine and there’s also a newsletter and the Forum. The club’s website stores a huge amount of information including every issue of Floating Power since the club was formed in 1976.

Social contact between members is actively encouraged at regional, national and international level by regular meetings, rallies and events that take place throughout the year. The annual National Rally is in a different place each year and usually involves a drive around the area and we take the cars abroad too.

These cars are good to drive – so we drive them!