Well, the old Ital managed a round trip of over 400 miles last weekend with no dramas! We had such a fab time with the Morris Marina Owners Club, they really are a great crowd and it was super to see so many Marinas and Itals together.

A Blast From The Past

This weekend I’ll be in my ‘happy place’, Scotland! You just can’t beat being North of the border…add a car show into the mix and, YIPEE, I’m going to be like a pig in mud.

The Blast from the Past at Thainstone, Inverurie on Saturday 9th July promises to have an eclectic mix of over 300 cars, commercials, motorcycles, modifieds and rally cars as well as driving displays and plenty of stuff to keep all ages entertained. It’s a charity event too which means that all proceeds will go back into helping the local community. Just brill, I can’t wait. Click below if you want to learn more.

Auction Update

New lots are coming in thick and fast, with the following classics joining the fleet since our auction email on Tuesday – Morris Minor Convertible, Luego Velocity, Lotus Elise Series 2 and many more. Bidding is now lively on the following, get involved:

Check out all of the new lots on our Auctions page

Enjoy your weekend to the max!


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