The iconic and much loved Morris Minor celebrates a big birthday this year. At the ripe old age of 75, the Minor continues to be a thoroughbred favourite with enthusiasts of all ages, so expect plenty of partying!

With celebratory events happening all over the UK, keep an eye out for a knees up near you. The Morris Minor Owners Club have information on upcoming events including the 2023 National Rally at Chateau Impney, Droitwich on 1st -2nd July.

Start ’em young!

Another cult icon, although a little more Marmite than the Morris Minor, shares the same milestone this year.

The undeniably quirky Citroen 2CV also turns 75 and although they’re not to everyone’s taste, you have to admit, the famous French car does raise a smile 😊.

To celebrate the birthday, Citroen have teamed up with Playmobil and recently released the 2CV in toy form. Suitable for kids and adults alike and the perfect way to get toddlers into classic ownership. Start ‘em young I’d say!

Auction Update

Ironically, for such a fast bike, the auction for the red Honda Britain got off to a very slow start. Then – on the last day of the auction – the bidding went berserk. Phil Read would have been proud. The lucky bidder crossed the chequered flag at £7,250 after 15 minutes of extra time…or another lap if you like. It was very exciting.

In keeping with the theme of today’s email, the Orange Morris Minor sold for £4,500 so is heading off to a new home and the hammer fell on the Ariel Square Four at £11,000 – it’s been a busy few days!

And there’s plenty more action to be had, check out these lots…

To see all of the live and upcoming lots, please click HERE

I’ll be over at the Great British Car Journey, Derbyshire, on Sunday .. getting up close and personal with an Austin Maxi. Whatever you’re up to, have a great time.


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