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‘Boringly Reliable’ was how my neighbour described his 4 year old Japmobile having just flown through another MOT, not used a drop of oil or water since last service nor anything else for that matter (other than the liquid gold ‘E10’ monster we’ve all created).

We’ve all got used to the jump in and go mentality that modern motoring has brought.
No choke pulling, no throttle pumping, no ‘let’s hope it’s not raining’ thought, wondering if the sudden downpour might make our wonderful 6 cylinder engine become 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Thunderbirds are GO !…or not, as the case may be ? Arrgghhh!!

So, modern motoring has brought clinical, efficient, cheaper than the bus, reliable, quiet and fuss-free. travel. That is until the damn dashboard ‘Engine Malfunction Light’ illuminates, sniggering at us knowing we’re in for a world of financial pain, as our wonderful technicians seek to diagnose which of the 20 sensors or bad earth wires have decided to throw a wobbly….

Whilst the humble, neglected family hack is in hospital, we all then long for the days of plugs and points, carburettors, etc etc, and the romantic memories of fixing at the roadside….or not as often the case!

Some of us crazy souls then employing the services of our delightful Classic MorrisTriumphRoverFordVW that happens to be sat in the cosseted home garage, covered in blankets, waiting for the day when it’s services are called into action, like a solid, dependable, Home Guard the like of which, Captain Mainwaring would be rightly proud.

It is for days like this that we all love our classics, returning us to an age where life seemed simpler and the pace of life, definitely slower. To enjoy a journey at a sensible pace, not break-neck speed in our repmobile that looks like every other car on the road, and their Americanised terminology ‘SUV’; ‘ MPV’….’Shooting Brake’ has far more of a desirable label.

Even the most humble of Classic now draws more attention than any sub £50k modern car if parked side by side.

Classic cars whether high end, or unexceptional, are all moving works of art. Living, breathing works of art.

Long may the nostalgia continue and grow and draw in future generations.

Submitted by: Chris Halford

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