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Everyone has a special memory about their passion for classics. It might be a car owned by your dad, the one that got away, the project that became a money pit or perhaps your passion became your business? So grab a cuppa, sit down and have a read through our Owner’s Stories and maybe they’ll evoke some memories for you.

If only I had kept them

I suppose many people who are reading this article have said exactly the same thing. My brother and I not only passed down jumpers and boots but on occasions our cars. Steve is a bit older than me and as such was driving before me, when he traded up I too traded up to [...]

My Old Classic

Ok so I couldn't afford a Jaguar or a classic Aston, so  I went down the road of the Aircool route as I knew they're easy to repair and cheap on parts or maybe not these days! Anyway I always wanted a classic that was stock and un-touched. I set my sights on a [...]

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