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Everyone has a special memory about their passion for classics. It might be a car owned by your dad, the one that got away, the project that became a money pit or perhaps your passion became your business? So grab a cuppa, sit down and have a read through our Owner’s Stories and maybe they’ll evoke some memories for you.

Ernie the Lanchester

My love of cars was fuelled early by my Father and his newsagent friend who owned a Mark ll Jag. I have now aspired to own an S-Type and a stunning XK8. My earliest memories of being transported, other than a bus with driver and clippie as they were known or a mighty steam [...]

A mechanic made good!

So, life in the industry began in 1976. Working for a Jaguar Specialist as an apprentice mechanic in Kingston, Surrey. We worked on anything from Mini’s to Rolls-Royce. Jaguar were the mainstay, daily servicing of MK2, E Type, MK10, XJ, etc. I also worked for Guy Salmon in Thames Ditton. Mr Salmon was a [...]

What’s it like to own.. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II (C series V-8)

Been driving one (RHD in the US) since I began driving 46 years ago. Be certain to have a very qualified mechanic/shop who really knows these cars to maintain them properly in all regards, including the tricky brake servo. I am skilled mechanically but only do oil/filter (get a good spin on filter adapter- [...]

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