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Everyone has a special memory about their passion for classics. It might be a car owned by your dad, the one that got away, the project that became a money pit or perhaps your passion became your business? So grab a cuppa, sit down and have a read through our Owner’s Stories and maybe they’ll evoke some memories for you.

The Brabus SMART ForFour 454

This is not a terribly well known car, only 1284 of these 454 ForFours were apparently converted by Brabus, and 284 of them were sold in the UK, of which about 200 remain on the road here. The 454 was built in the same former Volvo/Mitsubishi factory as its sister car the Colt series [...]

Sweet Super 90

My fascination with Classic Porsche's started at an early age. In the early 70's as a teenager my then brother-in-law owned a 1965 Ruby Red 356 SC Ruby Red coupe and I was enthralled. For my senior prom I convinced him to rent it to me for the evening and I was hooked! Not [...]

Lydia – my 1942 Willys Jeep

I've had my 1942 Willys Jeep "Lydia" since 1985 and she has been through 2 re-restorations during that time. She was off the road from July 2014 until February 2017 whilst she had a major nut and bolt overhaul.   Since being back on the road she has covered over 6,000 miles and never [...]

In defence of the Porsche 924

The Porsche 924 is a much maligned car. It was criticised when first introduced for being somewhat harsh, and in the US for inadequate performance (the engine used there was strangled down to 95BHP from the 125 horsepower supplied to European drivers) and for switchgear obviously VW in origin, the latter hardly a surprise [...]

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