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Everyone has a special memory about their passion for classics. It might be a car owned by your dad, the one that got away, the project that became a money pit or perhaps your passion became your business? So grab a cuppa, sit down and have a read through our Owner’s Stories and maybe they’ll evoke some memories for you.

Boringly Reliable!

‘Boringly Reliable’ was how my neighbour described his 4 year old Japmobile having just flown through another MOT, not used a drop of oil or water since last service nor anything else for that matter (other than the liquid gold ‘E10’ monster we’ve all created). We’ve all got used to the jump in and [...]

Hillman Minx series 3c

My first car was a 1963 Minx series 3c, 1600cc. As a 19-year-old in 1968 and it being my first car, I was so enthusiastic that I spent a lot more on it than I should have. It was a labour of love, tuned up, polished up and loaded with so many extras, it [...]

If only I had kept them

I suppose many people who are reading this article have said exactly the same thing. My brother and I not only passed down jumpers and boots but on occasions our cars. Steve is a bit older than me and as such was driving before me, when he traded up I too traded up to [...]

My Old Classic

Ok so I couldn't afford a Jaguar or a classic Aston, so  I went down the road of the Aircool route as I knew they're easy to repair and cheap on parts or maybe not these days! Anyway I always wanted a classic that was stock and un-touched. I set my sights on a [...]

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